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2007-04-28 11:29:52
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Top 10 list contest


Voting has ended in <poll:12617>.

Winner: The Top 10 Ways to Tell If You Are A Gaming Addict by [Monster Master]

Second (very close behind): The Top 10 Ways To Annoy Your Teachers by [Psycho7907]

Third place: The Top 10 Worst things to hear on a Blind Date by [kittykittykitty]


This is a contest for you who like to write meaningless, stupid and boring top-lists... Like Letterman, you know? So instead of harassing all innocent people with the top-list, you can place it here!


The Rules

1. Create a wiki-page (See Wiki guide#3 or go to The top 10 something [edit] and change the wiki-page name and replace all the other "something" with your stuff) with your top 10 list. It should look like the example The top 10 stupidest animals with 10 items ordered from 10 to 1, and have a name in the same style.

2. You can write long explanations like on The top 10 stupidest animals or short as on The top 10 stuff.

3. The wiki-page should be exported and have a link back to this wiki-page.

4. It has to be your own top 10 list!

5. The top list must not be offensive to other Elfpackers (exception: [Hedda]), human races or beavers.

6. You may submit as many top 10 lists as you want.

7. Deadline: 2007-04-14

8. [Hedda] is the contest boss.

9. There will be a poll here or on Mainstuff to select the winner.



<img:stuff/epcontest.gif> <img:stuff/contest2nd.gif> <img:stuff/contest3rd.gif>


More contests at: Elfpack Contests


The Submissions

Place your submissions here like this:

The top 10 stupidest animals [Hedda]

The top 10 toughest Eurovision drinking games [Hedda] I just had to give another example...

The Top 10 Things to say in the dressing room [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤]

The Top 10 Things to say in the makeup room [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤]

The Top 10 Weird things I've heard from teachers [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤]

The Top 10 ways to tell you're female [nevan]

The Top 10 Ways To Annoy Your Teachers [Psycho7907]

The Top 10 Worst things to hear on a Blind Date [kittykittykitty]

The Top 10 Weird Things To See in a hallway [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤]

Enneigard's Top 10 Favorite Toggery Cards [Enneigard Rebirth]

The Top 10 Ways to Tell If You Are A Gaming Addict ~ [Monster Master]

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2007-04-22 [Monster Master]: <img:!/Image12.gif>

2007-04-23 [Monster Master]: I entered. :3

2007-04-24 [Monster Master]: Good luck to everyone! :D

2007-04-24 [kittykittykitty]: Oooh voting already? :D Yay!

2007-04-24 [Psycho7907]: yes, good luck! ^__^

2007-04-24 [Enneigard Rebirth]: yay!! fully alive , marvin mouse steady to smile, enough life

2007-04-25 [Monster Master]: When are the polls over? ^^

2007-04-26 [Psycho7907]: Hmmmmm

2007-04-28 [Psycho7907]: Ooh man! I was so close!!! Oh well, congrats Monster Master!!

2007-04-28 [Hedda]: Only one vote behind! It can't be closer than that!

2007-04-28 [Psycho7907]: Yeah, it was a good competition! ^_^

2007-04-28 [Monster Master]: :D Haha! Congratulations [Psycho7907]! It really was a good competition! XD

2007-04-28 [Psycho7907]: Yes, yes it was ^___^ Hahahaa!

2007-04-29 [kittykittykitty]: Wow... that was over quickly! Congrats [Psycho7907] and [Monster Master]! I didn;t even expect to get so high as third place XD I'll give out the place badges [Hedda] :)

2007-04-29 [Psycho7907]: Yay!!! ^__^

2007-04-29 [Monster Master]: Yaaay!! ^-^ Baaaadges!

2007-04-29 [kittykittykitty]: Wheeee! ^~^

2007-04-29 [Monster Master]: Yaaay! I got my baaadge!! Thank you [kittykittykitty]!!

2007-04-29 [Psycho7907]: weeee! I got my badge also! *so proud*

2007-04-29 [¤♫♪Ģєήίε♫♪¤]: Congratulations you guys! ^^

2007-04-30 [Psycho7907]: Yeah, congrats to everyone, again and again!!

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