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I was at Jazz’s house with my mates, Laura, Kim, Mark, Kevin, Rach and this new guy called Owen.
I was sitting next to Kim and Mark on the sofa, on the other sofa across from me where Jazz, Kevin and Rach.
Laura walked in the living room with Owen, “Hey guys” she smiled.
Kim, “Hey sweetie.” she smiled as Laura went to her and sat on her lap then wrapped her arms around her neck.
“Hey baby.” she kissed Kim’s cheek.
Jazz, “Laura, who’s the guy?”
Rach, Mark, Kevin and I looked at Owen and he smiled shyly back, “I’m Owen, Laura’s cousin.”
I smiled at him, “I’m Michelle, nice to meet you Owen.”
Jazz, “I’m Jazz.”
Mark, “Hey I’m Mark.”
Kevin, “I’m Kevin, but everyone calls me Kev.”
Rach, “I’m Rach.”
Kim, “ Hey Owen.” she smiled at him as she wrapped her arms around Laura.
Owen smiled at everyone, “Nice to meet all of you too.”
Jazz, “Sit down and chill with us.”
Owen nodded and sat in the arm chair.
Mark, “So…..”
I looked at Owen, “So you visiting Laura?”
Owen shook his head, “Nope. I just moved here and Laura dragged me out my house to meet all of you.”
Laura, “I did not dragged you, I pulled you.”
Mark, “Is there a difference ?”
Laura rolled her pale green eyes at him.
Mark shrugged.
Jazz sighed and got up then went to the kitchen with Rach.
I talked to Owen more and found out he was a Aries, he loves parmore, anime, vampires, read and writing. Also that he works at Wh Smith on weekends and he is saving up for a better car. He has three sisters and one brother and he told me all about them. We laughed at the stories he told and cringed at the bit that where not so good.

Later Jazz and Rach came back with wine and beer, they put the booze on the coffee table.
Mark, “Yes! Let’s get this party started.” he grabbed a beer, opened it then took a long swig. “Fuck! That’s the good stuff.” he grinded.
We laughed at him, then we got our own drinks.
I sipped my wine when Kev dragged me out the room, “ Kev what is it?”
Kev, “Owen likes you.”
“What? Is he crazy or something?” I sighed.
“Nope, he’s not.”
“How do you know?”
“What that he’s not crazy or that he likes you?”
“Both.” I rolled my eyes.
“Oh, well, when you went to the loo, Kim asked him if he liked you and he said yes. Then Mark said in what way? And Owen blushed and said I like her more than a friend.Then Laura said ask her out. But Owen shook his head at that.”
I sighed, “He’s crazy.”
Kev sighed and hugged me, “Shelly you have been single for a while now, so…just give it a go, okay?”
I hugged him back and held onto him, “But…I’m not ready to date, Kev.”
Kev held me, “I know Shelly, but tell me this do you even like him?”
I didn’t answer back, I just nuzzled my face on his chest.
Kev sighed and held me.
We where like that for a while, then I smell something yummy, “Pie…apple pie.” I pulled from his arms and went to the kitchen.
Kev chuckled and shook his head at me.

I walked into Jazz’s kitchen and saw his roommate, “Hey Tom.” I smiled at him.
Tom turned to me, “Hey Lou Lou.” he smiled. He always calls me that, it’s his pet that he use for me, and only me.
I blushed bit, “Pie?”
Tom chuckled, “I swear you could smell apple pie from a mile away.”
I shrugged, “Well put a apple pie a mile away from me, and we’ll see if I could smell it then.” I joked.
Tom laughed at me and I blushed.
Tom turned from me, still chucking, and pulled two apple pies from the oven, “I baked one just for you Lou Lou .”
I smiled and hugged him from behind, “Thanks Tommy.” That’s my pet name for him.
Tom chuckled and leaned on me, “Anytime Lou Lou.”
I smiled more as I let go of him as he cut a bit of pie for me then placed it on a plate, and poured some cream over it.
“You do know how I love to eat my pie, don’t ya?”
“Of course I do.” he smiled at me, I looked into his very blue eyes as I couldn’t help but smiled back.
Tom moved closer to me as he looked into my blue, green and gold eyes but Mark came in drunk, “Hey…Tom!”

