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Written about Sunday 2012-08-19
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Its hard to think of it this way i realize it isn't as easy as 1,2,3 but 6more months. That's all i have until I'm 18. Once i figure things out you can just stop with you're criticizing and not caring about what i like to do an what i HAVE to do because I'll figure things out and before you know it I'll be leaving. I've been away from home and it sucks but i guess being away a week or so isn't enough for you to realize what kind of daughter You have. So i can't wait until i graduate and i wish it was sooner. Breaks my heart to think of it this way but to you i have no feelings. To you I don't know what kind of stress you're under. To you I'm just the daughter that everyone Else's kid is better than. The daughter that isn't good at anything. Apparently if i were a boy it would've been much easier for you.
6more months!

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