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Written about Thursday 2008-05-29
Written: (5599 days ago)

Immm like SOO ill =(
Ive got a cold + eye infection.
i wont be on till sunday Becuase going to derby Camping Cuz me grandads bday ;O
What a great time im going to have!

And Lads, Dont get me started on them =(
there SO confusing! Turn everything back on to you.
Grr <3

Ohh my First Diary Entry =]
Not like anyones gonna read it buh you no ;]

Oh and mine and Toms Convo on msn was good last nigh (:
im taking him to Asda ;]
And he wants to take me to Tesco and lock me + him in a freezer ;O We make a wierd Pair =]
Buh .. Were Cool ... Scratch that. Were The COOLEST =]

LoveeessTooEveryone <33 xxxxxx
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