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Caution! Witch at Work! Pages May Appear Without Notice!

Merry meet, and welcome! If you are interested in the religion Wicca, or maybe just
someone looking into the art of Witchcraft, you're welcome here! I hope you can find what you're
looking for here. If you have any questions you're welcome to send them to me at any time, and
if I can't answer your question I will try to find someone who can. Thank you for visiting, again, and enjoy your stay!
Blessed be! -- [Bookwyrm]

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Also, to forestall any potential arguments on the matter, Wicca is not the oldest religion
on the planet. It is entirely a New Age religion, created on the basis of witchcraft.
If you start that argument here, you will be re-educated.


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I am not a leading authority on Wicca, Witchcraft, the Mysteries, or anything at all really.
I am not a teacher of Wicca or Witchcraft. I am not a High Priestess. I am not all-knowing,
and I am not "always right". I am a young woman winding her way down her spiritual path.
A young woman who would like to share with others her experiences and information, in
hopes of learning of their experiences and information as well. I am a young woman searching
for others of like-minds and similar beliefs. I am a young woman who is dedicated, intelligent,
and devoutly spiritual in her own mind. I am searching for spiritual satisfaction and happiness.
I hope that this is enough for my members, friends, and family.


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2008-01-11 [Bookwyrm]: -grins- At least I'm not alone! XD

2008-01-16 [Steph-O-Melon]: heck yes!! lol It's hard to find a good man, if you're lucky enough to find one you gotta keep em!! lol

2008-01-16 [Bookwyrm]: Damn straight. -nods-

2008-01-16 [Steph-O-Melon]: hehe. -high five-


2008-01-16 [Steph-O-Melon]: You forgot faithful and truthful.... THOSE are the ones that are hard to find.

2008-01-16 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: SOORY

2008-01-17 [Steph-O-Melon]: lol

2008-01-17 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: <3 loves you hehehe

2008-01-18 [shinobi14]: Hehe... I will never pounce on your hubby or try to steal him from you. XD He probably wouldn't take someone jumping him very well... ¬¬

I... I found a girlfriend. XD

2008-01-18 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i will hehehehe

2008-01-18 [Bookwyrm]: I know you think you're being funny, "Jack," but I'm honestly not in the mood for this. Thanks. :)

Really Danny? ^^

2008-01-21 [shinobi14]: Yeah... *blush*

2008-01-22 [Bookwyrm]: Awww! <3 Congratulations! ^^

2008-01-23 [Steph-O-Melon]: awww yay!! That's so awesome!!

2008-01-27 [shinobi14]: Guess what?!? I'm initiating myself on the 2nd on Feb. XD Imbolc!!! =D

2008-01-27 [Bookwyrm]: Congratulations again! ^_^

2008-01-28 [Steph-O-Melon]: CONGRATS!

2008-01-29 [Bookwyrm]: New front page layout! ^_^

2008-01-29 [shinobi14]: Oh, Witchy! It is so pretty!!! ^_____^

*hugs* Wait to capture the essence of Spring, Traci. XD

2008-01-29 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you so much, Danny. ^^

Wait to capture the essence of spring? How long am I supposed to wait? o.O -is confused- Did you mean "way"? ^^' -hugs back tightly-

2008-01-30 [shinobi14]: Oh, God. I forgot we aren't from the same country. I can't be excused from saying it my way. In theory, I did mean "way", but the expression has morphed so much over here, it has become "wait to". >.<

Please excuse my Englishness. ^___^

2008-01-30 [Bookwyrm]: How the hell has it become "wait to" that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

2008-01-30 [shinobi14]: Well, it is the misinterpretation of the American accent. =] People obviously think it sounds like "wait to"...

... actually, i can understand that. Way to... wait to. Sounds almost the same!

Yay! I know why they do it! XD

2008-01-31 [Bookwyrm]: ...That's ridiculous. You make no sense. -points to corner- Go make no sense to yourself. :P

2008-02-01 [shinobi14]: I'll make no sense to you, if you like. ;)

2008-02-01 [Bookwyrm]: You already make no sense. :P I'm sure if you attempted to make no sense, you would, in all actuality, make sense.

2008-02-04 [shinobi14]: ...


... ... ...

..SHUT UP!!! >_> <_<

2008-02-04 [Bookwyrm]: Nevar. <3

2008-02-06 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: *grabs head and starts to howl of the pain of making sence and ...stuffy * whyyy theeee paaaaiiiinnnn mmmyyyyy   gggoooodddddddeeeeessssssssss

2008-02-11 [shinobi14]: Who is your Goddess? XD Witchy?

