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We Love [Big Brother]!


This is a wiki for all of us that just love [Big Brother] this much!

Members! (Girls)

1) [RabidSphinx] i luv my battle-boi buddy!!
2) [Sunrose]....obviously...
3) [Alucardracula]...i belong to him...
13) [Anvikit]- Der Sexah mmm Snuggles and Licks! *slurp*
5) [MarieFair]-*glomps*
6) [The girl of your dreams] awesome.
7) [Gc Screamer666] whoot!
8) [*ArmyGirl*]
9) [tequila twist] WooHooT! I figured you out!!! ^_*
10) [GothicProphet] woot woot!!
11)[Beloved Promise]
12) [Death is my friend]
13B) [Lycan]
14) [no idea]
15) [xoxshellxox]U Know We All Love you, Ur The Best Eva Lv Ya Loads
16) [Angela Scene] i love you jon
17) [I AM WILLIAM HUNG]- battlefield is hot
18) [Ellyn] - [Big Brother] rocks my whole sock drawer!!!! What more can I say?
19) [StarDance] - you rock and helped me out when i first joined!!!
20) [Solitiaum]
21) [~altopia~]-So many adoring fans...It's a virtual 'Battlefield just to get near him.*sighs*
22) [Serephim] Just because i can i love him as a friend...
23)[Morfeaohtarawen] because he does so much
24) [Dead Girl]- [Big Brother] love to play with the handcuffs ;)
25)[Uncle Kracker's Wife]your hott Battlefield!!!
26)[DenDen] monkey lovers unite! O.o I suppose XD
27)[ded.] saw something you weren't supposed to see battlefield!
28) [Asrun] Wheee! Canadian pride. <3
29) [*Babygurl*] he's a cool guy!!! we try to have something to talk about :)
30) [Nevermore.]..he rocks my socks! great guy ;)
31) [Dirty Lil Juggalette] HE IS SO HOT!!!
32) [FireGypsy] *drools*
33) [Miya] Also saw something of mine you werent supposed to! lol ^_^
34) [vampiric assassin, Tararith] I love you, you damn sexy beast!!!!
35) [kittykittykitty] Mmmmmmmm ^_^
36) [Wendy]
37) [Bookwyrm] Mwuahaha I've found you!!
38) [FireGypsy] He is my Hubby! Back off everyone or ill kill you! *hugs [Big Brother]*
39) [Nytefox]
40) [Midori] *Licks Jon's Face* Merrow!
41) [DragonicTunes] You're awesome? o.0 Yeah, sorry, lame comment compared to everybody else, lol
43) [trinityfairy] I LOVE Jon! :D he's my favorite

Members! ( a non gay friendship kinda way)

1) [Big Brother] i love myself lmao
2) [Jotun] in a friendship way. just friends =)
3) [Solarwing] Friends, ya just friends
4) [baby_gurl_420] yay im a guy lol i love you muhahahahaha now im in ur fan club as a guy
5) [Ihsahn] your awesome, yeah man keep digging ;)
6) [Dwemer] Great forgiver, writer and mate :)
7) [Stephen] Well, I hope nothing gay is happening.. You're a great guy! Bravo!
8) [Orestez] Music is life
9) [BlindGuardian] --> Sorry, I had to add myself here ^_^
10) [The Voice of Difference] For those, easily indulged...
11) [Dr Optimist] Oh well his job is more boring than mine so he must be nifty ^_~


Jon is being evil again!!!!

OMG Pretty Kitty Battlefield! Cause he would make such a cute kitty boi!..
*hugs and licks* Fantart by [Anvikit]


<img300*0:stuff/we%20love%20battlefield.jpg>(By [~altopia~]

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2007-10-03 [Punk~Mafia]: ooo so sexy

2007-10-03 [Midori]: Damn straight.

2007-10-04 [Punk~Mafia]: well duh

2007-10-04 [Punk~Mafia]: wow can i have him for my birthday lol

2007-10-04 [Midori]: Jon is a picky guy it seems >.>

2007-10-04 [Big Brother]: how am i picky? in what way?

2007-10-04 [Midori]: Psssshh...

