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2010-03-03 04:51:00
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The place to say "OMFG I REMEMBER THAT!!!!" and talk about stuff you remember from being a kid ^^

You can add anything and everything you remember and love from your childhood, movies, tv shows, toys, whatever ^^ have fun





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2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: must wait

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: i ish done ^^

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: yay

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: omg i was trying to find rock a doodle the other day actusally i miss that movie so much, i just remember the owl freaked me out
and OMG LAMBCHOPS!!!!!!!!

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: omg I KNOW ^^

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: damn this brings back memories :D

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: yea it does and damn we're old its only been 10 yrs we're actin like our parents omg i so remember that! XD

2009-03-11 [Audio Science]: seriously
i'm gonna show this on my page

2009-03-11 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: I LOVERS REN AND STIMPY

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: me too! =D

2009-03-11 [Audio Science]: i have the complete seasons!!! ALL OF EM!

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: damn XD i miss all this stuff :D and sweet ^^ i thought it would be fun to act like old peoples and point out all the stuff we miss

2009-03-11 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: lol

2009-03-11 [Audio Science]: hahaha

2009-03-11 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: *sits on the floor and drinks some hot chocolate*

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: it is fun wolvie XD

2009-03-11 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: mmm

2009-03-11 [Audio Science]: i was part of the wishbone fan club!

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: I used to love wishbone :D

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: i wanted to steal the doggy so i could own him >_> <_<

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: that's why my uncle got me a stuffed animal wishbone XD
and omg peoples add stuffs damnit i feel weird being teh only one addin

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: i add

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: zomg thank you kitteh :D

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: welcome wolveh ^^

2009-03-11 [Audio Science]: i thini you should put fievel goes west

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: omg i remmber that one two you can add whatever you want ^^

2009-03-11 [Audio Science]: i will

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: furby scared me at times

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: oh god....firby XD i used to love firby

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: oh dear lord fucking tales from the crypt!!!! i used to love that show so much!

2009-03-11 [Audio Science]: the crypt keeper always freaked me out

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: me two! and my mom used to be mean and open my door a little just as i was falling asleep then do the crypt keeper laugh cuz it freaked me out XD

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: huh he alwasy fascinated me

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: he scared me, just the way he popped up and laughed at the end of the theme song gave me nightmares XD

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: i though it was the 80s? cause my mom always talked about how it scared her when she was younger

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: it was on HBO at sometime, maybe it was just re-runs but I do remember when i was staying at a motel with mai mom and brother we watched it on HBO i used to have a huge book all about it but my dad pawned it -.- oooh i'll look it up on imdb ^^

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: tay ^^

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: it was 1989-1996 ^^ you can look here for more info

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: teh movie was 1990 so where do you plug? its kinda neither but both at the same time

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: hmmmm i went to imdb, which says that the very first movie [based on the old comics not the show] came out in 1972 and that the other ones came out in 95 & 96
and I really trust the info on imbd i've never found anything on there that's been wrong before, where did you look?

2009-03-11 [Ritsuka-Kun]: same place

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: weird! hmmmmmmmm i dunno then i typed in just "Tales from the Crypt" in the search area

2009-03-11 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: I guess my most dearest toy is my yellow bunny teddy ^^

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: you can add it if you want ^^ i'm tryin to find pictures of those pog things everyone used to have :D

2009-03-11 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: Maybe later

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: hmmmmmmmm i can't think of anything else

2009-03-11 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: actually I don't remember much from my childhood....

2009-03-11 [wolvie]: im sorry i remember watching freddy kruger all the time lol

2009-04-11 [Wan-wan]: Dude fucking i still have my pogs from when i was like 8 years old this list fucking rocks man

2009-04-11 [Audio Science]: haha pogs are amazing

2009-04-12 [Wan-wan]: i know they still are bad ass

2009-04-13 [GiveItTime]: I was completely OBSESSED with Junie B. Jones books.
true story! :]

2009-04-13 [Audio Science]: Yep. She was pretty damn great.

2009-04-22 [Wan-wan]: what about the show the pink panther did anybuddy get up really early to see that show on then after it would be garfield and friends

2009-04-22 [wolvie]: i don't remember the pink panther but freaking garfield and friends was amazing

2009-04-22 [Wan-wan]: pink panther was a tv show before it was a movie

2009-05-03 [wolvie]: freaking amazing additions

2009-05-04 [Audio Science]: thanks missy

2009-05-04 [wolvie]: welcome

2009-05-04 [Audio Science]: i seriously cant think of anything else.

