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Written about Wednesday 2009-06-24
Written: (5479 days ago)
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Last night, I sat in my car for over two hours watching the most amazing thunderstorm ive ever seen. Lighting flashed and arched every second for the whole duration, it was just one after another, sometimes 3 or 4 at a time, the rain was in huge drops and it hailed heavily...so beautiful...I felt so at peace...

Then, today at work, I crawls up the stairs of an apartment on all fours, as I always do, and one of the little girls that lived there followed me up and asked me; "Um...are you an animal?" I replied; "Yes, I am..." She smiled all big and giggled and proceeded to follow me up the stairs several times on all fours with me...

It warmed my heart, when I sire offspring, they will be female...

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Written about Monday 2009-06-08
Written: (5495 days ago)


The most powerful


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Written about Tuesday 2009-05-26
Written: (5508 days ago)
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I am going to lose what little I hold dear...

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