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Necavi (It is God who arms me with strength.)

Member #16784 created: 2005-05-09 15:41:33Simple URL:   

Name: Necavi


'tcha. ♥


Her eyes, she's on the darkside. Neutralize every man in sight...

Angel by Massive Attack

Elfpack titles and orders
AdventurerCrazy kid


Ave! Obviously, you are looking at my presentation.
Although, you should not judge a person by one profile.

Now, I realize that when people copy what I say or do, its kind of flattering, but all too much I see people taking my things and taking credit... It gets kind of weird, and it makes me feel over looked, y'know? So, if your going to take anything of mine, please get my okay first... Aye? Aye!

Frag The Living
Hurdle The Dead

[Personal Bio]::
I am what many people would call eccentric and I have a habit of being sarcastic. To state the obvious, I love the arts. All of them. Well. Most. I spend too much of my time being a social reject, but so far it has not done me too much harm (bwahaha *neurotic twitch*). I also like to write little haikus. I have taken the liberty to sprinkle some throughout my house. And if you too like procrastinating, here is something for you to read, whilst putting your mind into a coma.

First, let me introduce you to my eyes.


Okay, on with the show.

Life’s side order of sarcastic cynicism.

[Birth Date]::
5th of October

(Libra? Hell yes.)

Art, Dagorhir, role playing, music, writing, reading, talking to myself... Which is compulsory O_.

[What Am I?]::
I am a Madd Hatter in a Mad world, double the madness and twice the pain... I am deformed, scorned, and reborn. I am me, and I know exactly who I am, what I am and the wrath I can bring. The ugly beauty, the lying truth, the virgin whore, the quiet storm, a lover, a fighter, a saint, a sinner, a sister, a daughter, and a beginner that has already made her long journey through life. I have decorated myself with love, hate, truth, lies, and you. All of you, both of you, none of you, more than one of you - Terror. Justice. Fury. Vengence. Loyalty. Pride.
I can be anything you want me to be.
And so much more.
I am no one.

Choose your destiny
Steel against flesh; blood-stained hand
Flawless victory

[Some Things I Love]::
Music, Harlequins, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Dagorhir, Latin, weaponry, armour , Voltaire, Stripes, Books, Video Games, Comic Books, D&D, Masks, Other vampires.
Well... Everything that I don't dislike.

Don't you worry dear
It will all be over soon
Now scream just for me

I really dislike pictures of girls who show off their bodies without once considering the repercussions of letting the world, strangers, seeing their most private parts. Now, I don't really care about men. They can take pictures of their bait and tackle without letting their face be shown. I mean, it is a penis, they don't care if you know who it belongs to. But women, on the other hand, feel compelled to take a picture of their upper parts and go, "see?! These belong to me!" without quite realizing what they're getting themselves into. It makes me sad.
Not to mention that most of the pictures suck anyway.
Girls! Don't just take a snapshot and expect it to be glorious-- put some time and effort into it! Learn what flatters you! Don't curl up into a ball so that the love handles hang out, stretch! And the face shots... Discover which side is best, what angles compliment! There are positions that will make you look like a model, and others will make you look like you fell on the ugly stick.
Now, I know this is a site for people who are dying for some porn and/or internet sexing up, however... It can be done gracefully, and I suppose dignity is just a rare thing these days.

Then... There are those with faces and/or bodies that just shouldn't be on film...

Excuse me? What is that you are asking? Oh, nude pictures of myself? No, you can not have any. Not because I am this elitist bitch who likes to contradict the purpose of the website, but rather because I do not have any. Embarrassing, I know, however I would rather not deal with the repercussions should naked pictures of my person be found by family, friends, significant other, or future employers. I am trying to protect what assests and dignity that I have. And I am not much inclined to take any for your sake either.*

*So I have received messages telling me that this statement and the one above make me a hypocritical person, and that I have no right judging other pictures when I do not have my own nude photographs up. My reply to those of you who think along those same lines is this;
You do not need to be a director to know when a movie sucks balls.
The next time one of you complain about a terrible movie, you are a hypocrite by your own standards.
Good day.

[What? Part Duex.]

I have noticed within today's online population a trend that is starting to concern me. 'Elitists' are on the rise in online communities, and most of them are not even elite. I myself am not even sure if I spelled that correctly, but I digress. It is a growing problem. I understand not wanting to have someone's company, and that there is a wide variety of reasons for that being the case. Everyone at some time or another has steered clear of another. It is the method in which people are starting to drop others is the cause of my concern. The complete lack of compassion, how devoid it is of any sympathy is horrid.


Every person has rules and boundaries that need to be respected. The world world be a much more nice, albeit boring, place if people would sit back and say, "because this makes you angry or uncomfortable, I will not do it." This is not the case. However I have witnessed some rules that have made me scratch my head and go, "what on earth is that there for?"

"Dont message me if you txt talk or 1337 sp24k, your an idiot if you do," is something that is running rampant. One thing that is common with the people who post such rules, I have noticed, is that they themselves have huge grammar errors that are of the most basic kind, and that they themselves often make spelling mistakes. I wonder if they even realize how hypocritical and moronic they make themselves sound by writing that.

What bothers me about this though is not the err on the writer's part, but rather that the writer is so ready to dismiss those that do not type in such a manner that pleases them, yet they are infuriated when someone in turn judges and vetoes them. What gets my goat is that they are so completely unjust yet complain when justice is served, that they can treat others with such ill-will then bemoan their existance they too are served in turn.

