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2006-02-24 10:50:45
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2005-10-28 [X2]: debate about what?

2005-11-09 [SilentScream]: let us debate about HATE SPEECH!

2005-11-11 [X2]: "HATE SPEECH"?

2006-04-19 [soo_almighty]: roar

2006-04-23 [Love's Lost]: lol Did you like the banner?

2006-04-24 [X2]: a bit offensiv, i mean it haven't be any topics. but what about start one. ok, what do you think about Lenin, and why?

2006-04-27 [Love's Lost]: Hmm you have hate speach in like your second post, so I thought you wouldn't mind lol

2006-04-27 [X2]: yea, i like it^^ but there where no disscussion... (:

2006-04-28 [Love's Lost]: lol It is majorly quiet in here...

2006-04-28 [X2]: well, guess why "# of watchers: 3"^^ more people must find this page first

2006-05-04 [Love's Lost]: Well there is me watching.. You watching and who? Hmmm

2006-05-04 [X2]: me, what this page relly needs is a topic...

2007-01-20 [Peeves]: Ok, does it piss you off when no one here can seem to write coherently? It pisses me the hell off.

2007-09-25 [Molly Louise]: Where is the actual debate and topics?

2007-11-07 [taz24053]: here we go...want a debate? ok. What about the libs wanting to take the guns bout that? its the Constitution under the 2nd amendment, we have the right to bear arms. But the Libs want to take that away. I feel this is very wrong.

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