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2008-03-07 19:06:17
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The top 10 toughest Eurovision drinking games

So when you're watching Eurovision Song Contest, what are the toughest drinking games you can play? Last year I did the 1-vodka for every 12 points to Lordi (Finland) game. That was tough!

These are all for the year 2007, so some are about that country's song.

10: One vodka for every 12 points to Russia
This is a safe bet! You'll get something! Maybe pretty much.

9: One vodka for every 12 points in the Vodka-belt
So... One vodka for every 12 points to Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and maybe some neighbouring countries.

8: Beer feast
One beer for 10+ points going to Germany, Czech Republic and neighbouring countries.

7: Wine feast
One glass of wine for every 12 points to France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Montenegro, Bulgaria and maybe some more places.

6: Whine drinking

One big something for every 12 points to a horrible ballad.

5: B52

One B52 shot for every time Israel get points.

4: The Combo!

You can count to at least 3 or 4 in German! So... If Ukraine gets 6+ points, then you should take beer+wine+vodka (+gin if you can count to 4!). Repeat in English and Russian! Do the same if someone else sings in German or another French-sounding language!

3: Bloody Mary!

One Bloody Mary for every 8+ point to Switzerland.

2: Real Bloody Mary

One really Bloody Mary (the non-vegetarian type, that is: made of pigs-blood if people around you don't want to share the real stuff.) for all points to Switzerland.

And the toughest drinking game you can play during the Eurovision Song Contest:

One gin for every 0 points to UK!

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2007-03-18 [DevilishlySweet]: Too funny...I'm going to have to find some people to play now!!!

2007-04-09 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: The last one would have you drunk in like...5 minutes of scores....Especially with the crap the put in this time xD

2007-04-17 [kittykittykitty]: Hahahahahahaha! That last one really is the toughest one! Go [Hedda]! Getting drunk for Finland!! :D

2007-04-20 [;;Melodrama Junkie]: Truetrue! =D

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