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World in Flames

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World in flames Europe.

Most of England is a part of Germany, Spain is Allied with the Axis, Turkey still neutral and Stalin is fighting in Asia and a best buddy with Hitler at the moment. Germany is mostly bombing British skips, but the troops are lined up for Barbarossa.
World in Flames Asia.

Japan has invaded South Africa and is fighting in China. No Pearl Harbour yet though.
World in Flames beer drinker.

Well, he's Russia...
Sausage-eating USA looking at the Japaneese in Sibirea.
Rest-Britain. Everything north of Liverpool and Ireland is still a part of the Commonwelth. The rest is liberated by heroic arian warriors.
Germany and Rommel are about to clean Egypt from the last isolated defenders, but their attack has to wait a little longer. Yemen is invaded in the meantime.
World in Flames America.

Not much is happening there except some British ships being sank.
A lot of other games on the shelves.
World in Flames tables on the wall.

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2008-03-27 [Midori]: That looks fun!!!

2009-09-14 [The Green Bastard]: I'd rather play Mercenarys 2 World In Flames

2010-02-07 [Ultimate Silentwarrior]: Same here. I'm not big fan of board games anyways :)

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