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This is a wiki for every one who likes Jimmy Eat World! If you wana join please feel free. Please take/ make banners. Please do not 'diss' J.E.W or i will have to kill you slowly and painfully. Thank you!

* note.... these pics are not banners! *


       THEY ROCK!




jimmy eat world members

Tom linton appreciation <3
"work remix"
about j.e.w
The big tour!
Riding in vans with boys
J.E.W. 2005 tour diary
thanx to.....

by [Taking Back Jo]



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2005-07-03 [i am switzerland.]: omg, i wanna marry him! he's so darn cute!

2005-07-03 [Taking Back Jo]: same he's taken.... amd has to kids..... and zach is also taken and has a kid and rick is also taken and has a cat and a dog...... TOM IS UN-MARRIED! lol

2005-07-03 [i am switzerland.]: lol, i know! but i want jim! he's so beautiful! And his voice...oh my Jesus! *drools*

2005-07-04 [Taking Back Jo]: haha... i'm getting this badge of ebay... it says "jim adkinds is God" is pretty awesome!

2005-07-04 [Taking Back Jo]: <img:>

2005-07-04 [Love like Winter.]: Haha, OMG! Thats so cool!

2005-07-04 [Taking Back Jo]: I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!

2005-07-04 [Sunsets over demons]: hello ^_^

2005-07-04 [Taking Back Jo]: hello poppet!

2005-07-04 [Taking Back Jo]: new big banner!

2005-07-04 [i am switzerland.]: OMG! Jim is God! *dances* Hey, I can't decide which banner I want...*sadness* Oh well. I might end up with both! :D

2005-07-05 [Taking Back Jo]: hehe. cool..... if ya wanna add some feel free.!

2005-08-15 [Taking Back Jo]: ok, you have 5 seconds to decide what your fave. Jimmy song is... okay... GO!

2005-08-15 [Taking Back Jo]: 4

2005-08-15 [Taking Back Jo]: 3

2005-08-15 [Taking Back Jo]: 2

2005-08-15 [Taking Back Jo]: 1

2005-08-16 [grandmasterflash]: man...jimmy eat world kicked ass live... one of the best concerts ive been to yet...but their back-up band sucked ass at the time

2005-08-16 [Love like Winter.]: Ya. in Belfast! damn, that was one crazy crowd. The concert was awesome though...

2006-02-14 [Taking Back Jo]: "Happy Valentines Day everyone! We hope the love is strong for everyone out there. Things are heating up a little bit here in AZ for the band. We have about 7 demos that are in rough form but sounding really great. We are still a little ways away from full on recording the album versions of these songs, but we're getting closer everyday. Some song titles so far are "Carry You", "Chase This Light", "Stop", "Beautiful Is", "Dizzy", and "Gotta Be Somebody's Blues". keep safe, peace. zach.

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