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Wheelsy, Just Plain Wheelsy

This is a wiki all about [wheelsy]. That's me by the way. This isn't an autobiography and I am not trying to make one. Enjoy your stay at my life of a wiki. I hope you enjoy it.
- [wheelsy]

So let's begin on this life of mine. Click on one of the wiki links to view a part of my life.

Wheelsy's Biography
This is just a brief description of me. Trying not to go into to much detail.

Wheelsy's Hobbies
My hobbies are limited, I try my best to keep myself occupied.

Wheelsy's Music
These are just bands I listen to, various genres.

Wheelsy's Home-made Tracks
Now this, this is just plain awesome. I've been making tracks for not that long.

Wheelsy's Friends Home-made Tracks
Good stuff made by my friends.

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2006-07-25 [FireGypsy]: Hiya! =)

2006-07-25 [wheelsy]: Ewww it's Sasha

2006-07-25 [FireGypsy]: =(

2006-07-25 [wheelsy]: Sowwie Sasha -Hugs-

2006-08-03 [LoveAmelia]: Hi!

2006-08-03 [wheelsy]: -Falls over-

2006-08-04 [FireGypsy]: You should add a fan page =) ill make it for you if you want =) and just add it here!

2006-08-04 [wheelsy]: Ye do it

2006-08-04 [FireGypsy]: Okay if my internet loves me later on tonight i will =)

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