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2015-02-26 [Vaughne]: Bet it's a little dusty now... *sighs*

2015-02-26 [shinobi14]: Seems like a lot of Elfpack is a little dusty. :/

2015-02-26 [Vaughne]: True. It's a shame. So much happened on this site. So much of what shaped us.

2015-02-26 [shinobi14]: Well... it was nice just to sit in here for a while with you, Seren. Just for old times sake. =]

2015-02-26 [Vaughne]: It has indeed been lovely, Amrâlimê. Hard to believe it all started here, on this wiki. :) <3

2015-07-28 [=Φ.Φ=]: *pounce* =._O=

2015-11-24 [shinobi14]: Yeah I still come here occasionally too. :P Could never leave it forever.

2016-01-09 [STEVEN COOK]: Noone is ever on... I had a long list of friends on here that have t gotten on in a very long time
.. Site use to be popping

2016-01-25 [GlassCasket]: Anyone seen the AED/Defibrillators?

2016-01-25 [Legendary]: No

2016-10-31 [Elf_Person]: Wow, I should have kept more in touch....everyone i knew or cared for is gone and I can't find them.....

2016-11-11 [AdamTheChespin]: Hello

2016-11-11 [AdamTheChespin]: Anyone here?

2017-10-15 [AdamTheChespin]: Boop

2017-10-22 [nismo]: Yeah me, not much of anyone else

2018-03-22 [AdamTheChespin]: Heh.

2018-11-17 [crazy-ass]: Whats up

2018-12-04 [Elf_Person]: Damn. Never thought this place would die

2018-12-08 [AdamTheChespin]: Dead place. :(

2018-12-14 [Elf_Person]: Yup, it sucks!

2019-04-06 [AdamTheChespin]: Doot

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