Another thing that I have noticed is that most of these people who can post these rules in their profiles without feeling self-righteous are of the 'artistic' nature. Artistic in this case being, 'I'm so much better than you because you can not fathom the depth, the misery, the woe, the intellect, as I and my friends who dwell at Starbucks can'.

I myself used to have rules similiar to those in some of my profiles. I was one of those 'artsy' (yet I had no friends until I dropped my pretencious facade, I wonder why) gals. I cringe to think about it. I could have missed out on meeting some of the most interesting or most nice people in my life because of that. I could have missed out on huge opportunities because I was 'too good' (translation: too much of a cunt) to take the time to talk to someone who perhaps could not type as well as I.

It is wrong, and it is unjust.

I am not an eloquent person. I have a difficult time finding the words to properly convey my thoughts and feelings... But this is something that I believe that I can make quite clear:

It is not okay to treat one another with dismissal. If people are to have respect, they need not only respect those that they want respect from, but also those who may be, in their minds, lower than they. Compassion is valued and admired.

Folks, have a little decency.

[Music I Listen To]
(No particular oder)
Theory Of A Tangence, Symphony X, The Sword, Voltaire, Bauhaus, The Cruxshadows, The Cure, VNV Nation, Depeche Mode, Kamelot, London After Midnight, Wolfsheim, Blutengel, Sting, Heart, Guns N Roses, Sex Pistols, Bjork, Nine Inch Nails, The Birthday Massacre, Smashing Pumpkins, Lisa Loeb, Jane's Addiction, Malice Mizer, A Perfect Circle, Alice in Chains, Theatre Of Tragedy, Audioslave, Godsmack, Mudvayne, Nine Inch Nails, Orgy, Temple Of The Dog, Savage Garden, Sirenia, Otep, Rabbit In The Moon, Tapping The Vein, Tool, Within Temptation, Moonspell, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Stone Temple Pilots, Spice Girls!, Rammstein, Soundgarden, System of a Down, The Verve, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Insane Clown Posse actually kind of sucks., Disturbed, In Flames, Trapt, Judas Priest, Cabaret Voltaire, Switchblade Symphony, Leave's Eyes, Audra, Micheal Buble, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Jonathan Fire Eater, Flogging Molly, Drop Kick Murphies, The 69 Eyes, Pain, Billy Idol, Blue Oyster Cult, Dishwalla, Enya, Enigma, Duran Duran, Lacuna Coil, Madonna *Early*, Nirvana, Tatu, Rocky Horror Picture Show *soundtrack*, Phantom of the Opera *soundtrack*, Repo! The Genetic Opera *soundtrack*, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog *soundtrack*, The Nightmare Before Christmas *soundtrack*, Queen of the Damned *soundtrack*

[ Holy smokes. And so much more. I am a metal/opera/techno/anything freak! If there is anything on here listed twice... Who cares? :) ]

Of course I'm staying, I'm the leading man... I have to see how this turns out.

[Video Games]::
Castlevania (Of course!), Chrono Trigger (SNES version), Chrono Cross, Star Ocean: Till The End Of Time, Resident Evil (All of them), Gun Valkyrie, Halo, Splinter Cell, Counter Strike, Harvest Moon (What can I say, I like the chickens), Dynasty Warriors (All of them), Soul Nomad, Pharaoh, Freddi Fish 2 and 3, Pajama Sam: There's No Need To Hide When Its Dark Outside!, Samurai Warriors (All of them), EverQuest, Dark Age Of Camelot, Never Winter Nights, Age Of Mythology, Black & White, Pokemon (The classics, and emerald), Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy: Tactics, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy XII (the hunts were fun), Legend Of The Dragoon, Xenogears... And those are all that I am willing to put up at the moment. I have a bookshelf crammed with video games.

[I should probably update this, also.]

Dead girls like me.

Anything made by Tim Burton, Queen of the Damned, Interview with the vampire, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Labyrinth, Sleepy Hollow, Beauty and the Beast *Disney*, The Little Mermaid *Disney*, Alice In Wonderland, Dead Man On Campus, A Knights Tale, Mirrormask, Phantom of the Opera *Come now, who doesn't like opera?*, Really, any of Disney's classics.
And some others I cant think of at the moment...

A nice summers day
Little girl, suspicious van
A breeze in the wind

(That goes for Graphic Novels, and Comic books too, in no particular order)
Alice's Adventures In Wonderland, Fathom, Soul Fire, Witchblade, Alice And Through The Looking Glass, Miyuki-Chan in Wonderland (Made by Clamp), Anything Alice and Wonderland-ish, The Tarot Cafe, Forgotten Realm comics (Drizzt and Dwarves!), Anything by Stephen King, The Water Series, Vampire Vow, Spiderman was the first real Emo, The Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles, Grimm's Grimmest, Fairytales and Nightmares, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac,
Tales of the Dark Tower, Batman! *Starts singing the old themesong*, The Myst Series, Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, Coraline, Anything by Neil Gaiman
And so much more...


Whoa, you actually read this? Congratulations. You made it through the... profile of Necavi, I suppose. Your prize is a cookie! It is in your monitor, I would hurry up and get it out if I were you.
Well, have fun doing what you are going to do next!
And remember: Don't do what a cocaine loving slut would not do herself. :D

Month of birth: 10Day of birth: 5

Gender: female

What do you do?: Something in between

Place of living: USA-Oklahoma

Exact place of living: Somewhere

Known languages
EnglishIcelandicIrish Gaelic

adult popalternativeclassical
gothgrungeheavy metal
operaprogressive metalrock

Other interests
pornrole playingscifi

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: unknown

Body shape: thin

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