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Written about Sunday 2008-06-01
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to love u is pain
and not to love you is pain
for i opened my heart to you
and now my eyes show the pain of my heart
and you look closely and you will see the pain
you will see the sadness
you will see the sorrow
for my heart is broken and cold as ice because of you
for it was open and warm as fire to you
you turned your back on me and its as if you
put a whole through it and blew the fire out
for your voice is like wind blowing through
the whole and it hurts everytime we speak
but your voiceis like sweet candy that i cant
stop eating up
i hate it and than i love it
i hate to love
and i love to hate
i dontshow my pain and sadness
everyone thinks everything is ok
everyone thinks im the happiest person
but im happy only to hide my true feelings
and acting happy helps me overcome my anger
but the real me
no one wants to see
no one really knows me for me
but you would have
you made your desicion
who is to say it was wrong
who is to say it was right
will my heart ever heal
and my eyes show happyness
only time will tell

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