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I was in my room, listening to Lady Gaga, doing my Uni work and RPGing on ep (elfpack), when my little brother came in my room.
"Michelle, I'm going down the street with Dot. So tell mum when she get's back from work, okay?" He leaned against the wall.
"Fine, I will." I was typing a comment to one of the RPG on ep.
He nodded,"See ya." He started to walk out my room.
"Jamie." I looked at him.
He looked at me,"Yeah?"
"Get me a apple pie, while your their?" I handed him £2.
"Sure but I'm keeping the change." He took the money.
I shugged,"Sure." I looked back at the labtop.
Jamie walked out my room.
I spend the rest of the day and afternoon on ep and doing Uni work but I fell asleep.

Five hours later I woke up and had a smoke, logged onto ep and yahoo messager. At 10pm I walked into Jamie's room.
"Pie." I said to him.
"Shit! Sorry I left it at Dot's house."
"Well go and get it then." I snapped at him.
"Can't be assed. I'll get it after Dot finshes work."
"Fine." I snapped at him again and I walked out his room. I stayed up all night and into the morning and afternoon on ep.

In the morning about 10am Jamie caming in my room.
"Michelle, I'm going to the bakers and I'll get you a new pie, okay?"
I frowned at him,"But my pie is at Dot's? So why don't you go and get it from his place? It would safe you the time to get me a new one."
"Dot ate your pie, sorry."
"Great." I rolled my eyes.
"So I'll get you a new pie and some fags too."
I smiled at him,"Okay."
Jamie nodded,"Okay." And he walked out the room.
I smiled as I RPGed on ep.

An hour later Jamie came into my room with my new pie and a fork.
"Here." he handed me the pie and fork.
I smiled as I took them,"No fags?"
Jamie,"Shit! I knew I forgot something.Sorry sis."
I shugged,"It's okay." I smelled the pie.
"I'll leave you alone with your pie." He walked out the room.
I smiled at the pie then I started to eat it as I RPGed on ep. When I was finshed I smiled and licked my lips,"It was worth the wait." I licked the fork.


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