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Written about Saturday 2008-07-19
Written: (5249 days ago)

Fading Photographs.

You were taken so sudden,
Vanished out of my life,
Only the hurt and people grieving left behind.

Memories disintegrating slowly,
Only family photos left behind,
Which will slowly fade in time.

In the end I had to face reality,
Take the fact your never coming back like a grown up,
As much as it hurt,
And as much as I cried,
The facts are ill never see you again.

Whatever I do,
Where ever I go,
Memories of you coming rushing back,
Why were you taken from us?
There’s not a day that goes by that,
I don’t wish you were back with us.

If I could of just had the chance to say goodbye,
Or if I had the chance to stop you from going out that day,
Maybe none of this would of happened,
But that’s life for you,
You literally never know what’s round the corner.


The Side Effects of You.

Many Times I’ve cried for you,
Many times I’ve hurt for you,
All the times im tried to get over you,
But I just cant let you go.

You walked into my life,
I never thought you’d make such an impact,
Life wouldn’t be life without you,
I wouldn’t be me without you.

There’s a time to let go of people though,
And I think this is my time,
You’ve bombarded my life,
Took over my thoughts,
They all revolve around you.

I thought you were the one for me,
I made a wrong judgement though,
Now I just think your like any other guy,
Your not the Boy I loved.

Your just another player,
Set out to hurt people,
Just because they can,
Just because you could.

You had me under your spell,
You knew you were the only one I needed,
You told me you loved me,
But I knew I was never good enough for you.

That’s when I started hurting,
More and more,
Physically and Mentally,
The scars that stay on my arm,
There all because of you.


Walking Away Never Felt This Hard.

The worst feeling is,
When that one person You love and Cherish,
The person that understands you,
Cant wait to get rid of you,
And you walk away feeling the hatred that used to be love.

The things you said to me,
They keep running through my mind,
Torturing myself with the words that were said,
Making me suffer,
Making me realise I have lost you for good.

Just seeing you with her,
Makes my whole world collapse,
Because boy you were my world.
I used to be that girl,
That made you happy,
That you said you loved and couldn’t live without.

I put on a fake smile,
Pretending im glad you’ve got her,
But that’s not the truth,
I crave to be her,
The one you are so loved up with,
Or maybe I just crave your love.

Baby boy you are my everything,
My words could never get across to you,
That day,
When you told me to go,
It shattered by heart,
Broke it into so many pieces.

I knew id never be good enough for you,
Because im not like any of the other girls,
So many times I have tried to let go,
So many times you’ve hurt me with your words.

By Jessica Green <3

Just 3 Shitty Poems i did.
(: depressive Yes
Shit Yes xD
Comment please =)
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Written about Thursday 2008-05-29
Written: (5299 days ago)

Immm like SOO ill =(
Ive got a cold + eye infection.
i wont be on till sunday Becuase going to derby Camping Cuz me grandads bday ;O
What a great time im going to have!

And Lads, Dont get me started on them =(
there SO confusing! Turn everything back on to you.
Grr <3

Ohh my First Diary Entry =]
Not like anyones gonna read it buh you no ;]

Oh and mine and Toms Convo on msn was good last nigh (:
im taking him to Asda ;]
And he wants to take me to Tesco and lock me + him in a freezer ;O We make a wierd Pair =]
Buh .. Were Cool ... Scratch that. Were The COOLEST =]

LoveeessTooEveryone <33 xxxxxx
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