It's hard to tell what YOU like *rolls eyes*

2007-10-04 [Punk~Mafia]: ah man that sux hes really hot

2007-10-04 [Big Brother]: well it is hard to tell if you don't ask =P

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Okay, do you have a taste in looks? some people like redheads, others curly hair, short hair, what makes you tick jon? (Oooo interview time, coolies!)

2007-10-05 [Nytefox]: You know... this is always good to know... (gets out notepad)

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Sure frikkin is..

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: i don't like blonde....darker hair, nothing HAS to be long ^_^ i love playing with hair....i'm quite good at braiding so if you don't watch it around me you will have hundreds of little braids....

2007-10-05 [Midori]: FINALLY!!!!

A guy that plays with hair! *drools*

*Turns around to show Jon hair grows to middle of back*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: what, you want tons of tini braids in your hair....really tight ones!!!

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *shakes head up and down furiously*

Yeah yeah yeah!!! *sits down*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: well get over here then......

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *crawls over to Jon and sits in front of him, back turned.*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: real life =P

you know i'm not big on RP.

2007-10-05 [Nytefox]: hehe... since when wasnt Jon perfect? (licks the Jon)

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: who said i was perfect.

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *cough*me*cough*

*waits for hair to be braided*

2007-10-05 [Nytefox]: no one... but all of us, who think you are... then again, perfection is flawed in the best ways... (gets all wordy and technical and philisophical and shit)

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: O.o i see.......well first person to my house get their hair braided and a free tattoo of my name on their forhead!!!

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *makes like a Saiyan and teleports*

2007-10-05 [Nytefox]: damnit... oh well... she can have the tattoo... I just think you'd be fun to hang out/play with! ^^

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: as long as you like to play DDR in your can be soo binding and slow your movements...and block my view while watching from behind....

2007-10-05 [Midori]: ....

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Yes, clothing can indeed hinder when you're in Jon's bedroom..<img:mood14-gif.gif>

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: what?!?!?! it is part of the sacred rules when playing DDR in my house!

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: underware, bathing suit, nakid.....your choice.

2007-10-05 [Midori]: tall are you Jon? 6'2?

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: let me measure when i go home ^_^

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Measure other stuff too..<img:sutN.gif>

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: like my arms and neck????

2007-10-05 [Midori]: ...<img:Br23-gif.gif>

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: ok, got it, arms and neck!

2007-10-05 [Midori]: How tall are in you inches, and what's you shoe size?

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: dunno how tall right now.....but size 11.5 in most sizes.

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Hm..take your height by inches, and divide it by your shoe size!

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: those calculations are always wrong lol.....i'll go get a measuring tape.......geez

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: O.o i'm 6'2" did you guess???

2007-10-05 [Midori]: I'm pretty good at calculating height.

6.5! It's alright. it gets better.

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: .....right.....

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *pats Jon's back* No worries. It's not the size of the boat..but the motion of ocean! <img:>

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: wait, did i say size 11.5? i buy shoes 2 sizes too big, my shoe size is 9.5....that makes it 7.8 =P

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *drools...crawls on floor towards Jon*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: AND i'm actually 2'5"......that makes it 3.1.....

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *is not fooled by Jon's antics...crawls*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: fine.....5'3" and shoe size 13....that's 4.8, happy?

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *latches on to Jon's leg and makes like a Redead*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: a what???

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Go ask a Zelda fan what a redead does.

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: ...........

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Hm...wait here one minute..

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: ................

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: that vid was retarded...

2007-10-05 [Midori]: True, *nods* true...

But now you know what redeads..and

*still on jon's leg*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: *cuts off leg*

2007-10-05 [Midori]: *humps other leg*

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: *has already bled to death*

2007-10-05 [Midori]: Alright..we'll call it draw.

2007-10-05 [Big Brother]: kk, bye! *goes to bed*

2007-10-05 [Nytefox]: (whines) Why did you kill the Jon?? That wasnt very nice...

53 6f 2e 2e 2e 20 77 68 61 74 27 73 20 68 65 72 20 64 65 61 6c 3f 20 4b 69 6e 64 61 20 63 6c 69 6e 67 79 20 74 68 65 72 65 20 49 20 66 69 67 75 72 65 2e 2e 2e 20 3a 2f 20 28 53 6f 72 72 79 2c 20 63 6f 75 6c 64 6e 74 20 68 65 6c 70 20 69 74 29

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: *is dead*


2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: (goes thru spell book to try to find a way to bring the Jon back to life)


2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: *waits*


2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: FOUND IT! (casts revival spell on Jon to restore the natural order of life as we knew it)

(flicks nose of [Midori]) Bad kid! Don't kill Jon!

