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Read it and weep, mo'fuckahs!!

Trust me, bitches. I'm not scared to call you out on this shit.
Ranted and written by me, [Audio Science]. Pictures donated by my boyfriend xxoozero of

1) People who call themselves Gangstuhhhh annoy the hell outta me. You're not gangster. Period.


2) People who want to commit suicide. Do it. I'll even pay for your funeral services. But you're too chicken to do it. Oh, and learn how to spell 'suicide' if you really want to do it. No more of this 'suiside' or 'sooicyd'.

3) Panic! at the Disco. Take some E, and we can be Psycho! at the Disco.

4) People who are major Biblethumpers. I dont want to hear how wrong it is that I dated a girl for 6 months. I dont want to hear how wrong it is that I dont go to church. I'd rather have cocks shoved down my throat than your context.

5) Fat people annoy me too. Well, actually, only the fat ones who complain. Today, I over heard someone in the mall trying on a homecoming dress. She was complaining that she had a spare tire. After she left the dressing rooms, I noticed she was eating a Cosmic Brownie. o_0. Eat a celery stick you dumb ass.

6) Grrr. I hate girls who cant fight by themselves. Why do you need to bring your whole damn neighborhood with you to the basketball court to 'jump my ass'. Psssh. Why can't I do that?

7) Freshmen really need to be shanked. No lie. Especially at my school. There is no way I acted that retarded. Must be something in our water. Class of 2010, I give you my pity.

8) She doesnt like when people talk in third person. It bothers the fuck out of Caiti. You should let Caiti slap you when you do talk around her like that. She would love you lots. >_<

9) When people text me Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Fw:Forwards. Its a waste of my memory space on the phone itself.

10) People who extend their last letters of their name. For instance, Bettyyyyyy. or Mariaaaaaaa. Uhh. Ok?

11) When someone calls themself hardXcore You're not hardcore. Really, you're not. Do you even know what 'hardcore' means? Look it up. I dont see an 'x'.

12) Y u gotta tlk lyk dis bby? I dont read that lingo.

13) People who try to start online fights. I can understand if I've known you for a while, or if its a simple debate. But if some bitch in Iowa messages me and starts shit like, "You better not be talking to my man, cunt", I'll laugh my ass off, report you for drama, and keep talking to your man.

14) I despise people who want to 'one-up' me. You know, the type of people who get jealous at the fact that you have something new and then they go out, buy two of the same things that you had, and claim they had it first. . .

15) White guys who think they are 'gansta' and try to 'pimp all over the world'. You guys look hideous. If you want to be pimp, lose the glasses. Gain about 200 pounds. Buy a purple coat, get yourself about 15 white trash girls (not including your sisters!!!) and drink some crunk juice.


Click this to read more of me being anal retentive.

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[Wan-wan]: I love your rules they amuse me

[rosepetal;;]: These have to be the coolest rules/view I have ever seen. =] Love them! My favorite would have to be number 7.

[CHACHA]: Damn girl i love them all lol they are great. i think the Gaurds need to read some of this.

[phoenixborn]: Haha I like. I like muchly. And You know if ayone else feels the same way about number 4... I can probably help XD

[KARABOO LU]: Caiti, you're amazing. and you know, all your points are an example of each their own. people like to be different, but when they start to do stupid shit like you've said, that's when us "normal" people can sit back and watch them make fools of themselves... and it's fucking hilarious! :)

[korrie ann]: these rules really make me happy
i mean freshman everywhere should be shanked
except for the ones that aren't dumb
that's a whole whopping 50

[+ Panzer King +]: your rules are very valid

[Shayla.]: #18 Man I Laughed My Ass Off
Why Cause I'm A Loser...
Great Stuff!!!

[Luna with a tic]: Finally!!
Someone else gets you don't have to be retarded to get online!
(Though if you look around here it's hard to tell.)

[Elf_Person]: Thank God, your rules are perfect, well atleast in my book. Now another rule could be is that People who say they are in the Armed Forces yet they havent even been sworn in, you not in the Military till you COMPLETE boot camp.

[kis my grass =P]: haha really enjoyable to read lol sum realy gud points that alot of ppl need to understand cos it wud prob help them lol

[BeachBoy]: Hahaha 10/10

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: haa fucking hell
I read every one of your rules and I wholeheardedly agree!

[Audio Science]: Thanks!

[HEADSTRONG]: I agree with you on everyone of your points.
expecially # 13 online fighting is stupid, if you have a problem with someone then just ignore them.

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: Actually...I have o say I do hurl abuse at people online, but only because they're perverts. xD

[Audio Science]: That's perfectly acceptable :)

[Dead Inside.]: WOW! Can I copy and paste some of that to my house?

[Studwillie]: I am with you on No. 30. I hate that shit. I think what happens is some dude pretends to be a girl and someone catches him and he needs to kill the girl off. So flippin gay.

