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I was in the living room, sitting on a second hand dark red sofa with a cup tea in my hand. I had just came out the shower after getting home from James's party. I had fun at the party, well a lot of fun because there I lost my lesbian virginity with James's sister Donna, I didn't mean to let things get to far with her but I just couldn't stop myself, I wanted her and she wanted me. I just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that a girl like Donna with her long chocolate brown hair, pale green eyes, her curvy figure would want me, a girl with short dark blond hair, dark brown eyes that look black and a size 18 (16 for the usa) figure. I just could believe it! I mean I knew guys wheren't intersted in me but only my skinner friends, which mean me sad and lonely until my ex-boyfriend Ross asked me out on a date.

Ross was so sweet to me, he said he loved my body so much which made me so happy, I even gave him my virginity because I loved him so much but after he poped my cherry he left me. He said that he was dared to take my virginity and he would win £100 off his friends. I felt like a fool when I walked into school the next day, everyone where whispering stuff about it, wrote stuff on my locker, wrote stuff on the girls bathroom doors. I was so depressed, like I was at a freak show and everyone was laughing at me, I just didn't want to be at school anymore not just school but that town, I wanted to move. Luckly mum got a new teaching job in a small town called Kelso, in the Scottish Borders. So we moved there about six months ago, I was in my last year at high school which was very good which meant I could go to college and study media.

Anyways at my first day of school I was nervous and scared because all these kids where chavs, posh gals and guys or emos. I didn't fit in with them until the techer asked Donna to look after me, to show me where my classes are and stuff. I liked Donna from the moment she smiled at me, she had friendly smile and we liked the sames things like same muisc, clothes, movies, shops, books and TV shows. So we had lots to talk about as we walked to my first class and after morning classes she and I walked to the canteen and sat with her friends. I got really nervous but as other kids introduce and I got to know them I relaxed, they told me who not to go near, what cateen food to not touch, what teachers that are cool and the ones that are bitches. Anyways everything was prefect and I was having fun, so much I that I thought this must have been one long dream but it wasn't. My live back in Macclesfield, England was just a bad nightmare that I never spoke of.

Last week James, Donna's twin brother told us that his parents where going out of town for a mini holiday together, so he thought it would be cool to have a party, just him, Donna, Layla, Tammy, Josh, Lou, Kyle and myself. I was excited to be going to a party where I wasn't just there to be laughed at but I did have my worries about it. So after school me, Donna, Layla and Tammy all came over to my house to look threw my closet they where all shocked at the fact that I didn't even own a shrug or a skirt. All I had in there was jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, trainers, snow boots, wellies, rain and snow coat,hoddies , Pjs, underwear, bras, socks and finally one plain back handbag. They where shocked that I never had nice clothes like them because Donna and the girls always wore the fashion clothes for plus sizes, hell even Donna is a model for plus size clothing!

Anyways after Donna got my mother to see what clothes I was wearing she and my mum agreed that I needed new clothes so my mum give me £500 for new clothes and stuff. I just couldn't believe that my mother just handed over £500 to me! I knew that was crazy but the funny thing was I didn't mind it when mum dropped me off at the main highstreet of Gala. I met the girls outside Boots and showed them the money but they wheren't in shock like I was, they just all walked down the street with me to go to New Look. After a full days shopping we went to this cute little Italian restaurant/coffee house for something to eat and drink. We met up with my mother after the restaurant/coffee house and my mum drove my friends all home after that me and mum put all my clothes away.

The next couple of days where like Barbie's beauty parlor, the girls styled and colored my hair, waxed my eyebrows, legs and even gave me a binki wax. The waxing hurt! After the make over I felt like new women, a new me. I felt confident and like I could do anything, like no one could stop me. I felt like I owed Donna for everything, she took my under her wing and looked after me but I couldn't help but wonder is she only doing that because the teacher said so?My thoughts where brushed aside when Donna and the girls came of to my house to get ready. By the end of the long beauty troucher I was wearing a knee lenght dark blue dress, black high heedled shoes with my long dark blonde hair was curled. My make-up was prefect as was my hair. I got in the taxi with the girls and talked the whole way to Jame's house. 

