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2005-02-19 19:23:15
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Whim's Biased Rips on the Competition

As some or none of you may be aware of, I have nominated Good Wiki for best wiki in the upcoming second edition of the Elfpack awards. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, I've decided to declare all the wikis running against me to be very bad wikis and proceed to give them very bad reviews--because I'm such a good sport and all. Over the next few weeks or so, more nominations will most likely come in, so I'll try to keep reviewing them. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the fun as I rip on the competition in possibly the most biased way imaginable...

Sexy Tummies--To start off, let's see what this wiki is all about. Basically, anyone can post their bare tummies on the wiki for the purposes of showing off the flesh. Yeah, I know, Show Us Your Boobs already has tummies, but apparently whoever made this wiki likes stealing other people's idea and watering it down with unnecessary clothing. It doesn't much matter either way because all the tummies on the wiki belong to either fat asses, anorexic morons, or sluts. In fact, screw it, they're all sluts. And anyone watching the page is a slut too. So if you don't want to be a dirty, fat ass, anorexic, diseased slut, then vote for Good Wiki for best wiki in the upcoming Elfpack awards. (Horrible Wiki)

Pokemon Lovers United!--Wow, another wiki based on a lame gay ass kiddy anime. How many of these do we really need? Does anyone really even still know what a pokemon is? Didn't this series die like 3 or 4 years ago after Yu-Gi-Oh kicked it's ass all to hell? That's pretty sad if Yu-Gi-Oh beats something since it is the worst show ever. So how the hell does Pokemon manage to become crappier than worst? And what lame ass retard is still a fan of the series anyway? It's gotta be an anorexic dork of some sort. Who else would make such crap? And on top of it all, who the fuck nominates a wiki that's still under construction? What crap is that? Anyways, it's good that we have wikis like Good Wiki who can point out our flaws like that. We should vote for it! I know I will. (Retarded Wiki)

The Elfpack Anarchists--This wiki has a hierarchy. Those who are aware of what anarchy is all about should know that there is no hierarchy in anarchy--at least not an officially established one. So how the hell are these the anarchists of Elfpack if they aren't even committing anarchy? On top of that, they seem to think that South Park is synonomous with anarchy. Why the hell is the page littered with South Park pictures? It simply makes no sense. The whole page makes no sense. I bet it was made by some 12 year old goth. So to show how mature you are, vote Good Wiki in the Elfpack awards for best wiki. It's the hip thing to do. (Shitty Wiki)

Talking People--I thought all people talked at some point an in some way or another. Even if only by sign language or something. Oh well, anyway, this wiki sucks. It basically consists of a group of people who love to talk, but really no one wants to hear them talk. They're all just too stupid for words, so why would anyone really want to hear them talk on and on about anything at all? So vote for Good Wiki cause we only say what you like to hear here. If you didn't like to hear it, why would you read it?
(Sucky Wiki)

Hotties United Together At Last--I already reviewed this wiki. I said that it was really bad when I was being unbiased, so what makes you think I'll think it's any better when I'm being extremely biased? Anyways, this wiki already won third place in the last Elfpack awards. I don't know for sure, but I think the rules say--or at least imply--that this wiki can't run again. So if you were going to vote for this wiki, vote for Good Wiki instead since you can't waste your vote on a wiki that already won.
(Unqualified Wiki)

Elfpack Daily Poem--Who knew that people could create enough poetry for the stuff to show up every day? Well, I suppose everyone did, but no one really wanted it to actually happen. Damn, how can they do this to the world? Poetry is what is wrong with this world. Too many people expressing themselves all the time. I mean, it could have at least been GOOD poetry, but instead it's nothing but crap crap crap every day. Who knew that people could create this much crap on a daily basis? There's more crap in this wiki than in a constipated whale. (Crappy Wiki)

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2005-02-19 [Morgoth]: riiiiiiight... what think of Bob's Diner?

2005-02-19 [Whim]: Is it competition?

2005-02-19 [Morgoth]: no...

2005-02-19 [Whim]: then it's probably just something I don't care about.

2005-02-19 [Morgoth]: then I shall make it "competition"...

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