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Written about Saturday 2005-10-15
Written: (6709 days ago)

ok, this stuff makes me sick:

STOP FUCKING CUTTING YOURSELVES ALREADY. Its just fucking retarded. YOUR LIFE DOSENT SUCK THAT MUCH. YOUR NOT EMO. YOU WANT ATTENTITION. DONT TELL ME YOUR LIFE SUCKS. Try living in new orleans, or africa, or your parents hit you. your starving. Fuck you, you get new clothes, you have dinner on your plate, you have a family (with some exceptions) you have friends.. SHUT UP. I DONT CARE. I DONT WANNA HEAR IT OR SEE RETARDED PICTURES ABOUT IT. FUCK YOU. HONEST TO FUCKING GOD! JESUS. ARE YOU DONE ALREADY?!

OMG GET THE FUCK OVER IT!!!! the ones of us who do cut, and DO have a reason dont need this shit. im mean god, its not because our life sucks! its bacuse we feel insicure and we want to know that were REAL! i mean come on. saying this shit is just as bad as bashing homo's. i mean..just because were diffrent dosnt mean shit. your just scared of us becuase you dont understand anything we say, do, or anything. so SHUT THE FUCK UP! sure, give your opinon but bashing people like that is WRONG! i mean if your opinon can hurt someone then keep it to your self, we dotn CARE what you think on the situation,. if your going to give your opinon give it on a fuckign topic that matters! Not on something that dosnt affect you. And not ALL of the cutters wanna die, belive me if we did we would all be dead and there would be no such thing as cutters. so next time you bastards decide to go and say shit like this get your fuckign facts stright. and before you go and tell me "well its againat the bible" THINK FOR ONE FUCKIGN SECOND!!!! the bible was written 3000 years ago buy a bunch of dead guy, and jesus friends, and everyone knows friends get the stories wrong! So quit readign your fucking book and baseing life off of it! its liek readign harry Potter and saying that its all real. (im not againt other reliogons, just the people who use it as a fuckign exuse for everything)

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Written about Monday 2005-04-25
Written: (6882 days ago)

i had a great weekend exept for sunday
saturday i went to a mark kay party at my aunts and then Aaron/Jacob came over and kissa stayed the night.
sunday kissa, danny and me were in the back year, we went to come in and i pulled my hip out of place. Aaron/jacob came over again and we all watched a movie and part of another. a/j gave me a stuffed cat that says "i love you" when u squez it! i love it so much! and kissa let me hold her hand this weekend! im so happy!

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