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: *is still missing legs*

2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: well... there is a grow spell here... but that can also effect... well... other areas.

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: like my hair!!! oh noo!!!!!

2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: yes, your hair... so, do you care if your hair grows to get your legs back?

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: i don't mind my gottee....i wanna braid it!!!

2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: ok then... here goes nothing (casts growing spell to make your legs regenerate... and your gottee grow a smidgen)

Now I feel lame...

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: .....still no legs...

2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: I fail at this spell casting thing... damn natural forces of nature and things...

2007-10-06 [Midori]: I can give you ONE leg...

*takes off clothes*

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: takes off cloths?? O.o

2007-10-06 [Midori]: Yep!!

*walks over to Jon and stands in front of him*

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: eh? what are you doing??

2007-10-06 [Midori]: *hugs Jon*

I have magical leg powers.

2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: (takes finished popcorn out of microwave and gets comfty on couch)

2007-10-06 [Midori]: *humps Jon..still naked*

2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: are just getting weird and scary...please stop


2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: No fear, Kenny is here! (Dashes in, steals the Jon, and runs off to hide him to a place where NO ONE will find him!)


2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: O.o


2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: hehe... victory for the Kenny! (winks)


2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: i fail to see the victory...but congrats!


2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: You dont need to see anything... you just need to know that I win... period.


2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: fine, you win.....gaa


2007-10-06 [Nytefox]: YAY! (=^^=)


2007-10-06 [Big Brother]: it's more what ppl. think more than anything ^_^ =P

i'm stopping this chat here lol. it's not fair to continue lol

2007-10-07 [Midori]: *curls in a ball*

2008-05-26 [phoenixborn]: O.o... *picks up ball, shakes* Meh, this thing's broken *throws it away*

2008-05-27 [Big Brother]: wow...a new member AND a comment!!!! this place is too alive for my liking! lol

2008-05-27 [Midori]: *muffled giggles*

2008-05-28 [phoenixborn]: Wht, did you think people ever stopped loving your awesomeness? Don't be silly. People are just shy around you is all ;)

2008-05-29 [Big Brother]: are you trying to make me laugh???

2008-05-29 [Midori]: I wa sa little reserved at first. He is a big guy afterall, in all his hulking, massive glory. <img:sh-gif.gif>

2008-05-29 [phoenixborn]: No but if it makes you feel better you can laugh? O.O In the meatime I shall polish your shiny shiny head ^__^

2008-05-30 [Big Brother]: i actually have hair ATM......

2008-05-30 [phoenixborn]: Ohmagosh...You need to put up pictures XD

2008-05-31 [Big Brother]: umm....there isn't much hair, bout the same as the first pic in my house.

2008-06-27 [Timbit]: Big Brother ROCKS!!! Friends til the end eh Buddy???

2008-06-28 [phoenixborn]: ....USURPER! *hits with a salmon*

2008-06-28 [Big Brother]: he is trying to be me!

kinda creepy lol =P

2008-06-28 [phoenixborn]: Understandable, but futile :P

2008-06-28 [Big Brother]: no, you are futile!!!!

ya i got nothing.....

2008-06-28 [phoenixborn]: Noo I meant his attempts to be you are futile. There can be only one you. The world could handle no more than that XD

2008-06-28 [Big Brother]: you saying i'm fat???

2008-06-28 [phoenixborn]: Well...I wasn't....

2008-06-29 [Timbit]: We are Brothers just from another mother....

2008-06-29 [Big Brother]: ah, you changed your name.....and all it took was a beating! sorry bout the black eye.....

2008-06-29 [Nytefox]: awww... since when is Jon able to beat up on people? XD

2008-06-29 [Big Brother]: Frost, SSdsbCBiZWF0IHlvdSBnaXJsISBidXQgb25seSBpZiB5b3UgYmVhdCBtZSBiYWNrID1QIGxvbC4=

but you WILL lose.

