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Written about Thursday 2011-12-01
Written: (4019 days ago)

This will be one of the last times I ever sign in to Elfpack. The next time will be my last. I've loved Elfpack more than any other site, it has what others do not - the chance to make new friends. And I have made LOADS. I've met so many lovely, interesting people that have left their mark on me, and I carry them with me. Some log in still, some do not.

If you want to stay in touch with me, you can find me on Facebook. I'm on there. Ask me for the link if you'd like. =]

It will be hard to leave after so long. By the Divines, it feels like a lifetime. But I don't like what Elfpack has become. It's too hard. And I don't like [Stephen], either. Seems like he has no authority in his own life, so he's made it his mission to rise through EP ranks. He's only where he is because no other staff were on. XD Anyway. I'll leave t there. Too much ranting is bad for the soul. XD

Please son't hesitate to message me asking for Facebook details if you want to stay in touch. If not... well then. Everyone reading this and everyone that isn't... you all mean a lot to me, and I wish you every happiness in all that you try to achieve.

Blessed be,

Shinobi14 - Dan.

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Written about Monday 2008-05-12
Written: (5317 days ago)

Okay then! Right! Dingbat answer!

I said this one was easier... and it is!

The answer is...

"Back to square one"!!

Gah, i thought someone might have got that one. Oh well. I'll post another one some other time... And I want more people entering!! XD XD

Mucho love to all of you. <3

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Written about Thursday 2008-05-01
Written: (5328 days ago)
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Okay, this is your new dingbat. I hope you can solve this one. It is a lot easier than the last one. XD Same again, you win, you get a hug and a coolpoint. =]



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Written about Tuesday 2008-04-29
Written: (5330 days ago)
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Okay, the answer to my dingbat. I'm gonna leave my mood like this for two more days, allowing everybody to slap themselves and think "damnit, how could I not get that?!?!".

Hehe. ^____^

The answer is: A friend in need is a friend indeed. =]

How?! Look at it again. Nepaled = Depaled

Pal is another word for friend. And if you look, there is a "pal" in the middle of the word "need", and other one in the word "deed". The equals means "is the same as", or "is". Work it out. XD A friend (PAL) in NEED is a friend (PAL) in DEED. ^_________^

Enjoy your restless nights. =]

Much love to you all, my friends. ;) Another one will be coming up soon, and I want more ideas on how to solve it, now you know how they work. =D

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Written about Monday 2008-04-21
Written: (5337 days ago)

Who can answer the dingbat puzzle in my mood?

Whoever can, gets a coolpoint and a hug! <3

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Written about Saturday 2008-03-22
Written: (5367 days ago)
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Okay... I have decided to take a leaf out of Nevi's book. =] I'm gonna do a little clear-out of my relations.

Don't worry, I love all of you... but I don't talk to some of you. So, just like Nevi, I will ask you to send me a message if you want to be my friend. ^__^

You have... one week. From the 23rd. So at the end of the 30th, if I don't have a message... I will sadly have to end our relation. But it doesn't mean I don't love you. <3

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Written about Monday 2007-07-16
Written: (5618 days ago)
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Hey guys. You may think this is just another chain thing, but i dont believe in them, they're meaningless unless they are wrote by you.

But this one, i wrote.

Smile. Dont read it, do it. Now. Smiling makes people happy. Smiling is also contagious. Therefore, if we smile, we can spread happiness like a disease, and soon everybody will be smiling and happy. =D

Try smiling all day. Just try it. =] Im sure that people will be more friendly around you. And they will spread their happiness in the same way! XD

Maybe even try smiling in the rain! (i know i do)

Im having some problems with my Broadband Internet connectivity, so I will be a bit longer offline.

I miss you all a lot. =] Toodles. ^______^

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