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Written about Tuesday 2006-07-18
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i think yea im bord watching friday night project on a tuesday.. so i though id rite this diary thing cause it seemed like a good idea.. ill just have to pause for a second feeder r playing on the TV...................yea anyway.. my day today has been fukin mint. i went town in serch of card for my lastest sculpter.. got on the bus met tash. then talked complete shit.. was so fukin funny.. tash rocks..wen we got off the bus we made fun of people and laughed all the way to the cinerma where we checked the times for friday.. they we got distracted by many things like leaves n all sorts.. twas a rite laff.lol.. anyway.. then we met up with tommy n kirsty. but before they met us i ploayed in the sand next to the pirate ship in town..then we all went to get food. i got the nicest chicken sandwitch but i couldnt eat it all cause it was too hot and i kept laughing at everythink..then after all that.. n giggling n trying to make tommy go talk to a girl.. any girl.. he is such a gay...i went to hobby craft in serch of my card.. i found some.. was to fukin expencive.. i looked at my watch n thougt hmmmm might just be bout time to walk back n get the bus. went back.. stopped off at KFC.. chicken murderers.. we always get distracted.. i have a low concentration span. on our way to the bus stop i realized i had no money... off to the cash point i went..then tash n tommy got on the bus.. (the gay bus) then mine n kirstys bus wasnt for another 20 mins so we went mc doodles.. so i had change also.. to avoid getting bummed by the bus driving telling me off for giving him a £10.. prick..anyways we got the bus... brum brum brum.. took ages..then as soon as i got home i had dinner waiting i was well happy only problem it was discusting.. i hate peppers..n pasta n chicken.. i like chicken n pasta just not peppers..then.. i went on the god old myspace. checked my msgs. then went down izzys.. n chilled out n watched big brother n had a few fight.. twas well funny.. she bit my nose.. hehe.. annnnnnyyywwayy.. i then went home at 20  to 12...and i had been locked out..im not sure why.. maybe summit to do with being out 4 12 hours..then i got my key out.. n it wouldnt open.. so i went to the back door.. got my keys out... wouldnt open... didnt work.. then my mum came down lookin abit pissed off.. then i went to my room n watched to rest of big brothers big mouth.. and went on myspace n elfpack lol.... good night oh and now its 7 minuetes past 1...=]

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