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I was laying on my single bed with the rainbow covers still wearing my from last night, my make-up was smudged all over my face. I could still feel the buzz of the alcohol from last night and what a night it was. I was lucky that I could remember that no amount of alochol could affect me memory. I could remember everything, every smell, taste, sound and touch. That was the night she lost my virginity to her girlfriend, Lisa, who I loves. We met two months at a christmas party at her college, she was wearing a red short dress with silver tinsle in her ginger hair. I was wearing a silver shiny dress with blue tinsle in my blond hair. I danced with her, we laughed and had a good time. I never use to like girls in a sexual way before but Lisa was different, I felt things I never thought I could for a girl. She and I exchanged phone numbers at the end of the night and then we where texting, IMing and calling each other all the time. My mother called me a love stuck gal but she didn't know that I was interseted in a girl. Finially after a two month of chatting and hanging out, we when on a date to a party, she needed one and couldn't find one so I said I was go with her. I was so happy that I would be going on a date will Lisa, the only girl I liked more than a friend.

I waited for her and when I heard a knock at my door I answered and was shocked. Lisa was wearing a tight blue,low cut, short, strapless dress with sliver . She smiled and took my hand and dragged me out my apartment and to the taxi, we got in and chatted on the way to the party.
When we got to the party I noticed that this was a lesbian party, I swolled as I remember this. I got hit on by so many girls that I ended up staying close to Lisa cause I was so nervous and kinda scared but in the end I had a great time. I got to know so of the girls there and found out that some where new at this whole lesbian thing as she was. I got some phone numbers of what would be some of my best friends. Lisa asked me to dance and I said yes, we danced for hours until our feet hurt.

I need to go outside for a smoke so Lisa came with me so I wouldn't be on my own. I lit up my cig and noticed that Lisa watched my mouth as I took a drag then look away when I saw her then I saw her blush then I blushed. I shiver because of the cold and Lisa put her arm around me for warmth she said and we both blushed. When I finished my cig we both didn't move we just looked at each other then Lisa leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips, I was shocked but happy at the same time so I kissed her back. Lisa and I kissed for a whole ten mintues, yes I was that sad to count but it was the best kiss she had ever had. Lisa pulled back just so we could breath, we both blushed. Then Lisa took my hand and pulled me back into the party, all the women that hit on me backed off when they saw that I was holding hands with Lisa, we sat down at the dinning room table when we all got told that we where going to play some drinking games. I sat next to Lisa then the game started, after an hour I was drunk and so was Lisa.

We got a taxi back to her palce, we held each other in the taxi. I was so happy that I couldn't beilieve that Lisa kissed me and now was feeling me up, this is it I was going to lose my lesbian virginity. We both stubbled out the taxi, giggled up to the front door then we both walked in very drunken like when the door was closed Lisa kissed me again but this wasn't like a sweet first kiss this was a hot sex kind of kiss. Lisa kissed as we stubbled along the hallway and up the stairs to her room. We started to take off each others clothes as we kiss each other and then things get a little out of control as I lose my lesbian virginity. After Lisa and I had sex we passed out until two hour ago.

Lisa had woken first then woke me up, I smiled at her then she smiled at me and kissed my forehead. My phone rang, it was my mother asked for me to be home now because she was waiting on a package to be devlived, so she wanted me to wait for it while she gose to the hosptail to vist granny. I sighed and got up then got dressed, I kissed Lisa deeply before leaving her small house. I walked home cause I need to sober up a bit and when got home my mother ran out the house saying some kind of thank you for waiting for the package for her,I just nodded and waved her off. I walked up the stairs to my old room, I chuckles at the sight of it, my room was still bright pink with posters of hot guys and my mother had put rainbow covers over my bed. I layed on my bed and smiles. I couldn't wait to see Lisa again because she is my world now. Oh by the way my name is Megan. Megan Jones and I'm in love with Lisa Smith.

The End

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