2008-06-30 [phoenixborn]: ....Ninja Jon O.O

Hey hubby Been a while *hugs*

2008-06-30 [Big Brother]: hubby? should i be scared???

2008-06-30 [phoenixborn]: I'm am her wife. She is my Husband. This is fact. Fear is up to you. You can even join in if you like? But you'd have to come to terms with being her mistress and my other man at the same time XD

2008-06-30 [Big Brother]: oh i thought you were calling me your hubby! lol

2008-06-30 [phoenixborn]: no, that I can only dream about... <3 XD

2008-07-01 [Big Brother]: and once again i'm scared!

2008-07-01 [phoenixborn]: Yay! You scare easily. I should invite other people we could make it a form of sport ^__^

2008-07-01 [Big Brother]: if you do that i'll have to get my banstick out!

2008-07-02 [phoenixborn]: :O You can't ban me! For a start if you did [Bookwyrm] will have your balls roasted before you know what's hit you XD

2008-07-02 [Bookwyrm]: No banning my slave! -turns on BBQ-

2008-07-03 [Big Brother]: so my slave would roast me for banning her slave???

2008-07-03 [Bookwyrm]: Exactly. :P

2008-07-03 [phoenixborn]: Since when was she your slave? She's supposed to be my slave!! All I can do in turn is make Jon my slave. That way everyone is everyone elses slave! ^__^

2008-07-03 [Bookwyrm]: XD I was his slave first. But a different kind of slave. He wanted me to be your kind of slave, but he's got other slaves for that. :P

2008-07-03 [phoenixborn]: So long as you're only my kind of slave for me then all is well XD

2008-07-07 [Bookwyrm]: XD Hard not to be...the only person that really makes me the same kind of slave as you do is Scott. And in his defence, he is, by all legal rights, my husband. XD

2008-07-07 [phoenixborn]: Yes but you are, by all your own admissions, my bitch :P

2008-07-10 [Bookwyrm]: Well in truth I'm a bitch to everyone. So it's really hard to say who's bitch I am. :P

2008-09-29 [Delete_Me]: tell u the truth u dont inpress me with thows pics stop being so self sentered ur not that good looking well at least to me ur not ur kinda ugly no afence

2008-09-29 [Big Brother]: thanx??? personally i don't care. this page was made by other ppl. for me. i didn't make it.

even the banners and such was made by others.

2008-09-29 [kittykickspunk]: fuck you thats mean man ! hes a really good friend of mine ... it doesnt matter what he looks like ! at least he is brave to even put those pics on the site you fag ! he is a really good person but i can see you arent !

2008-09-29 [Big Brother]: -_- thanx mercedes, but it doesn't bother me.

2008-09-29 [Delete_Me]: ok as long as u dont care

2008-09-29 [Big Brother]: nope, if you don't like it doesn't effect me.

2008-09-29 [Delete_Me]: k

2008-09-29 [phoenixborn]: XD See I take Jons response to that kind of thing- Not just because I don't care? But because it annoys them more if you ignore them or better, find them funny XD

But just in case you're secretly heartbroken and don;t want to admit it? We love you and you're a sexy man-beast ~_^ XD

2008-09-30 [Big Brother]: -_- i love you too!!!! i'm glad we got that out into the open! lol

2008-10-02 [Bookwyrm]: Hooray for random acts of dickness!!

-cough-...-snuggles Jon-

2008-10-02 [phoenixborn]: XD Definitely. I like the fact if you look at her page, the person she does find sexy is someone who is clearly trying look Gangsta...With a Nightmare Before Christmas hat and a South Park balaclava XD

2008-10-03 [Bookwyrm]: Whoever mixes Nightmare Before Christmas with South Park should be sliced one hundred times with a sheet of paper, then kicked in the head, then rolled underneath a futon and forgotten.

2008-10-03 [Big Brother]: ya but mixing those isn't his only issue.....i personally think he kinda looks like a chick.

and Traci, don't forget salt! always use salt in paper cuts!

2008-10-04 [Bookwyrm]: Doh! -headdesk- How could I forget the salt?! -looks around wildly- Oh noes! I'm out! Will pickle juice do? XD

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: your really cute

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: pickle juice is just fine!

and thanx......i just granted you a new pet.....not because of that comment, cause i saw it after. BUT if i saw it first i would have granted the request faster! lol =P

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: thanks lol

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: no prob, i like compliments.