[Elf_Person]: I just logged into my fiance's profile one or two days ago she passed away 7 months ago tomarrow

[-Steffyxxo;]: Very Awesome Rules

[Dr Optimist]: Heh heh Way to go Caiti ^_~

[Audio Science]: Thanks Soul friend!

[UV-Reactive*]: Great rules. One that should be added is When People Talk Annoyingly Like This With Fucking Capitals At The Start Of Every Word.

[Love . Riot]: These are amazing! =]

[Love . Riot]: Oh and the people with really annoying symbols in their names and all over their pages.
And the ones that say they read your profile, but clearly didn't because they didn't follow messaging rules (if you have any).

[Audio Science]: No kidding

[NΣKØ . BiTCHzzAng]: Shank freshman. >D

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: oh, can we put up
"people who can't make conversation" or people who type "lol" after every fucking sentence? xD

[Audio Science]: yeah those people are annoying too.

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: yeahhh. *gives them all evils* ^^

[Midori]: *Isn't this the god-damned truth...*

[6(SiC)6]: Ah...amazing what respones you get when speaking your mind. Mine? I feel like tacos. Oh...CRUNCH!CRUNCH!CRUNCH!...I like the one about fat people...

[6(SiC)6]: Conversing is that which seperates us from ape. Although, with some, you really can't tell :\

[Audio Science]: no kidding

[Audio Science]: i bet she idolizes you :) that's why she's acting that way... she doesn't know what to say!

I don't think so, somehow xD

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: Oh goddd, you did right!
I really wanna pluck this girls eyebrows and tell her to wash her hair, it would make drastic improvments!

[6(SiC)6]: Hhmnn...unibrows AND stalkers? HELL, YEAH!! I like this wiki. But on a 'serious' note, lack of confidence is rather sad. Why would anyone have low self-esteem? FUCK! You're alive. Appreciate it. And at one point, you (used in context) were the fastest of 237,000!!! So what if you've gotten a little slower, and you have a unibrow, and you talk reall low, and you have greasy hair, it...have another CosmicBrownie...


[underneath the stars]: I like this list, and I can relate to quite a bit of it.
I especially like this one: 'People who are major Biblethumpers. I dont want to hear how wrong it is that I dated a girl for 6 months. I dont want to hear how wrong it is that I dont go to church. I'd rather have cocks shoved down my throat than your context.'
I agree wholeheartedly.

[.:Cobra Carousel:.]: I absolutely LOVE this list.
It's all fucking true!
I'm loving the one where you state guys feeling sorry for themselves.
I've had so many run-ins with those types of assholes, it's made my head spin!

[Clandor]: 43 rules, wow, someone is quite anal.

[.:Cobra Carousel:.]: It's totally fuckin' true about the toothpaste mirror spit!

[Audio Science]: haha it's pretty grim

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: I like your new fringe, Caiti. It really suits you!

[Audio Science]: Haha, when I first read it, I thought you said "fridge". Which I just got a new fridge last week... So I kinda freaked out.. but I read it again, and thank you xD

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: haha! It's ok =]

[Audio Science]: [Clandor] is upset cause he just realized he broke every single one of my rules. -sniff- Poor [Clandor]

[angel4evr]: wow ;] and natasha i mean really is natalie that bad in media?

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: Kai, get off the wiki!
And yeah she is. she's improved a bit since I wrote that.

[angel4evr]: haha bull xD

[WHIPSTICKAGOSTOP]: Kai...get off the wiki. xD

[angel4evr]: why im starting to like it here ;D

[Neurotic Obsession]: I just read them all, and although I don't agree with all of them, I must admit, I agree with a lot. Kudos!

[Audio Science]: Thanks ;)

[Deg]: I'm going with [Neurotic Obsession], I think you pretty much wrapped it up. :) Awesome job.

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: Yeah I agree, fianlly someone has gotten right down to the point of things that are plain fucking lame. :)

[Audio Science]: Why thank you ;)

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: Your very welcome.

[Audio Science]: A lot of people call me anal retentive over this wiki haha.

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: Dude that's crazy.

[Audio Science]: oh well :D

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: Haha they're jealous of awesomeness, lol.

[Audio Science]: they better be!

[Audio Science]: Is it too bitchy?

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: No I don't think so. I think some people are too damn nice about it.

[Audio Science]: Number 30 is my fave

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: Ha, I like that one too. XD

[.:Cobra Carousel:.]: I think out of all of 'em.
Number 31 has to be my fave.

[Neurotic Obsession]: Number 37 is my fav.

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: I love em all!!

[Audio Science]: Thanks guys :D :D :D

[ℭℎℯℓℓℯ ☠]: Your welcome. :)

[Dodo birdd]: Caiti- your rules are fucking amazing. :D


[Stephen]: /likes


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