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2005-04-23 20:31:07
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The old krill

This is the computer that used to run Elfpack until 2005-04-23. It managed even though Elfpack had 3000-4000 active members. But it was very slow during the nights (American afternoon).

Operating system: Mandrake Linux 10.0. 
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm)  800 MHz
RAM. 256 MByte

The hardware is crappy and buggy. The motherboard doesn't really fit in the case; the IDE-driver crashes during and installation process, so it took days to install the OS and then turn of the DMA; it still have heat-problems; and the keyboard and screen are very unconvinient to use.

I was once a server standing besides Penguin in the company TreW's computer hall. But TreW went backruptcy and this year my motherboard was changed from an awfully buggy and very slow (it didn't fit in the case either, but in another way), to the current pretty buggy and slow motherboard and processor.

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