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2009-11-20 01:40:16
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Part two of You know, it really ticks me off.

Yes... it goes on and on...

16) People who call themselves Cool usually have no real friends. 

17) People who give one worded coolpoints and in the end you have a book and 12937876787 coolpoints. I'm into the simple 'You rock', bullshit. But if you send one saying: Hey another saying: whats and another saying: up, I'll end up with 2 million undeserved coolpoints..

18) It's annoying as fuck when people bitch about people commenting them about their body. If you dont want your insanely large tits to be noticed, dont wear a tank top that was made for a 4th grader. 

19) When people say "Pretty Much ______________". For instance, "Like, Fall Out Boy is pretty much the bestest thing since pop tarts". Or. "Orange is pretty much the new black!" Like. Oh. My. God. You're pretty much the most annoying thing on this planet.

20) Girls who call themselves "Cunt". It's kinda sad because that's what they usually see their face as when they wake up and look in the mirror. They see two flaps of skin and a clit for a nose. It's okay though, you can get reconstructive surgery for that mess.

21) Tit-tattoos really are hideous. Girls may think they have the perfect boobs to get paw prints above each nipple. Just wait til you have kids and gain 40 pounds. Those paw prints will look like bruises and your husband will be sentenced for battery.

22) Let's get it straight: 'Love', not Luff. 'Is', not Ish. The, not Teh. Me, not Meh. My, not Mah. I think you get the hint. Unless you're extremely dyslexic, Stop spelling like a second grader.

23) 12 year old bi-sexuals. Most of you haven't even had your first kiss yet. How do you know you like the same sex? You're in what, 7th grade? To you, boys still have cooties, and girls have mosquito bites.

24) People who try to be "non-conformist" just to be 'different'. Look around you, Mister AnarchistSkaterBushHater. EVERYONE is trying to be like you! Not so original now, are we?

25) I believe people over the age of 62 should have their licensed revoked. That's all I have to say about that.

26) Guys who feel sorry for themselves! Oh man!! What a fucking turn off!!!! Do you honestly think I'm going to want to be with you when you tell me you haven't had a girlfriend in over two years? Or the fact that you hate how you can't drive, the world sucks, "I'm so fat!", I got picked on everyday in middle school... Jesus Christ! Get a fucking life.

27) You see, I really dont understand why people put up photos of themselves slitting their wrists or puking blood. Are you trying to turn me on? Trying to show that you'll do ANYTHING for me? Awww. You're sweet. Next time, Can I mutilate you?

28) I can't stand people who drink and can't spell what they're ingesting. Since when do you spell J├Ągerbomb
with a Y? or Votca? When I saw that spelling I seriously thought I was drunk. You people are nothing but retards, ya hear?

29) Getting lame ass songs stuck in my head. Especially when the little ones like to watch Yo Gabba Gabba. What the fuck? 80's tunes take a toll on me too.

30) When people on elfpack or fake or elftown fake their own death. What amuses me the most is when a 'sister' or 'husband' of the recently deceased logs onto their account just hours after their loved ones 'die'. Most normal people grieve for a while, plan the funeral arrangements, or spend time with family... not log on to see if the dead got mail... fucktards.



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2009-11-27 [Daisy-Pusher]: I don't know whats worse, that you had the time to write a rant like, that or that i took the time to read it........Mind you i must say i agree with pretty much all of it hehe

2010-06-10 [underneath the stars]: Number 26. THANK YOU.

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