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Written about Sunday 2012-02-12
Written: (4450 days ago)

The secret can be revealed! :D
I got board on Friday so I thought creating this would keep me busy since I didn't have must EP work to do :)
I have spent hours working on this.
I roped in my US Sister [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife] involved as well.
I bet by now your like 'Just fucking tell us what you've been doing!!'
Well...okay no need to be rude XD

Check out ------> Elfpack Book Club <------ It's NOT a Official page at all. It's just for fun.

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Written about Saturday 2012-02-11
Written: (4451 days ago)

Right am off because I have a friend in need coming to mine for lunch :)

So I'll be back in a few hours lol

If you really need me, FB or tweet me and I'll get it on my phone :D

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Written about Friday 2012-02-10
Written: (4451 days ago)
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Is working on a secret project with [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife] >:)
Don't worry you'll all find out soon enough what it is >:) 

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Written about Saturday 2012-02-04
Written: (4457 days ago)
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For FUCKS sake! We lost....again! We where robbed! Fucking English! I'm well pissed off!

Scotland 6 - 13 England

Fucking FREEDOM!!!!

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Written about Saturday 2012-02-04
Written: (4457 days ago)

Is watching Scotland Vs England......Cmon Scotland! You can beat them! :D I <3 Rugby!

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Written about Wednesday 2012-02-01
Written: (4460 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2012-02-01
Written: (4461 days ago)

is off to college to study with come class mates. Got a few bits and bobs to finish today, tweet or FB me if you need me!

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Written about Thursday 2012-01-26
Written: (4467 days ago)

Just came on to check what messages I have.

I've gotta get ready cause I have to travel for 4 hours in a car with my parents to go to my Auntie's funeral.

I won't have my phone with me. I will check in once I'm back home.

See ya all when I get back.

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Written about Saturday 2012-01-21
Written: (4471 days ago)
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Written about Thursday 2012-01-19
Written: (4473 days ago)
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Written about Wednesday 2012-01-18
Written: (4474 days ago)

Okay am off to bed.

Oh yeah me and my ex are texting each other.....we just friends! Nothing more! I ain't walking down that road again!

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Written about Tuesday 2012-01-17
Written: (4475 days ago)
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Okay.....I am very unsure what to do right now....in this moment in time....My ex-Boyfriend Chris from last year (which am sure you all remember him). He facebooked me on Sunday, I didn't get the pm until just now. And this is what he said:


You're probs sat there in shock to see a message pop up in your inbox from me. You must be wondering why an earth I would do such a thing, knowing clearly I sent you my farewell only about 7/8 month ago.

It has taken me a while to pick up the courage to message you.. this is the best I can come up with, as my vocabulary of words are pretty limited.. if it were you typing this sort of a message you'd come up with something 10 times better ( & yes incase you're wondering this message is all about me apoligising & begging for your forgiveness, as a matter a fact i'm literally on my knees whilst i'm in the process of typing )
Anyway here goes...

I'm sorry Michelle, I am truly sorry.. i'm pretty much putting all my heart & soul into saying the word. I am very aware that the word sorry is not often enough.. in this instance for your forgiveness.
I feel really bad from my behaviour towards you last year. The behaviour that ultimitely led our friendship to a breaking point. Since then i've been full of regret & hurt. It feels like i've had a air rifle aimed at me & been shot at. I have nothing now.. no life.. you, sean & rachael were all I had as friends. I miss you all so much.. even abigail.. & the cat.. forgot his/her name.

Anyway back to my apoligy ( I'm still on me knees ) You guys were great, probably the best friends i've had. It felt like a second home being in amongst you guys. I went through a difficult time the year before I met you. I didn't realise how lucky I was so much had changed so quickly in a short period of time. And now I have just thrown it all away & I feel so hurt by it...
I'm really, really sorry Michelle.
I really hope you can forgive me & give me another chance.


What the fuck am I going to do? Dose he want to be friends? Or does he want to be my boyfriend? Fuck knows!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!

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Written about Monday 2012-01-16
Written: (4476 days ago)

off to bed :) see ya all when I wake up :)

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Written about Thursday 2012-01-12
Written: (4481 days ago)

Hey everyone :)

It's my day off college, so I'm going into college help tutor two class mate. They need help with there Tourist and in return they will help me with Spreadsheets! :D

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Written about Monday 2012-01-09
Written: (4483 days ago)
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Sorry for the rant everyone, I just needed to get that out. You don't even need to read this, I'm just being really silly.

Hey :(

I did not have a good day at all! I FAILED my It for Admin assessment! >.< I'm so angry at myself for being so thick! So I find out that I have to resit it in three weeks time which isn't good for me at all because I will have to catch up on a lot of work. I left the classroom a few times to go to the ladies room for a little cry because I felt that stupid and cause I was really upset. Now I have to explain to my dad when he gets home from work. He's going to tell me to work harder, to study harder and blah blah blah. I'm sorry I'm not as smart as my brother or my cousins! I just hate today so much.....

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Written about Thursday 2012-01-05
Written: (4487 days ago)

Hey everyone :)

I'm back at college tomorrow :) So I'll be mega busy like always, and on 23/1/12 I start block 2 of my course and you guys may never see me online on college days and non college days. The work load will be really piled on me, but if you guys need me or just want to chat you know how :) But just in case if you don't know please see the links below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ScottishRose_xx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellelouise.pratley

Email: scottishrose1290@hotmail.com

College Email: 0037321@borderscollege@ac.uk

Love Michelle!! :D

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Written about Tuesday 2012-01-03
Written: (4490 days ago)

hey everyone :)

well i'm staying at [**Yummy**Mummy**]'s house another day because Scotland is on RED alert for high winds >.< Seriously Bawbag just doesn't know when to buggar off! lol!

Anyway I'll be hopefully going home tomorrow :)

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Written about Saturday 2011-12-31
Written: (4492 days ago)

‎2011 is coming to an end and would like to say to all my friends all over the world that I love you all! It's been a tough, busy, crazy and filled with laughs, so bring on 2012! Lets hope for the best in 2012! :D

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Written about Saturday 2011-12-31
Written: (4493 days ago)
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Hey guys

I just found ou last night that my Auntie Romona died.

Have a fucking great New Years everyone!

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Written about Friday 2011-12-23
Written: (4500 days ago)

Hey guys :)

I have to say this now because I won't have any time to do it in the morning.

I'm going to Grans 24/12/11 and I'll be back on 28/12/11. I may not be able to get online because my Blackberry is acting up again >.< And it's annoying. So if you need me then Facebook me or Tweet me or email me :)

Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ScottishRose_xx

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellelouise.pratley

Email: scottishrose1290@hotmail.com

Happy Holidays everyone! :D

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Written about Monday 2011-12-19
Written: (4504 days ago)
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Hey guys :)

I'm going to be mega busy over Christmas and New Years Holidays.

20/12/11 - Last day of college! :D

21/12/11 - Clearing out my bedroom (and that will take hours and hours >.<)

22/12/11 - Going to see Breaking Dawn with [Fierce_Raaaaawr]

23/12/11 - Packing for Grans

24/12/11 - Travel down to Grans in Macclesfield

27/12/11 or 28/12/11 - Travel back home :)

29/12/11 - Travel to [**Yummy**Mummy**]'s House for New years

3/1/12  - Travel back to Kelso

So yeah....best way to get me is via Facebook or Twitter :D

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