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[wheelsy]'s Biography

My name is Aaron Simmons. I am fifteen years old and currently going to school in Cobourg, Ontario.

I have Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is really annoying. All I know about it is that it makes my bones weaker and makes me unable to walk. I obviously have no problems with my head and arms. I have had a surgery on my back, in which a rod was placed to straighten my back.

I enjoy being by myself, putting together videos and making my own tracks. I have made six tracks in all and they are pretty good. I wouldn't like putting my stuff into a genre, but I am sorry to say the genre would be hip-hop techno. For videos, I have made a few. I've not had enough time to make anymore at the moment because of my academics but I will make more.

In November of 2005 my lungs collapsed, during this time I almost died. This was a sad time for me and my dad because we hade to make choices regarding my life. These choices were almost life or death situations. Thanfully I am back to my normal self. Knowing it could happen again scares me. It could happen tomorrow, a month, or even a year.

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