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[coming soon :D blame the potter puppet pals xD]

welcome to Wolvie's Epic Harry Potter RPG a fun and amazing and clearly non lame RPG that you will join cuz you lovers me :D

k so I do want this to be a serious RPG I'm just hyper and sleepy a deadly combo so try not to kill me for my randomness :D

k if you don't know Harry Potter you suck and I hate you and you should die :D no wait don't die that would be sad basicly this is the begining of a brand new school year at Hogwarts...a new year full of adventure of funness :D

please put your character in the appropriate wiki <--omg a serious statement :O run!!!!!!!!!!

Students of gayness <--can ya tell I'm hyper @_@ xD obviously students go here can be aged from 11-18 i think yeah i'mma go with that :D

Staff of doom/others teachers or other random people go here please

Wolvie's RPG arena of PIE!!!! <---The actual RPGin will go down here :D

Secrets of Hogywarts rated x xD <---rated x for a reason xD

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2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: woot XD

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: clearly i had too much sugar xD

2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: epic XD

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: why thank ya :D

2010-09-13 [Tis gone but never gone]: I'll join after college ^^

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: tay

today the orange one accidently drank one of my more expensive elixers, he promplty vomited a glittering rainbow of foul waste. The classroom erupted with applauce triggering my migraine. I abborted the class and was left to clean the boys sick, halfway through Argus Filch showed up, bragged about his many affairs with Hogesmead bar maids, and he told me I smelled of brocolli and left without wishing me a happy birthday. Later I noticed my bottle of Saint Grea was gone, I settled for a cup of coffee scolding my writting hand in the process and spilling it on my pants. I walked to the hospital wing covering the wet spot with a book. Madam Pomfrey laughed at me and made me wait while she attended a student's runny nose. After an hour it became apparent that she had forgotten about me so I returned to my room found that I had locked myself out. I called Argus Filch who turned up covered in lipstick, clearly having finished the Saint Grea. He broke open my door, laughed at me, punched me in the shoulder too hard and left me alone. I thought of my father...I cried

that's why i made this xD i was like holy crap i need to make a new harry potter RPG xD

2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: totally awesome XD

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: he told me I smelled of brocolli and left without wishing me a happy birthday <---my favorite part xD

2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: lol XD

2010-09-13 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: .....I'll join in a minute ^_^

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: sweet :D i feel loved :D

2010-09-13 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: You should ^_^... So, um... Is this like based in Harry potter times, or is it just a random time, but you can have characters from the books..?

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: a random time xD well it's just like a new year at hogwarts but you can be anyone doesn't have to be a character from the books if you don't wanna :D *hopes that makes sense*

2010-09-13 [GlassCasket]: BOOOOOBS!!!

2010-09-13 [Sigyn, The Faithful Wife]: Yup*claims Luna Lovegood if she's still available*

2010-09-13 [wolvie]: *dies of shock xD* and cha she is :D

2010-09-13 [Ritsuka-Kun]: XD

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