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2010-03-03 04:51:00
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The place to say "OMFG I REMEMBER THAT!!!!" and talk about stuff you remember from being a kid ^^

You can add anything and everything you remember and love from your childhood, movies, tv shows, toys, whatever ^^ have fun





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2009-03-11 [wolvie]: you can add it if you want ^^ i'm tryin to find pictures of those pog things everyone used to have :D

2009-03-11 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: Maybe later

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: hmmmmmmmm i can't think of anything else

2009-03-11 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: actually I don't remember much from my childhood....

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: im sorry i remember watching freddy kruger all the time lol

2009-04-11 [Wan-wan]: Dude fucking i still have my pogs from when i was like 8 years old this list fucking rocks man

2009-04-11 [Audio Science]: haha pogs are amazing

2009-04-12 [Wan-wan]: i know they still are bad ass

2009-04-13 [GiveItTime]: I was completely OBSESSED with Junie B. Jones books.
true story! :]

2009-04-13 [Audio Science]: Yep. She was pretty damn great.

2009-04-22 [Wan-wan]: what about the show the pink panther did anybuddy get up really early to see that show on then after it would be garfield and friends

2009-04-22 [wolvie]: i don't remember the pink panther but freaking garfield and friends was amazing

2009-04-22 [Wan-wan]: pink panther was a tv show before it was a movie

2009-05-03 [wolvie]: freaking amazing additions

2009-05-04 [Audio Science]: thanks missy

2009-05-04 [wolvie]: welcome

2009-05-04 [Audio Science]: i seriously cant think of anything else.

2009-05-05 [wolvie]: me either

2009-05-10 [Midori]: Then prepare to be amazed!

2009-05-10 [Midori]: HOLY FUCKIMNFGGHEWCSN GOd! The Oregon trail, I STILL play that! I could never beat it when I was a kid!

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: haha way to go andrea :) i love the new additions :p

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