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2010-04-22 22:28:06
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The story:

Wolves are wolves but sometimes wolves can turn into people. And these people are the gifted few who can stop rogue werewolves from killing humans and other wolf packs. No one knows how the first werewolf was made, some say it was luck others say it was gods doing but some do believe it was to so with genes. But what ever it was it seemed to be a good or bad thing depending on peoples personals.These werewolves are born into this world, they first change when they are in there teens. When they hit puberty, the wolf develops in us. They heed the call of the wolf and they change. Now these werewolves can shift at will, like at anytime they wish to, they also have certain psychic powers like mind control and the power to recognize ones life mate. A life mate is an other werewolf or a human. When a werewolf has found there life mate they must take them and complete the bonding so they will be together forever. Now the bonding is taking the life mate three times, twice the normal way and the thrid time the way of the wolf. When a werewolf has found there life mate they become very, very protective of there mate and would lay there own life on the line to protect him or her. Now these kinds of werewolves have NORMAL HUMAN LIFE SPANS! When it's like two days before the full moon the werewolves they become a little strong than normal. They are allergic to silver for some weird reason. Oh and also if fureru de la mort is upon a werwolf then he or she will kill anything even there life mate (thats if they haven't completed the bonding) until they calm down.
She-wolves are VERY rare in packs, they are maybe only like 10 born every 30 or so years. No one knows why but when a female is born she is to go around all the different packs until she finds her life mate. When she dose she is must complete the bonding with the wolf then both packs shall be joined together.


Werewolf hunters think that all werewolves are evil and stuff. So they hunt them down and take them to the Scions which is a holding lab for werewolves. So scinceist can do experiment's on werewolves until they die. They are trying to take the wolf out of the human so they can be normal again. But what is really happening is that Decker the leader of the Scions is really wanting to be a werewolf so he is brainwashing alot people in thinking that all werewolves are evil and they should die.

Okay the aim of the game is to find your life mate, stop rouge werewolves and have normal-ish lives. You mustn't tell any HUMANS the truth about you and your secret of being a werewolf unless your mate is a human then it's fine to tell. Then after that you can just make up your own twists and stuff but please note that onces you have your life mate you CAN NOT CHANGE YOUR MIND AND GO OFF WITH ANOTHER CHARATER!!!

Rules of this RPG!

1. No god modeling, please!
2. No killing each other characters unless you have consent from the other person.
3. The werewolves in this RPG life a NORMAL human life span! They do NOT life for over 500 years, okay?
4. YOUR CHARACTERS MUSTN'T LOOK LIKE A NEKO! Please this is meant to be like real live. When have you ever seen a guy or girl walk around with a tail and cats ear? Well other then for halloween or a party.
5. Put ALL characters in here The people of the pack
6. Put ALL sex scenes in here Bonding times
7. Please ask myself [Tis gone but never gone] if you can join. But if you get an invite off myself then you can just join.
8. All non-RP talk must go in () or []

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2010-06-06 [GlassCasket]: Steven walked behind him slowly watching the woods carefully.

2010-06-06 [Tis gone but never gone]: Rose was still with Daniel, she was carressing his cheek as his head was on her lap.

2010-06-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Gar`Mak kept his ears open, while Steven used his eyes to look around.

2010-06-06 [GlassCasket]: Daniel coughed slightly his bandaged abdomen hurting as he sat up, "What h-happened...?"

Steven leaped forward tackling Gar Mak as a massive chain whipped out almost impaling him, "Get ready." He said laying beside him.

2010-06-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Gar`Mak grunted as he was knocked down, pushing his hands down to make sure none of the bombs exploded. "Agh, careful." he'd grunt as he looked foward. Pulling off one of the bombs, he'd hand it to Steven. "Throw it!" he'd shout.

2010-06-06 [Tis gone but never gone]: Rose pushed him back down."Do not move, Daniel." she snapped softly. She kissed his forehead."You got hurt really, really, really badly. I thought you where going to die."

2010-06-06 [GlassCasket]: Steven chucked it over to where the hook came from, "Would you rather have been impaled?!"

Daniel oofed, "What..." He looked at his abdomen wound, "But i have had much much worse than just a stab wound...What happened?" He asked Rose looking up at her, "How am i alive then?"

2010-06-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Gar`Mak blinked turned him over once he threw it. The explsion was big...tossing shrapnel everywhere, hitting his protective suit. "These things are very sensitve, but thank you." he'd say. As for the one that threw the hook...sorry to say but they just got shreded.

2010-06-06 [Tis gone but never gone]: Rose caressed his face gently."Steven saved you and I don't know know what happened. I was outside when that asshole that attacked me before, well he was out there with his pack and he said something, I can't remember. I think fureru de la mort was upon me at the time but when he said your name I calmed down and ran to you. I shifted back and saw you laying on the floor...hurt." she spoke softly but it had a edge to it. She had almost lost her mate, lost her lover, lost the love of her life! She was pissed off too cause she was going to kill the person that hurt her mate.

2010-06-06 [GlassCasket]: Steven stood up, "Those ones perhaps..." He walked forward, "Lets go."

Daniel took her hand, ""

2010-06-06 [Tis gone but never gone]: Rose held his hand gently."Yes you brother."

2010-06-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Gar`Mak stood up and dusted himself off. "LEt's blow this place sky high." he'd say.

2010-06-06 [GlassCasket]: Daniel shook his head, "No chance."

Steven nodded and continued to walk forward.

2010-06-06 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Gar`Mak continued walking forward.

2010-06-06 [Tis gone but never gone]: Rose frowned."Yes your brother saved you. Please believe me, Daniel. I wouldn't lie to you."

2010-06-07 [GlassCasket]: Steven ducked as another hook flew past him. five more followed, "Hooklings!" He yelled rolling backwards and uppercutting one of them with the hilt of the sword. He grabbed a second hook with his enflamed gauntlet and pulled the hookling into his fist, "Do NOT use those." He yelled over the clashing hooks motioning to his bombs.

2010-07-24 [WASHACKED]: [I'm confused whys this say I'm the owner?]

2010-07-24 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: I dunno! But give it to me :D

2010-07-24 [WASHACKED]: [Naw oh wait I know why never mind, Michelle want it back in your name?]

2010-07-24 [Tis gone but never gone]: [sure, since am not leaving ep XD]

2010-08-02 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Gar`Mak rolled his eyes. "Not till we get inside!" he snapped

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