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Written about Thursday 2011-02-17
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Gamer behavyer typs
Thowlsunds of people are at this very minet terning on a game system or computer . More then likely they will eather be battling a fears deamind or powning a noob in a porley disned battlefeald. When you play these games with these people are? I reameber when I got my first shooter game, it was called goldin eay , I rimeber every time I played the game I whent in with 1 minde set don’t think , shoot anything that moives.
After a exstended peareyid of time I started to act that way mines the shooting part I became realy agresiv and my brain shut off. Sevrl years after that I started playing games like earthbound finle fantisey super Mario rpg and I felt much calmer and I started doing beter in school. However these are just my personl expereyisis and I canot speek for the hole world.
  indactes a lage rise in death asoseyatid with violems in videogames like halo call of dute ect. Pesonley I bealeyv RPGs are better because although they do ocayshinley contane ocshinl acts of vieolens they alow the player to think about what they are doing. People who play these games ofin tend to be more  creyativ . they are also better problem salvers in most sichuwaytions. I bealave that this is because in most of these games it is comin for enimeys in these typs of games to need spusific itumes in order to be beatin.
Shooter games on the otherhand are a ones sise fits all thing. Fiear enuf built and ab\nything will die.

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Written about Thursday 2010-12-09
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happy b day kayro

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Written about Tuesday 2010-11-30
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im realy pisst off cuz i was suposed 2 werk with sum1 on a project a month ago and we still 8nt dun it

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Written about Sunday 2010-10-03
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sorry iv been gone message if u wona no y

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Written about Tuesday 2010-07-20
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u all get mad about me always being so sad all the time WELL THERS NOT SHIT I CAN DO ABOUT IT i cant aford ati dipresints and mader what i do i cant fix anything it allway blows up in my face n every 1 ignors me exsept 2 complane bowt it

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Written about Thursday 2010-02-11
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Written about Thursday 2010-02-11
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Written about Friday 2010-01-29
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Written about Tuesday 2010-01-26
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Written about Monday 2010-01-11
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Written about Monday 2010-01-11
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Written about Monday 2010-01-11
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Written about Sunday 2010-01-10
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Written about Thursday 2010-01-07
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postman@1101.com. shigsoto itoy's email adress

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Written about Tuesday 2009-11-24
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Written about Thursday 2009-11-19
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Written about Wednesday 2009-05-13
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i think what makes a grate moive is its inivaytiviteysitisin kane is just that. it was

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Written about Monday 2009-05-11
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boris carlof is probabky the most famid acyer in tje histery of universl studeos . he star in all of the frankistine moives this is what made him famiss he was borin in londin england in 1909 he died in 1969 he be was a mem