2008-02-18 [Steph-O-Melon]: hehe I'm so confused!

2008-03-04 [Bookwyrm]: Okay! I know I've had a pretty long sabbatical (hah--sabbatical...Witchy amuses herself XD) from working on this wiki. It's been crazy busy 'round my neck of the forest and I haven't even felt like working on this wiki. Then, a couple of weeks ago I got the urge to start studying again, to start working here again. I miss it here, I miss how I felt when I was working on this wiki. So I'm trying to drop a few of my jobs on Elfpack so I can free up some internet time so I can start working on this wiki. When I started this wiki it was a pet project. It became one of the most important things in my life very quickly. And then I just...gave up. There was so much to be done, so much work to do elsewhere, I forgot how important this is to me.

A lot about me has changed. Much of my views have changed--on religion, politics, life, and pretty much everything--some things only minimally, others dramatically. I feel I need to update this wiki to reflect those changes in myself. Don't worry, I'm still a Witch and still Witchy ;), this isn't about to become a Christian Fellowship wiki or anything like that. I just think it's time that I get off my lazy ass and show you guys what I can really do with a little bit of time and devotion. :D Wish me luck, and see you all soon! Blessed be!

2008-03-05 [Steph-O-Melon]: haha!! Well good for you Witchy!!! I've taken to 'fidning myself' lately I've been reading different things and been writing a lot too which is amazing. hehe It's one of those things you know? I think everyones kind of on a self dicovery/finding yourself thype thing right now. Atleast thats what it seems.

2008-03-05 [L V F]: I am. im starting to vear away from my Necromancy sence i almost died a few days ago i figure its time to stop for a while.

2008-03-06 [Bookwyrm]: :D It's the springtime. XD New year, new you! XD It's a good time to let go of all your extra baggage and start anew, and I think a lot of people are trying to do "inner spring cleaning." :D

-blinks at [L V F]- I refuse to respond to that statement. Anything I say will be rude. Sorry.

2008-03-07 [shinobi14]: That doesn't stop you on the donorpage... ;)

And yes indeed. We should all try at this special time to have a look at ourselves. Think and meditate about what we feel we must do, and then act upon it. Harming None, of course. XD

2008-03-07 [Bookwyrm]: No, it doesn't. :P But usually what I say there is in jest. The several things I considered responding to here were very, very rude. :P

^^ Well said, Danneh! -hug-

2008-03-07 [shinobi14]: Thankies. I did today. I climbed to the top of this hill, to the Stone Circle, and then just sat there, and reflected upon myself. ^___^ It was enlightening...

"I am one with the green,
In and between

2008-03-08 [Steph-O-Melon]: That's so kewl. I've been doing my reflecting through writing. I loooooove writing and it's a fabulous outlet. I think I might go into journalism. hehe.

2008-03-09 [shinobi14]: Thats a good idea. =D

2008-03-26 [Bookwyrm]: -slobbers all over this wiki-

-kicks work-...-hugs wiki- I wants meh wiki back...-whine-

2008-03-27 [shinobi14]: *pats and hugs Traci* It's okay. I tell you what. I'll get Nikki here, and summon back the crew, and we'll start talking again. I promise. =D

Okay? =]

2008-03-27 [Vaughne]: *has been summoned*... *stands to attention* =]

2008-03-27 [Bookwyrm]: Yus! That sounds perfect. ^^

I'm going to spend this weekend hiring people all over Elfpack, so if anyone's looking for Elfpack work, send me a message telling me what you know how to do and what you're willing to do. :)

2008-03-29 [Steph-O-Melon]: I have been been summoned. -bows- I would like to work but I'm not zure how much time I have. haha You know all about that one I think. XD

2008-03-29 [Bookwyrm]: -nods- Most definitely. :P

2008-03-30 [shinobi14]: Good. I'm glad you're all here. =]

Errrm... We need to spark a discussion. About our beliefs. =] GO!

2008-03-31 [Steph-O-Melon]: haha -waves flag-

2008-03-31 [Vaughne]: *ponders*

2008-03-31 [Bookwyrm]: -lights a match...places it on firewood- Spark...flame...okay where's the flame guys? XD

Okay...but seriously, I did get something done! I've started messaging people about hiring them on. Some people I haven't messaged yet because I have to clear it with other crew members, but I'm not putting it off any longer! :P

2008-04-01 [shinobi14]: YAY!!