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: lol ok i like giving compliments

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: then this works out pretty good!

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: yup i know.

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: why did you change your name? trying to make it hard for me to find you?

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh no i am sorry ,y boyfriend suggested that we should!

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: he needs you to express it everywhere? lol. -_- i have only changed my name once since i joined, and i joined on day 1 (points to profile creation date and member number)

and even then i have a profile holding my old name, [Battlefield], so no one tries to pretend to be me lol.

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: lol oh no i know he changed his name like 60 times

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: [bb345678] heres his name

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: lol, i hate changing my name, i use the same 2 names everywhere, for everything.

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh ok lol

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: wait a second......i thought we were plotting someones painful distracted.....

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: im confused great... blondes sometimes.. we always get confused

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: naa, not you, Traci and i...

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh ok i am better now!

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: Traci-[Bookwyrm] is my slave, she does alot of work for me here, she basically runs my pet store for can be busy and i don't have alot of time, and she kept asking for more to do! lol

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: OH OK LOL

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: lol, you like short answers don't you ^_^ but aslong as you reply i'll reply back...i'm kinda hard to get rid of like that.

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: Oh no nothing personal i reply short messages to everybody even my boyfriend lol

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: lol, i don't mind. i'm just very vocal and say what's on my mind.

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh well that's good i guess. when i get mad i speak my mind i am like a tiking time bomb when i get mad

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: oooohhhhhh.....sounds fun! *starts poking and annoying her*

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: stop fucking poking me god peoples have poked me all day icluding my boyfriend and my arms legs and other shit hurts leave methe fuck alone imma go cry

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: ! success!!!!! ^_^ *is happy now*

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: hahah gggggrrrrrr

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: ......i have to switch to a non-staff account before i press something i shouldn't *is drinking* brb.

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: wait what i am confused

2008-10-04 [someone else]: !!!!ta da!!!

there, no staff buttons in the way of drunk clicking!

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh you just fucking messaged me back

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: u just messaged me

2008-10-04 [someone else]: i also just changed accounts.....

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh i feel stupid

2008-10-04 [someone else]: don't, i can be confuzeling...

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: yah i know lol

2008-10-04 [someone else]: *takes another shot*

i'm going to make my horrid week good tonight if it's the last thing i do!!

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: ok then lol

2008-10-04 [someone else]: you forgot the last "l" =P

well it has been a bad week. at work one of the managers from the head office found out who i was and started giving me TONS of extra work and crap.....i have had to delay so many projects it's not even funny!

2008-10-04 [amanda.lethal:)]: oh i am sorry thats the good part about working at hooters

2008-10-04 [someone else]: LOL!

ya but it doesn't have the pay of being a *takes a deep breath* the Predictive Dialer Analyst of National Workforce Management in the Network Administration Centre for Sears Canada........

but everything has it's price...

2008-10-04 [phoenixborn]: XD Yay for privelage-abusage *quotes everything from [someone else]'s page* XD And Traci is many peoples slave. I wonder who she would obey if we all ordered her to do something... *ponders*

2008-10-04 [Big Brother]: i abuse nothing!!!!! cept Traci....and she would obey me :P

2008-10-05 [Bookwyrm]: -grins- I dunno, why don't you all try and see what I do? -considers possible ways of dismemberment-

2008-10-05 [phoenixborn]: Oh she's all tough and big-shot right now but in PM's she's always the willing slave :P

2008-10-05 [Bookwyrm]: -smiles sweetly at David- You have never met me in person. -bats eyelashes- Wait 'til we meet, sweetie. :P -prods-

2008-10-05 [phoenixborn]: Psh you'll do what I want you to do to me, nothing more. Fortunately for you that actually gives you a pretty wide set of options XD

2008-10-06 [Bookwyrm]: XD You must be planning a testicle retrieval operation the way you're speaking.

2009-03-07 [Alianna22]: O.o????????????????????????? huh????????????????????????????????????

2009-03-07 [Big Brother]: what? you don't understand??? it makes perfect sence to me.

2009-03-11 [Alianna22]: yea to u maybe but for me is it is wwwwaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy over my head lol XD

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