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Written about Wednesday 2009-10-21
Written: (5361 days ago)

say yes
channing goodell
you can do it once
It wont hurt you
you should try it
you will only bleed for a little bit
those people like to
feed off of that word
Most people will do
anything to get the
reaction they feed for.
the one word they want
is yes but will i give
it to them

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Written about Wednesday 2009-10-21
Written: (5361 days ago)

I told you so
Channing goodell
i make mistakes
those mistakes
turn into
bad choices
those bad choices
turn into
life habits
and when
it comes
to others
those four
i dont need
to hear
come out
I told you so

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Written about Wednesday 2009-10-21
Written: (5361 days ago)

channing goodell
I do things for a reason
not to hurt
not to cheat
I do things most cannot understand
not to confuse
not to make you wonder
I do things out of the normal
not to entertain
not to embarass
I do the things the way i do
for me
not for you
but for my own health
it's simple me
not you

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Written about Thursday 2009-10-08
Written: (5373 days ago)
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all knowing heart

the sorrow that
seems to stain my body
the tears that
seem to pour down my face
all emotions 
are lost in my mistake
the one time
I lose it,i end up losing
so much more.
The anger that
fills my blood,
the pain that
grows farther to my heart
the one person who
i thought that wouldn't do
this to me
does much worse.
the confusion that
overwhelms my soul
who are my true friends
who are the REAL people
For the sorrow,anger, the tears,
and the confusion that
slice those holes in my heart.
the one evil vice called love make me wonder

__channing shae original__

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Written about Wednesday 2008-12-10
Written: (5676 days ago)

My heart is ripping
My lungs are burning
My mind is overwhelming
My arms are aching
My leggs are heavy
For my body needs you
You were there for me
You were my sister
You were my best friend
We shared sad moments
We shared mad moments
We shared The best moments of our life

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