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2008-04-25 17:54:10
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The top 10 stupidest animals

10: Sharks
Sharks only swim around and eat stuff. They're pretty good at it though.

9: Ants
Ants work almost all the time and are way too stupid to ask for a raise. How stupid isn't that?

8: Polar bear
You know, there are seals in much warmer and nicer places! Well, you don't know because you're a stupid bear!

7: Dogs
Dogs either obey humans or do something stupid. Nothing smart in those barking beasts.

6: Lemmings (Lemmus lemmus)
If everyone else jumps out of the cliff, it's probably a good idea, the lemmings think.

5: Foxes
Running around in the forest and looking smart is not smart! It just makes noblemen want to hunt you. Act cute and stupid and you would have been on place 7 on this list instead.

4: Cows
Cows are extremely smart and have solved all the world's problems. They have even made themselves tasty so that humans make more of them. Unfortunately their last invention was making themselves extremely empty-headed (probably in the part of the "getting tasty" process as brain isn't that tasty and there is a shortage om zombies these days).

3: Dragons
Have you ever seen a dragon? I guess not, because they got extinct and that is the most stupid thing you can do.

2: Dolphins
Just like teenagers they only swim around and have fun instead of building stuff that can kill. It works well as long as humans think they are cute and want to have sex with them, but it's not smart.

And the stupidest animal on Earth is:


All their inventions are for either killing each other or made for so that they don't have to do something. So now the humans are the best species when it comes to killing each other and doing nothing. Like for example creating a top 10 lists contest.

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2008-04-25 [Hedda]: Oups! <img:sh-gif.gif>

2009-09-15 Your Rab Dota: LOL
that was funny

2010-07-09 mayra: this is the stupidest thing ive read
but your right humans like you are stupid

2010-07-09 greg: all animals are smart you fucking retard!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-08-08 andrew: your 100 percent wrong dolphins are some of the smartest animals and whats with dragons they dont even count as a species

2010-08-28 No name: You're not funny

2010-08-31 KP: Humans arent animals, retard!

2010-09-02 [Hedda]: <img:mood10_gif.gif> KP is a plant! Or maybe fungus!

2010-10-11 lilly: so not i love dolphins


2010-11-26 [Hedda]: Oh! More and more morons are attracted here to prove that the list is correct. It seems like they are people who search for the stupidest animals to find something that isn't as stupid as they are. Too bad they fail. <img:mood5-gif.gif>

2010-12-14 Jojo: Idiot !!!!!! You are being a stupid pervert for writing this !

2010-12-28 FUCKYOU: Human isnt even an animal fucker.
and dinosaur arent in that wow ur a motehr fker for not saying that
the only human that stupid is u
I cant belive it dino are very stupid pirahina are stupid they dont care who tehy bite they even bite metal o.o

2011-01-20 facepalm: Are you kidding? Of course humans are animals, look it up! And dinosaurs aren't stupid, they got wiped out by a mass extinction event that happened so suddenly, if it happened now we'd all die. You guys are depressingly stupid.

2011-02-27 Just some Points: Most of you are the idiots, and now i'm stooping down you your level. You guys are probably going to beat me with your experience of being an idiot. Humans are animals. If we weren't animals there would be no use in testing products on other animals that have DNA and internal organs resembling ours. Also, saying all humans are stupid is a generalization of where you come from. I don't think you get out enough to know any intelligent people. All right, now that I've pointed a few things out to you idiots I'll be on my way. Except i would just like to say to clifford, you're a fucking idiot take the stick out of your ass and turn your caps lock off, and to greg fix your explanation mark key, it's sticking.

2011-03-03 RAQUEL: FYI humans are mammals and are classified as animals.And the only true thing about this list is that humans are completely clueless.We think we're smart but we're not. AND THATS THE REAL TRUTH!

2011-03-03 @Not logged in user@: <img:mood-gif.gif>

2011-03-26 bubbles: fuck you, your dumb animal but sharks and dragons are the smartest animals in the world

2011-04-13 @Not logged in user@: ONE QUESTION WHY ARE U SSOO MENTAL

2011-04-16 human hater: stupid fuckin animals dont you dumb bitches know where all gonna fuckin die soon you stupid ass humans

2011-04-16 @Not logged in user@: <img:ice-gif.gif><img:ice-gif.gif><img:ice-gif.gif><img:ice-gif.gif>

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