2009-05-05 [wolvie]: me either

2009-05-10 [Midori]: Then prepare to be amazed!

2009-05-10 [Midori]: HOLY FUCKIMNFGGHEWCSN GOd! The Oregon trail, I STILL play that! I could never beat it when I was a kid!

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: haha way to go andrea :) i love the new additions :p

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: island of the blue dolphins!!! <3 <3

2009-05-11 [Midori]: That remained my favorite book FOREVER! I would still read it to this day. My English teacher back in 8th grade bought me a nice one, just because I loved that book so much.

2009-05-11 [wolvie]: ooooh I know a good book to add

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: I havent read that book in ages.

2009-05-11 [Midori]: <img:> light-up yo-yo's anyone?

2009-05-11 [Audio Science]: oh my gosh!!!!

2009-05-26 [Midori]: I added trolls too!I liked the ones with the little jewels on their bellies you were supposed to rub and make a wish on!

2009-05-26 [Audio Science]: i love them

2009-05-28 [Wan-wan]: Trolls were fucking scary

2009-05-28 [Midori]: Trolls being scary?! Are you kidding?

2009-05-31 [Wan-wan]: yes they were. they fucking freaking me out

2009-06-05 [Audio Science]: me too

2009-08-19 [Audio Science]: i love that nostaligic win site haha

2009-08-19 [LAST MIND]: Me 2

2009-09-01 [Knights Queen]: yo yo r fun

2009-09-01 [Audio Science]: hell ya

2009-12-11 [Audio Science]: Hmm. I really need to edit this.

2009-12-15 [Midori]: Yo, Ameila Bedelia.

2009-12-15 [Audio Science]: omg i love that maid <3

2010-01-23 [R.]: Oh my god, Rock-a-Doodle! I remember that movie from when I was tiny, but neither me or my siblings could remember what it was called!

2010-01-26 [Taking Back Jo]: class!!

2010-02-27 [Sky Chord]: OMG..yes i remember ALL of this..:(...i want my childhood back..

2010-03-03 [Midori]: Journey's cards, getting in trouble in the 4th grade for playing Pokemon cards. Getting your nanopet or tamagachi taken away. Having to play the Oregon trail and losing. (Well I did, but I revisited it 15 years later and beat it, *win.*) Light up sneakers with your favorite Disney or cartoon character on them. Wearing them out, stomping on them just to make it light up. Fighting over who was the red or pink ranger.

Playing the Super nintendo. Your mom never letting you eat fruit gushers. Wanting a happy meal, and being upset that you didn't get the toy you wanted. lol. that was my childhood.

2010-03-03 [Midori]: bf told me to add that...

2010-03-03 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: i'm too lazy to read all that xD

2010-03-03 [Audio Science]: i remember when beanie babies came in happy meals

2010-03-03 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: i hated those things to be honest they scared me T_T

2010-03-03 [Audio Science]: beanie babies or happy meals lol

2010-03-03 [Audio Science]: <adding bunnicula

2010-03-04 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: happy meals tasted like rubber xD and beanie babies just creeped me out

2010-03-04 [Audio Science]: lol yeah happy meals are gross. and i LOVED those beanie babies. i had hundreds

2010-03-04 [¦¥~¿Chrono Crusade?~¥¦]: o.O i thought they were thy devil's babies xD

2010-03-04 [Audio Science]: hahahahaha i wish i had a fruit roll up. do you remember that amazing fruit stuff? with those grateful dead bears?

2010-03-05 [Midori]: Wow! Just remembered. The Kool-aid bowling-pin looking drinks where you could drop in the color capsule through the drink hole and make it change color.

2010-03-05 [Audio Science]: yeah!!!!

2010-03-05 [Sky Chord]: OMG! yo yo ball!

2010-04-01 [Wan-wan]: does any one remember the toyss tath you would put on a platfomr thingy and pull and they would fly/spin in the air those were the bomb

2010-04-01 [Midori]: Dude, Sky dancers, hell yeah, I collected those.
Going to Florida one time, my parents had to pull over because the window was rolled down while on the interstate, and I happened to lost my sky dancers because uh...I pull her string while the window was open. My mom looked for it on the side of the highway, found it, and I didn't get it back until the trip was over, hehe.

2010-04-02 [Audio Science]: oh wow hahahhaha

2011-04-08 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I remember 90% of this stuff XD

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