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Written about Sunday 2007-06-03
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i put this on my msn myspace but ill put it here too

WARNING!!! if you are depressed or can get mad at yourslef easily PLEASE DONT READ THIS!!!!

We are disgusting
if you are reading this dont stop

i have just found out on this very date what the race humans can actually achive. we are the most destructive and disgustng race on this planet. it dosnt matter what they are, scientist doctor politician, it dosnt matter. behind every man, theres a sick and twisted person lurking it within it. this applies to every one in the world. Me, My friends and every other person out there in the world. we humamns have brought nothing but destruction and ruin to this planet. what was once a beautiful lucious planet is now a big rock of destruction and horror. either way you look at it, this race, the humans are the root of all evil. some poeple are sick and twisted, and the others are just dispicable worthless mammels. take poedos for an example, you think that they are sick and twisted and a form of evil looking on little children and/or worse raping them. you are forgetting, this low life scum was also a human. there fore this makes humans also low life scum. we should all be ashamed of ourselves for the ruin and chaos we have brung to this world.

thank you for reading this. If you think the same attitude that i do, you will understand this clearly. if you do not, then you will fall and currupt into the pit of hell as all humans do.....................................even i will.

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