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Written about Tuesday 2009-03-03
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Once upon a time there were two grate lands. The nowhere islands and Egglanand. The nowhere islands were a peaceful and tranquil place. There lived a small shy boy named Lucis. Eggland was a large group of cities and towns. In the small town of Onett There lived a boy named Ness who was very brave and very strong. Though they lived worlds apart Lucis and Ness had more in common then they could ever possibly realize. One night Ness was fair off in a deep sleep when he herd someone call his name... It was a boy who could not have been no less then 8 but no more then 13 with cow liked blond hair, a red and orange striped shirt blue jeans and red and weight sneaker. Ness had never met him before yet he seemed so fermilyer “I am Lucis” sead the boy . I am speeking to you now because the universe is in danger. ”What kind of danger do you mean asked Ness. When you were a child do you remember living down the street from a someone named Pokey? Ness thought for a moment and sed yes I remember . Pokey was a short fat who lloked strikley simler to a pig with close and blond hair t boy who Ness used to live down the street from. They were close friend until Pokey was coruptid by a diamond named Giegass and lost all tuch with reality. Once he tried to destroy the world but Ness and his friends Palla Jeff and Poo were able to stop him. You see Ness you and I have a lot in comin sead Lucis . for one thing we bolth have PSI. wich basicley is a long was to say phyicic. Wich is why I am able to talk to you right now. Oh I understand sead Ness. Anyway sead Lucis I also faced Pokey once . I would have not been able to diffeet him had it not been for the help of my friends Kumatora , Duster, and my bog Boney. any way after I difeytid him like a cowerd he locked himself in a absolootley safe capsl and was there for munths. Right , but why is this a problem asked Ness. . sthe absolootley safe apsl is compleetley indisructubl and once you are in it it is phisicley inposuble to get out. Something manijed to brake the absolootley safe capsol and get pokey out of it.  Leader are towns mare was there when it happind and he sead that when he looked up abuv the ASC. ASC asked Ness apsolootley safe capsl keep up with the acronyms. Any way sead Lucis he looked up in the sky saw omething that looked like a red face that had been ran throo a blender. Ness thoughtor a moment and sead sownds like Giegass. Giegass was a all powerfull aleyin/diamond who adeid pokey in becoming what he is today. Yes sead Lucis . and you and I are the only ones powerful enuff to stop him. Ness took a deap breth sead I understand . Go to the noware island , find me I live in Tazmiley vilige . how will I get there asked Ness. Go to sadern valley talk to your friend Dr. Andernuts  Dr. Andernuts is a strange siyintist who studeys PSI. Lucis’s voice started to fade awy go to tasmilley find me go to tasmilley find me go to tasmilley find me . as Nees herd the lowd crak of a wip he woke up his room sweting. He herd the voice one more time oh and feel free to ask your friends for help we need all the help we can get. He sead ok and bulltid out of bed then he started of tword the fareside orfunije ware his girlfriend Palla who was also capupbl of PSI and who could read mindesworked and lived , its late she might be in bed Ness thought. No sooner then it took the werds to ecscape his mouth did Ness see Palla walking tword him holding a frieing pan. Palla Ness sead I was just coming to see you. I had a very strange dream . Ness sead me to explamed palla was it about the boy with the stupid hair who is talking about the universe being in danger egsactley sead Ness asked is it just me or did he seem fermilyer ?  palt thought for a moment . ya it seemd like we bolthe new him from someware but I cant think of ware Ya he sead something about going to sadern valley to visit Dr. Andernuts. Well sead Ness sadern valaley is really far away so we had better get going. I have a better ida sead Palla I have a little bit of Dragonite you could just fly us ther . DRAGONITE a rock that when rubed on the skin can tern its user into a dragon . Why do I have to be the one to do it exclaimed Ness because you’re the strongest sead Palla. But having your DNA alterd really herts. Look sead Palla you are going to use this Drangonite and you will have your DNA alterd and YOU WILL LOVE EVEY SINGL SECINT OF IT UNDERSTAND??? No sed Ness It rubs the drgonite on its skin or els its gets hit with my frieing pan again. Sead Palla  Ok ok ok ill use the dragint just don’t hit me as soon as Ness aplyd the Dragonite he felt a sharp pain in his back wing shot out from his back that had to be at least 30 feet high . green scals aperd all over his boy ow sed Ness well lets get going sed palla . as soon as they landed in sadern valley ness ternd back into a humin. They were soon gretid my all the Mr. sadern. The mr. sadern are sivilisaytion of short smart random mole people. Welcome back sader valley sea dong zoom zoom sead one. Ding welcome back come to store sead anuther as ness and palla were getting reacwontid wurh the mr satern thay soon saw dr adndernuts. Who looked almost identikl to Dock from the back to the fucher moves. You don’t evin have to say it sead docter andernut boy with bad hair, gigas sand porkey, universe in danger right? Right they bloth sead go on in ill set the cordnits for tasmilley vilige sead andernuts. Shorley afrer he poushed a few random hutin and shut the dore do the sadern auchen they landed out side a log kabin. They walked inside and wating for them was the s,all boy from there dreams. You must come with us to eglnd sead NESS. There is no needsead Lucus I no ware porkey is he is back at new prk city.ware is that asked Ness? Loucis pountid up in the sky. Ness looked up and saw a giyit rock floting up in the sky. How do we get up there he asked . like this sead Loucs. He grabd Ness and Palla bolth jumped in the air and yeld PK TUNDER just then a bullt of lightnig shot out form his head then came right back at him and hit hin his legs . then he was able to fly high enuf to get to the rock. Well sead loucis welcome to new porke city. What hapind asked Ness ? I destroyed this place long ago sead Loucis as he looked out on the reked landscape of new porke. Just then pokey aperdyd in I giyint glase incased robot. Ware is giygass asked Ness . oh Ness     Ness Ness sead Pokey you stupid fool you think acshley continues to trust him anymore, you cant beat me this time Ness ,Lucus Palla , any of you oh shut up sead NessAnd Lucis bolth Looked at echother and yeld PK STAR STTORM gust then severl medeyers came down crashing on pokey . he strgerd forward and fell off the ege of the city . Ness and Loucis stard dow at the grownd below the city on pokey’s slaterd remaines. Wow sead Ness it is really a shame Pokey was always so smart he really could havw helped a lot of people. I gess it really is true Apsoloot power Corupts apsolootley. After that they went all went back to there norml lives . they still manijed to stay in tuch though letters and the actionl tolepithey dream visit. . and they all lived haley ever after.


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Written about Thursday 2008-06-12
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