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[All of our members have either requested membership and been voted in, or have accepted an invitation from one of
the Natiions to become a member:]
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2009-05-04 [Cloud Natiion]: [XXkipperXX] also needs to be added

2009-05-04 [Zombiie Natiion]: yay more members :D

2009-05-06 [treact]: [XXkipperXX] is a fake btw >.<

2009-05-06 [Tasha//x]: What makes you think that lol

2009-05-06 [Cloud Natiion]: how comes? she's got a lot of photos

2009-05-07 [Sister Creep]: Sorry to butt in. But she is fake. I've seen her photos everywhere. They're a fake scene kid's staple for photos. I even saw her pictures on a band's Myspace page.

2009-05-07 [Zombiie Natiion]: oh right well member removed then

2009-05-07 [Cloud Natiion]: Okay, well thankyou [treact] and [Sister Creep], muchly appreciated :)

2009-05-15 [alberic]: thanks for inviting me

2009-05-15 [Cloud Natiion]: No prob :)

2009-05-25 [mariah yow beezy]: coooooooooool!!! <3

2009-05-26 [Cloud Natiion]: You wanted to be a member? Sorry i got really confused as to whether you wanted to join or not

2009-05-30 [Tasha//x]: 53 members! Woop woop

2009-05-30 [Zombiie Natiion]: waheyyy :D

2009-05-30 [Tasha//x]: and yes i did just sit here and count lmao

2009-05-30 [Zombiie Natiion]: lmao dw i did that earlier :D

2009-05-30 [Tasha//x]: haha oh well at least im not the only 1 =p had 2 stop and have a rest half way through lmao

2009-05-31 [Chriss]: Ok, I put the link on my page.

2009-05-31 [Cloud Natiion]: Awesomee, i just added you :D

2009-05-31 [problem solved]: diidd i not get voted in? :(

2009-05-31 [Chriss]: Ok, cool... Thanks.

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