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2008-04-07 22:08:00
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Meh Protectors

For those who care. Thank you so much.


This would be [Luna Armonial]. She is fantasic. We talk about everything, and ive felt so close to her, ever since I first talked to her. A REALLY nice girl. So look after her if you want to talk to her... be nice. Or you will have Elfpack on your ass. Literally.


This is [His L♥ve M♥nster], aka Arleesha. Another great girl, who (again) i felt really close to as soon as we first met. ^__^ We talked, in the lost woods. And it was good. And i take care of her, despite having a very capable boyfriend. Because I care for people like that. Amazing girl.


This be [kyraawr], or Kira. She is a great person to look to if you want to talk. ^__^ We have stopped talking at the moment, or she feels distant. But she still luffs meh... I think...


This is [Danny-Senpai ^^]. He is great, a nice person and fun to talk to. You gotta love him... It wasnt a comment. Its an order.



This is Will, but you guys call him Angel... =] He is great. A wonderful person to talk to, very friendly, highly amusing... and a good friend. Thanks alot, Will. :)


This lil cuddly fellah was given to me from [Mental Terrorist], aka Corie. She is a nice girl (although has an evil side) and she rawks. She is my melon. XD ...and my melon bites. Hard. ^___^


This is Santanna. I loves her mucho. ^__^ She's so nice to talk to when you are feeling a little low. We're cool together. ^__^

If anyone that hasn't given me one cares, please send me one... it makes me happy. ^__^

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2007-12-15 [kyraawr]: i miss us :/

2007-12-15 [kyraawr]: and i'll never stop caring, OR loving you<3

2007-12-16 [shinobi14]: ...Thanks, Kira.

That's right. Kira is, and always will be spelt K I R A. ^___^ But only for me. XP

And I will miss us too. :*(

2007-12-16 [shinobi14]: And yes. I will love you too. <3

2008-01-27 [Vaughne]: *gasp* I've not given you mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs to correct this*

2008-01-30 [shinobi14]: I'll put it up, pronto. XD

2008-01-30 [Vaughne]: Good! [:

2008-05-20 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: God i never knew how loving my boyfriend really is... ^^
Love you baby!

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