Tom sighed and moved away from me and looked at Mark, “Your staying here tonight, cause your pissed out of your mind.”
Mark, “Fuck off.”
Tom sighed, “Whatever.” he turned back to the pie and he cut his of bit, then sat at the table and ate.
I gave Mark a ‘I’m going to kill you’ look.
Mark looked at me and smiled drunkenly and I sighed then grabbed my plate of pie and sat next to Tom and ate.

Mark walked back to the living room, where everyone with drunk or pissed. She could hear them laughing and yelling.
“You know the living room is going to be a mess in the morning, right?” I said.
“Oh yeah, I know alright.” he sighed.
“You want some help in the morning?” I asked shyly.
Tom smiled softly at me, “Sure, I’d like that.”
I smiled back at him, “Okay, so what time do you want me over here at?” I took a big bit of pie.
Tom, “Ummm…..noon?” he took a bit of his pie.
I nodded as I chewed and he smiled as he chewed.

After we finished both of our pies, we washed up the dishes then checked on everyone else. Kim and Laura weren’t in the room, so my guest would be their fucking each other in the bedroom. Rach and Jazz where making out on the sofa and Kev, Mark and Owen where dancing in a very drunken way.
Tom and I sighed at the same time.
Owen saw me, “Michelle! Come dance with me.” he pulled me into his arms and slow danced with me in a very drunken way. I tried to get away but he held me tighter, I looked to Tom for help but Owen kissed me and I pulled from him, ”No, Owen.” I said but he tried to kiss me again.
Tom came over and pulled me into his arms, “Leave her alone.”
I held onto Tom like my life depended on it.
Owen, “Come on then!” he pushed us back and Tom stood in front of me, “Out of my house now.”
Owen, “Fucken make me.” he pushed him again, while everyone else was laughing or speechless. I took a couple of steps back so Tom wouldn’t stubble into me.
Tom sighed and grabbed Owen and kicked him out the house then locked the door, he just came back into the living room as if nothing happened. I was in shock, so much so I ran to him and hugged him tightly and he hugged him back.

Jazz took Rach to his room for some sexy time, then Kev and Mark left after that, while Tom and I where still hugging each other. After a while I pulled back shyly but he pulled me into his arms again, “Lou Lou are you okay?” he whispered in my ear.
I nodded cause I was pretty sure I couldn’t talk at the time.
Tom looked at me with his blue eyes, those eyes that could melt me in a snap and they where. He looked at my lips then my eyes and I knew he wanted to kiss me, I just knew it. He ran his index finger lightly across my lips, so softly that I shivered and he smiled.
“I’ve liked you for a very long time Michelle.” he said softly.
“You have?” I asked shyly.
He nodded, “From the moment I saw you, in that cute blue dress you wore.”
“Oh….”I didn’t know what to say to that.
He nodded again, “And I have been wanting to do this, from that same moment.” And he kissed me lightly on my lips.
I kissed him back softly, and I swear I could feel him smile a bit as he pulled me closer to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we kissed more deeper.
We just kissed for a very long time, well until my phone started to ring, so I pulled from him, blushing, as take my phone from my pocket.
“Hello?” I said when I answered it.
“Michelle time to come home.” Mrs. Walker said.
I sighed,  “Fine, I’ll be home soon mum, bye.” I hanged up after she said bye to her.
Tom kissed my forehead, “I’ll see you at noon tomorrow?” he smiled at me.
I smiled back, “Of course, I wouldn’t miss cleaning up after drunk teenagers for the world.” I giggled.
He chuckled at me and pulled from me but he held my hand as we walked to the front door.
He opened it for me and I looked at him and kissed his cheek shyly. “See ya tomorrow.” I smiled.
“See ya Lou Lou.” he kissed my cheek before I walked out the house and I smiled all the way home.
As I walked home I thought, Apple pie you got to love it, cause it brings people together…..

The End.

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