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2010-03-03 04:51:00
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The place to say "OMFG I REMEMBER THAT!!!!" and talk about stuff you remember from being a kid ^^

You can add anything and everything you remember and love from your childhood, movies, tv shows, toys, whatever ^^ have fun





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2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: haha way to go andrea :) i love the new additions :p

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: island of the blue dolphins!!! <3 <3

2009-05-11 [Midori]: That remained my favorite book FOREVER! I would still read it to this day. My English teacher back in 8th grade bought me a nice one, just because I loved that book so much.

2009-05-11 [wolvie]: ooooh I know a good book to add

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: I havent read that book in ages.

2009-05-11 [Midori]: <img:> light-up yo-yo's anyone?

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: oh my gosh!!!!

2009-05-26 [Midori]: I added trolls too!I liked the ones with the little jewels on their bellies you were supposed to rub and make a wish on!

2009-05-26 [Audio Science]: i love them

2009-05-28 [Wan-wan]: Trolls were fucking scary

2009-05-28 [Midori]: Trolls being scary?! Are you kidding?

2009-05-31 [Wan-wan]: yes they were. they fucking freaking me out

2009-06-05 [Audio Science]: me too

2009-08-19 [Audio Science]: i love that nostaligic win site haha

2009-08-19 [LAST MIND]: Me 2

2009-09-01 [Knights Queen]: yo yo r fun

2009-09-01 [Audio Science]: hell ya

2009-12-11 [Audio Science]: Hmm. I really need to edit this.

2009-12-15 [Midori]: Yo, Ameila Bedelia.

2009-12-15 [Audio Science]: omg i love that maid <3

2010-01-23 [R.]: Oh my god, Rock-a-Doodle! I remember that movie from when I was tiny, but neither me or my siblings could remember what it was called!

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