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Hi everyone and welcome to my wiki! I am creating this wiki as I feel it's time for me to try and become a Council member as I feel I am ready; whether the crew feel I am ready is up to them. :)


Why I am interested in being on the Council

I am interested in being on the Council because I have seen the work they do on Elfpack and I know how much time they put into it, they put a lot of effort into making Elfpack a better place.


What I have done for Elfpack so far

I am one of the Volunteers and I am also the contest handler for the Elfpack awards

I have helped correct countless official wikis--everything from spelling mistakes to design malfunctions.

I also had one of my poems featured by Elfpack Featured Poem, so that means I'm one of the Poets.

I won Second Place in the Santa Contest on Let It Snow! 2011 - 2012


I won Third Place in the Swearing Poem Contest.

I've also entered Elfpack's Logo Contest.

I won third place in Best Swearing Story.

I have done a few (good!) reports.


What is your knowledge of Elfpack

Well I have been on Elfpack since 06/10/2011 but I have been on Heddate Sites longer, so I have learned about pseudo html

As a I have had to learn about Elfpack inside out, I know about most (if not all of) the official pages.

I know how to use forums (P.S. THEY'RE EASY!! I'd be GLAD to help anyone learn!)

I know all the rules and find that they are not hard to stick to; if I see someone breaking a rule, I go and tell [Stephen] or the Guards which you should do the same.


What is your English like

I am very good with my English, I read and write English very well, though there is two types of English, American English and British English I seem to get on fine, after all, I am British.


What are my Goals?

To be as professional as possible.

TO be a good communicator and adviser

To be a person someone can go to without them feeling uncomfortable.

To get on with the crew and members well (which I already do). :)

Thanks to [Amalaswinta] I am a very calm person now and can keep myself under control in hard situations.

I will do all this until the day I die, (or until a Cyborg attacks!!)


Do you get on with the crew

I get on with the crew really well, they are really nice, if a little bit crazy....... maybe a lot.


Is Elfpack fun

ELfpack is amazingly fun and easy to use.


MY supporters:

1. [VIX] - I Support This Applicant

2. [Deg] - You got my full support!

3. [Commandaaah] - I follow the Deg's lead!

4. [wolvie] - She's been doing a lot to help ep stay active

5. [wretched-reaper] I'll support her too. :)

6. [matty coppick] - I support you babe as you are a hard worker and help things run smoothly on here.

7. [WonderTweek] - :D

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<img:stuff/aj/56098/Blueblob.1.gif> The Council:

1130) Who supports me to get on the crew (Administrator is private forum number -455)

Number of voters: 3
* a) I do
Number of votes: 2 (67%)

* b) I do sort of
Number of votes: 1 (33%)

* c) I dont
Number of votes: 0 (0%)

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2012-02-23 [Stephen]: Yeah -- you've filed a few reports. Including one on me. D:

2012-02-23 [sammie h!]: lol, how many good ones. is this good [Stephen] lol. :)

2012-02-23 [sammie h!]: Lol, one x

2012-02-23 [VIX]: yup lol

2012-02-23 [Deg]: There you go! ;)

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