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Written about Friday 2012-01-27
Written: (3904 days ago)

And this here is my destiny
And it felt more fuckers death for me
Last night, evil stole my heart but somehow the feeling resurrected me
So don't stop now keep testing me
And you can talk your shit but have a check for me
And if your whole team feel I don't deserve to be in hip hop
Tell them they can get off my Herbie Hancock
It's more refresh than breath could be
And if you don't know I tell you what's next for me, for me
From a bird's view, from the third view
In the sky without no curfew
From a bird's view, in the sky without no curfew
I know you've been waiting for the thunder
Let's give them the Indian summer
pick up the phone, it's a girl trying to interview speakin' my cool shit
Is she coming over, fifty fifty win no home takin' no job
Oh shit, the whole city covered in white, she discovered the light
Yeah, and she gettin naked on Skype and now she wear my Nike Airs
I ain't gon' bow down to no mami about that and you know mine
I'm gonna say that's cold huh? I don't battle, I come grind, g-g-get broke to come grind
And this here black excellence, it's a nation of doomed black wrestlin'
I give them the elbow like Dwayne Johnson
I'm on Elizabeth like Steve Austin
I'm with a rap chick that feed doption got hair red like D Rodman

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Written about Friday 2011-06-10
Written: (4135 days ago)

Ihat cheating girlfriends, why would they cheat when they say they love you? its because they dont, ive been cheated on, chewed up and spit out, but i still go on knowing that i'll find her someday, until that time i lick my wounds, and search the world for the missing pieces of my heart,slowly filling the void.everytime i think of the times ive been cheated on, it makes my stomach feel funny, its as if the anger starts pumping throughout my body filling my every thought with vengeance, i hate them all, i hate them with every fiber of my being

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