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"The Beauty Within"

Oh, great King, Aikanáro be thy name,
Have seen your mighty strength, been singed by your flame.
With an air of arrogance, a mountain full of pride,
A thicket of projections methodically applied;
High upon a pedestal, although up there alone,
You present yourself to which no one can atone.
But, you cannot hide what's deep within, concealed,
In spite intentions driven, for magic has revealed
A warm heart beating, romantically inclined,
Kind, gentle, yet strong, with an independent mind.
Only one that cares enough to pursue beyond your cover,
Will appreciate the soul within, be pleased to discover,
The elements of a rogue are just a masterful disguise,
But for a true believer, the reflections in your eyes
Speak in silence clearly to tell a different tale,
For a rose lies in waiting, its beauty to unveil.
When the day has come, in the mirror you do see,
The greatest power within you has yet to be set free,
It is then you will be granted, a power unsurpassed,
And the darkness in your heart shall be out forever cast.

By Artsieladie, aka Sharon Donnelly ©2011-01-11 02:20:47

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I wrote this poem, inspired by the very same person who delights in causing me nothing but heartache now, apparently and in accordance with his actions.
But still, I offer to this person forgiveness and understanding and yes, even love. However, all the offering in the world cannot penetrate a heart that's hard-
ened and surrounded by a wall of resentment built on his own insecurity and lack of faith in himself and who listens to the concepts of others rather than
listening to and following his own heart, the heart I still see in spite of and even through the pain he causes me.

“A man who denies the desire of his heart,
Is a man who from his own happiness, shall depart.”

“There is no shame in the giving of love. There can only be shame in the receiving should the receiver choose to use and abuse the love given.”
~ Quotes-By-Artsieladie


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I think it's pretty low, pretty cruel, to feature MY work that I am being denied access to, because the site owner, [Hedda],
decided to ban me, using some concocted "theory", when in actuality he banned me because of what another man wrote
in my website's guestbook, but can't find it within himself to admit it. Due to his lack of courage, he chooses to punish me.



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"Of all the Gifts, Love is the best!
Give Love freely, without request!"

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