I found that there where going to be more people at the party, well thats what Layla said. Layla is a gosspi machine of the school. She knows everyones dirty laundry better than they do! Anyways what Layla had said worried me alot because I'm not so good in big groups. I tend to make a fool of myself as in falling over or knocking over a glass of water then I would have water over me. I remember this once time I ended up in a pool cause I triped into it. I was so shamed. We all got out the car and walked into Donna's house. Donna's house was very nice and cool, it wasn't like those house that are trying too hard to show that they have style. James came up and hugged each of us and told us that we look like supermodels.

About half an hour later the other guests arrived and i was so nervous that I never left Donna's side. Looked like there whole year was here and some of them looked at me and wondered who I was. Some of them came up to me and asked if I was new or if I was a cousin of James and Donna's. But I just told them I was new and my name which seemed to make them happy enough to leave me alone. Rose Johnstone came up to me when I was alone. She was beautiful, a real Scottish rose in her own right. She had long golden blond hair, bright blue cold eyes, she was tall but yet curvy figure.

"Hey there Beth." she smiled at me but this smile was cold as her eyes."Enjoying yourself?" she asked me in a you-shouldn't-be-here way.

I looked down a little and felt like I should be four inchs tall."Hi Rose and yes I am." I mubbled just loud enough for her to hear over the music.

"Oh just so love what your wearing. What is that? Fat chic?" she said coldly but she smirked at me."You know I think my grandma has that same dress."

I just wanted to run out of there and hide."It's from New Look, Rose."I mubbled and I didn't look at her.

"Oh yes! But of course! All the fat folk go to New Look to get there knock off fashion, right?" she chuckled.

I knew people where looking at us, I could feel there eyes on me. As if they where waiting for me to cry in front of them or run out the house, call a taxi and cry. Some put there hand on my shoudler, I looked at the person and as...Donna.

"Rose why don't you go up stairs to my parents room and see what your boyfriend and Jess are up top." she said calmly.
Rose looked like she wanted to punch Donna but she just turned away from us and walked fast to the stairs.

Donna looked at me."You okay, Beth?" she asked with worry.

I nodded."Yeah I guess I am." then Donna hugged me tightly and i hugged her back. I could hear James telling everyone to leave cause it's was past midnight.

Layla and Tammy walked over to us with Lou, Josh and Kyle. They looked at me with worry too but not as much as Donna did.

"You okay, Beth? I know Rose is such a bitch sometimes." Layla said.

"You invited the Ice queen anyways?"Tammy asked.

"Ummm...I did."Kyle sighed."Whoa before you all start yellin at me. I was in the card shop getting party poppers, banners and ballons. And I bumped into Rose and she asked me why I had all the party stuff. So I told her about the party and she asked if she could go and I said yes. You know me I can not lie to anyone." Kyle sighed and looked at me."I'm really sorry Beth."

"Your such a git, Kyle." Layla mubbled under her breath.

"It's okay, Kyle. No hurm done." I smiled a little.

James walked over to us."Look you guys better get home before your parents start to worry about you all, okay?"

"Okay fine. Laters guys."Tammy said as she dragged Lou her boyfriend to the door.

"Well night guys and get some sleep cause we have that shopping trip tommorrow!" she smiled brightly and walked out the house with the others after everyone said bye.

"Well I guess I should be off then. Thanks for a great-ish night guys. Night." I started to walk to the door when James stopped me."What?" I asked him.

"I got a text off your mum. She said that her flight was cansled and she didn't want you in the house alone. So I told her that you could stay here for the night." James said as he showed me the text.

"Oh okay then."I said.

"Okay well I'm off to bed. Night sis, beth." James walked up the stairs and to his room.

Donna sat on the sofa and patted the sat next to her."Come sit with me. I won't bite...much." she chuckled. And walked over chuckling and sat next to her.

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