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Written about Thursday 2012-04-19
Written: (4449 days ago)

Bleh ok sorry sorry about the week or wait two being gone with out notice, you see starting mine and chars days off he got a call saying in a week he can head on a plain to the Yukon for camps. So he said yes of course cause he's been tiring to get in to the camps for like three years. But it means than last week it was stay at home with char cause after for two mouths he's leaving then coming back a week and leaving for three mouths so yeah needless to say last week was spent with Char, and this week omg work hates me. I spent sunday, monday tuesday, working 8 am to 5 pm so I manly come home to eat and sleep and yesterday was my mums b day so yeah, these two weeks have been long and no notice cause I wasn't expecting it and well forgot. So sorrys.

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Written about Monday 2012-04-02
Written: (4467 days ago)

So yeah with ep leaving it sucks and ive known people for years on here, im moving all my rps i want and stuff to et which the user name is the same as here.

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