2008-04-02 [Bookwyrm]: Yus! ^^

2008-04-05 [Steph-O-Melon]: hehe. I'm super procrastinating right now... senioritis is kicking in and I have scholarships and papers for work that I still have to fill out... everyones been bugging me about getting them too... >.> ehhe.

2008-04-05 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hiya everyone... How are we all doing? ^_^

2008-04-07 [Bookwyrm]: I had that problem too...and I was never a senior technically...XD

Okay, sorry I was gone for so long! I was taking a "vacation" at my grandmother's house while le hubby was away at drill for the weekend. :D But I'm back now! At least until this weekend...not sure if I'm going back. XD

-pokes Nikki- Hey girl! I'm doing just lovely, and you? :D

2008-04-07 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: *Smiles and pokes Traci back* ^_^
Hiya! Yeah im doing well... Dan said i should come on here so i have (i was kinda scared) =/
How did your "vacation" go?

2008-04-07 [Bookwyrm]: Danny was right! Don't be scared to come here. ^^ This is one of the friendliest wikis on Elfpack. ^^ I don't allow rude people here. Most of the time...-grins-

It went just lovely, thanks! I spent some time just hanging out with my Granny, and spent some time with my younger siblings who I hadn't seen in a while. Of course, when I was around them it wasn't very relaxing. XD They've both got more energy put together than a nuclear bomb!

2008-04-07 [shinobi14]: Indeed it is one of the friendliest wikis on Elfpack, as well as one of the most love-filled and groovy. ^___^

Hows teh Granny? =]

YAY! Nikki's here! *jumps* Hey everyone, this is the girlfriend, Nikki. She is a Wiccan-in-making, and wants to learn a lot. Luckily, we have a lot to teach her, and we have some good teachers here. ^-^

2008-04-07 [Bookwyrm]: Mmhmm! -passes out groovy love-toast...oh yes- XD

Teh Granny is lufferly, 'fank you! ^^ She's keeping busy (in a good sense), and thankfully hasn't retreated into her house and become a recluse since PapaChuck died. :D She's as feisty as ever. XD

-waves at Nikki again- ^^ Luff teh Nikki. ^^

2008-04-10 [Steph-O-Melon]: OH!! LOVE TOAST!! omg! haha It's been forever wit out the love toast! ^^ -munches-

-waves- Hellos Nikki I'm Steph! lol

2008-04-11 [shinobi14]: Gotta lurve the love toast, right Petal? =]

2008-04-11 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: ello all loves you all been awail so thought id drop a word or 2 so as to tell you im fine and getting better im out of the hosp. and doing good feeling fine still got 3 weeks till the leg cast is off and 6 months after that till im out of the wheel chair so i dont screw up the healing of my ribs
so love you all message me

2008-04-11 [Bookwyrm]: Glad you're doing well Jack. :)

Ugh! I found out I have staph! And in a most uncomfortable place too! Let's just say that I can't sit at the computer for long. :P As soon as it starts getting better, I'll be back here. XD Love y'all!

2008-04-11 [shinobi14]: Okay... Thats horrible. >.< I'll pray for you tonight, Witchy. =/ Much love and healing your way. ^__^

2008-04-11 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hello Steph *waves* as you already know im Nikki. =]

Hello my lovely *waves* Luffles you Traci!

And hello to Jack is it...? Im Nikki. =] *waves*

And... Of course not forgetting Dan... Hello Mr! *waves* Mwah x

I could have said hi everyone but i thought it might be nicer this way ^_^ Yeah that sounds painful *hugs* How is everyone then...? And love toast, i have heard of this.

2008-04-12 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: ok just made me twitch uncumfterbly and i hurt myself so THANK YOU im jokin how are you nikki? im donovan of the jones family in the far off land of new hampshire long since lost in the battle of the hillbillys

2008-04-12 [shinobi14]: ... yokel. XD

2008-04-13 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you Danny! It seems your prayers and healing thoughts definitely did some good! I found out that I had staph Thursday, and today (Sunday) I am able to sit with absolutely no pain! ^-^ I can even lay on my left side now! (Sweet right side was chafing XD) Only thing is that the area is still swollen and very itchy. But otherwise I'm doing so much better. ^^ -huggles all-

-huggles Nikki- 'Tis great to have you here, lovely lady! ^^

Sorry Donovan. XD Didn't mean to make you twitch.

2008-04-13 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hiya everyone!

Hiya Donovan... Well that sounds exciting! Im good thank you =] How are you?

