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Written about Thursday 2008-12-11
Written: (4299 days ago)

this is the start of another poem

If my dreams
Could really come true
I’d dream I was there
Right next to you

I’d dream that you still
Loved me like before
Because this pain I feel
Is starting to be a bore

If my wishes
Could really be granted
I’d wish that my feelings
Had never been ranted

I’d wish that I never said
Those mean, awful things
When you broke my heart
After our little “fling”

But “ifs” are no use
They simply have no place
In this big, bad world
That we all have to face

I’ve felt it firsthand
Pain mixed with bliss
One minute a hit
The next a lover’s kiss

You’ve heard all the stories
Of pain that cuts deep
All those bad memories
That I’ll always keep

You say that I have
Problems aplenty
To you they’re all
Just too many

You only seem to want me
When I seem happy
Those are the only times
That you’ll act sappy

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Written about Tuesday 2008-12-09
Written: (4300 days ago)

4 December 2008

If my life was a movie,
And I could make it my way,
I’d make all the scars and blemishes,
All fade away.

If my life was a song,
And I could write the lyrics,
I’d write it so that there was no sad,
That’s what I’d pick.

If my life was a story,
And I could fill it with laughter,
I’d change the saddest good-bye,
To happily ever after.

If my life was a picture,
And I were the painter,
I’d make all the bad times,
Grow ever so fainter.

But life’s not a movie,
Nor a song, story, or picture.
Life is just life,
Of that I’m quite sure.

But what if it weren’t,
And life had no sad?
If there was no suffering,
Would that really be bad?

What if life was all laughs and fun?
Filled with times that were sweet?
If life was never torture to go through,
Wouldn’t that be some feat?

But maybe it’s those struggles,
That make you feel alive.
Could it be
They’re what makes you survive?

All I know is that I wouldn’t be me
If I didn’t have you.
Someone would say where’s your boy?
And I’d just be like, “who?”

i love that poem lol i wrote it on the fourth at like 11 at night.

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