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Tom Kaulitz was born on September 1, 1989. He is ten minutes older than his twin brother, Bill Kaulitz.

Date of Birth
1 September 1989, Leipzig, German Democratic Republic

Birth Name
Tom Kaulitz-Trümper

5' 11¾" (1.82 m)

Trade Mark
His dreadlocks.


Twin brother of Bill Kaulitz, a member of Tokio Hotel.

Was born 10 minutes before his twin brother, Bill.

Is an avid Hip Hop fan. His favorite artist to listen to is German Hip Hop singer Samy Deluxe.

His favorite subject in school was Art.

Received his first guitar when he was 9, by his step-father.

His step-father owns a music school called, "Rock's Cool".

Enjoys partying, hip hop, music, girls and graffiti.

Favorite food is pasta.

Favorite drinks are Cola and Strawberry Nesquick.

Owns about 17 guitars.

He has one luggage full of his caps when he is on tour.

Bilingual: English and German.

His most hated subjects at school were Maths and Physics.

Owns a Black Cadillac car.

He and his twin brother do not have middle names.

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