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2006-08-09 18:44:02
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Bikinibabes in sunglasses submissions


Voting was at <poll:10973>

#1 is [Zombiie Natiion]


#2 is [FireGypsy]


#3 is [SarahToxic™]


[Zombiie Natiion]'s prize is three donor-privs to get for herself and friends. [FireGypsy] gets two and [SarahToxic™] gets one for herself.

The competition is closed, so you can't enter! If you really want to show off, then put the image on Late Bikinibabes


Submissions for Bikinibabes in sunglasses competition

Put your image and a link to your house like this:

(And that will look like:)
<img300*0:img/photo/100_1459.jpg> [RabidSphinx]

Note: please write "img300:" if the image is wider than 300pixels (which it should be), otherwise this page will be too huge!


Your submissions:

[if i lay here would you lie with me]


[RabidSphinx] basking in the summer [Sunrose] of Ep!



[Romantic Rebellion] belly bar be too pale!!! *whimper*


[Zombiie Natiion] my house beeee purple ^__^


[♥I can Be your sweetest sin ever♥] My cam was being gay and wouldnt let me take it so i had to print elfpack thing out and do it like that

[Death of a Soul]

Username (or number or email):


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2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: lol google is becoming screwed up, in the link to elfpack competition it cant find anything but elfpack sites! And one random myspace profile that isnt even linked to elfpack in any way at all! But all the sites that really are linked to elfpack, it wont find!

2006-08-07 [RabidSphinx]: i like the show on E! network called The Girls Next Door. i always wanted to be a playmate, deep down

2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: I hate when all the little 16 year olds put the playboy bunny all over their houses here and on myspace, it makes me want to punch someone....

2006-08-07 [wheelsy]: -Moves out punching range-

2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: lol =) I wouldnt hit you, but I am in the mood for a fight! *looks for a fight*

2006-08-07 [wheelsy]: Right, you'd hump my chair.

2006-08-07 [RabidSphinx]: hey, i agree with you there sasha! lol...i saw this 12 year old with a sparkling pink playboy bunny head on her profile and she was like, you know you wanna hit that and stuff, i was like, OMG! i wanted to call that girls parents and yell at them...:P

2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: Lol I HATE it! Its so annoying! Omg the world is ending because we acually just agreed on something! *dies* What about humping your chair [wheelsy]? Are you writing that damn book yet!?

2006-08-07 [wheelsy]: What book?

2006-08-07 [wheelsy]: Not till you give me an idea.

2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: Write a book about me =D just kidding lol I dont know its your book! Oh and about the playboy crap stupid...

2006-08-07 [wheelsy]: About you? That's one paged three worded. Sasha is teh shex.

2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: Why is everything about sex! GAH!

2006-08-07 [wheelsy]: ... It is/

2006-08-07 [FireGypsy]: *shakes head*

2006-08-08 [FireGypsy]: So yeah [Hedda] you never told us how to submit something to google!!! GAH!

2006-08-09 [*--RaWr--*]: i wanna enter the contest how do i do it?

2006-08-09 [FireGypsy]: *gigglez* Its already over silly!

2006-08-09 [FireGypsy]: How the hell did you avoid the whole top half of the page O_o

2006-08-09 [FireGypsy]: And the giant posting on Mainstuff o_O

2006-08-09 [kittykittykitty]: Check the news for the winners. You can still add your picture to late bikinibabes. Not for prizes, but just so we can see :D

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