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2012-02-22 06:59:40
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We want to see photos and/or artwork about/of alternative Valentine gestures, Cupids... anything but the standard Cuddly Cupid <3


La Rules of Love!

<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> One entry contest
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> All work must be your own
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Have fun and show the love!


1st place [Amalaswinta] with 4 votes
2nd place [Cerulean Sins]with 3 votes


Example: Lovely Cupid

1.<img300*0:stuff/385322_25053363068334338_128879483836031_733761_815602878_n.jpg> [Cerulean Sins]

2. <img:stuff/aj/6723/Love%20machine.png> [Amalaswinta]

<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> Official Valentine's Contests
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> The Council
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> The Hell of the Insane
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> The Wiki-Index
<img:stuff/aj/28425/book_red_blob.png> The Help-Index

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2012-02-11 [Stephen]: Annnd, I'd enter this one if I had any idea what to enter.

I'm going to a Valentines Party on V-Day, maybe I'll see something interesting there. /brings camera

2012-02-16 [Amalaswinta]: phew, just in time ;-)

2012-02-16 [HeAVenShallBuRN]: Amal, why must they allll be fat :/

2012-02-17 [Amalaswinta]: well, I figured since cupid is mostly depicted as a chubby kid, he would most likely be an at least mildly obese adult ;-)

2012-02-18 [Stephen]: lol.

Love it Ama.

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