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2013-02-27 [kittykittykitty]: Oops, maybe I do this a bit too much? :) Haha

2013-02-27 [Schlachter]: I don't get it XD this is a new wiki? Or one I edited?

2013-02-27 [kittykittykitty]: One you created/edited!

Returning to peoples' profile pages & continuously & explicitly adding yourself to the list of visitors -- this is also Undesired Stalking.
From Spamming :P

2013-02-27 [Schlachter]: Oh right... the extension I wanted to get to writing but never got to due to the stack of work I have on my Arbeitsfläche (? -- blech it is not a "working area" that is wrong but you get the idea)
You click on everything. That is a healthy habit XD I do it too :3
Maybe you want to take this page over & write it for me?

2013-03-02 [kittykittykitty]: Yes! Clicking everything, sometimes to my detriment (scak being a prime example xD) You're an avid explorer too I can see.

I've never considered this a form of spam or harassment before. I'm not sure if I have enough to fill out the page.

2013-03-02 [Schlachter]: Yes, haha
I... must... click... the link... unless I detect the domain is a fraud. Which is why I don't like being posed with the inability to click something XD I want to click it, but if I know it harmful, I must then repress my freedom of clicking XD

No, it isn't a form of spamming or harassment. But more a form of intimidation or invasion of privacy. I am not against it nor is it illegal unless it goes beyond a certain scope. But those who feel it has gone beyond that scope should be able to find reassurance that either the stalker means no harm or will be prevented from further harm.

2013-03-03 [Stephen]: o3o


2013-03-04 [kittykittykitty]: *considers creative ways to hide links or make them unclickable*

That's one of the reasons I love the NoScript addon for Firefox: freedom to click links without having to worry too much about harmful stuff being there.

How can we prevent somebody from doing it, though? Without banning them, that is. Wooo Stephen is here! He can help us build it.

2013-03-04 [Schlachter]: No! Don't do it! I like to click things! XD

Killing scripts is a great way to get rid of harmful stuff, it's true... but then you don't get to see the animated stuff...
But that doesn't exclude every type of harm unfortunately :(
Domain scams & cookie/password thefts don't need a script at all :( & they can be the worst type of harm on the web.

Preventing it involves developing quite a large repertoire of scans that have to be installed onto Elfpack. I have a collection of scripts to do it too...
Though the easiest way is to blacklist & we can implement that pretty easily.

Stephen is pretending to be sick to not work obviously :p

2013-03-08 [Stephen]: Stephen enjoys working, actually. (:
Just ill and a lot going on, so now I'm more keeping an eye on things.

Kitty's the acting me for now, and she's doing quite well. ;)

2013-03-08 [Schlachter]: Of course Stephen does... of course... no messages to answer, no Sammie's to deal with... I think you have it quite good. No need to explain your "sickness" *cough* unexpected vacation time ;) we got you!

The Kitty is purring. I hope it just doesn't scratch or claw...

2013-03-13 [Stephen]: Something like that. :3

Everyone needs a break now and then. :3

Just playing catch up after is a huge pain in the ass. ):

2013-03-13 [kittykittykitty]: Don't worry Stephen, I've got this warden business down *puts feet up* I polished the badges on my house, delegated some things which I ended up doing anyway, looked at some pictures of cats... not sure what all the fuss is about
I am kidding, don't even think about going anywhere <3

2013-03-13 [Schlachter]: Mort is raising an army of furry porn robots & Sammie figured out a way to spam with an AK-47 & I'm summoning brooms to pick up & dump buckets of water to drown them.

The Kitty just licked its paws & purred on your chair.

PLEASE COME BACK!!! I'm naturally insecure being German, don't make it worst! Shelly's been pumping cigarettes like it's the 1940's all over again!

...Or just keep enjoying yourself XD all for a good laugh, the site is still as dead as I am lazy.

2013-03-24 [Stephen]: :D


2013-06-21 [DeeJay™]: is there really such a thing as 'undesired stalking'..? :p

2013-06-22 [kittykittykitty]: Of course, that's why restraining orders exist! You know how it is with the crazies sometimes.

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