*Hugh Hugs* Your very niice to hug huni!! Loves youss Traci!
How are you in general... You sound muCh better?!

Sundays are sooo boring. I love the evening now they are lighter. What ya favourite season people...? A nice random question.

2008-04-13 [shinobi14]: Well, I'm glad that your affliction is feeling better. ^__^

Favourite season? It depends. I like them all for different reason.

... but if I had to choose... either Spring or Autumn. =D

2008-04-13 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you. ^^ Doing very good all around, thank you. ^^

Favourite season? That's a toughy! I'd probably have to agree with Danny and say Spring or Autumn. Summer is waaaay too hot where I live, and after all that heat Winter is a tad uncomfortable. :P But I love the colours of Summer and the...season, I guess you'd say, of Winter. ^^

2008-04-13 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Well i duno myself cos i like Spring cos its when everything is coming back to live... I love Summer cos living in the UK, you dont always get really nice hot Summers Winter i love for the snow but here we have been getting mostly in spring and Autumn, the colours are wonderful so i dont know if i have one. I have to admit though im not always that keen on being cold.

Hiya baby!! Loves youu xx

2008-04-13 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Sorry im not making much sense, im half asleep here. Il speak to ya all soon. =]

2008-04-14 [Bookwyrm]: I'm hoping that if we move further up in Texas, it won't be so ridiculously humid...and then the summer weather shouldn't be so hard on me. ^^

Sleep well! ^^

2008-04-14 [shinobi14]: Wakey wakey, rise and shine!! Attention all watchers... comment dammit! ^-^

My favourite weather is windy, and sunny. And a temperature of about 16 degrees centigrade. =]

2008-04-14 [Bookwyrm]: That's my favourite weather too...well, substitute "windy" with "breezy." Too much wind and my hair becomes an issue. XD And I'm not sure what the conversion is to fahrenheit...but let's say about 60-70 degrees fahrenheit for me. :P

2008-04-15 [shinobi14]: 16 degrees centigrade is 60.8 F... so YAY!

Oh no. =] I love the wind. The feeling of the power of it. Its ability to blow things around. ^___^

2008-04-16 [Bookwyrm]: XD Yay indeed!

I love the wind...when I don't have to drive in it. And considering the moment...I live in a very large city where there really are no places to walk without fear of being mugged or kidnapped...driving is the only way around. XD If I lived out in open country...wind would be my friend. ^^

2008-04-16 [shinobi14]: Wind is my friend. The again, I'm not in fear of being raped or mugged. XD

I think thats reason enough to drive around. =] *protects Witcheh*

2008-04-16 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Awww... Your both soooo cute about the wind. What i love is when its sunny and you get that nice cool breeze gently go across your face... I really like that! I do like the wind but this is me being a big girly, girl... I like my hair to stay straight and the wind can make my hair go flicky. But i do enjoy the wind. Who loves thunder and lighting here...? Please tell me you both do?!

And hiya my lovelies!! *Waves to all*

Omg!! I agree with Dan, we must protect!! Stay in your car, dont walk around... EVER ON YOUR OWN MISSY!!!!!

Sorry... I had to say it... ^^

2008-04-16 [shinobi14]: Haha bless you, baby. <3

I've just taught her how to do the bold and italic type in pseudo HTML. =] Love it.

And Of course! I think it's fantastic!

2008-04-16 [Bookwyrm]: XD That is definitely reason enough to drive around. XD I don't intend to get out of my car unless I have to, and then I have my keys between my fingers for a powerful punch...just in case. Can't wait until we move XD I'd love to take walks with le puppy on nice days. ^^

-grins- I like thunder...lightning is lovely when it's far away. XD When I worked at Books-A-Million, lightning struck in our parking lot mere feet in front of some customers leaving the store. It was...very scary. XD

Huzzah for bold and italic text! ^_~

2008-04-18 [shinobi14]: Puppy!!! *dances*

I love puppies!!!

... almost as much as I love the Shuutax... *cries again*

2008-04-18 [Bookwyrm]: LMAO! Aww...-pats Danny- Just keep trying! ^^'

2008-04-19 [shinobi14]: I will... =]

2008-04-19 [Steph-O-Melon]: I like kitties better then puppies. hehe

2008-04-19 [Bookwyrm]: I would like them equally...but...-points to self- Allergic. Horribly. :( I still love kittens...but...I can't have any. /whine

2008-04-20 [LAST MIND]: Who would like to have a puppie, [Bookwyrm] would you like one, could you would you have a puppy

2008-04-20 [Bookwyrm]: Oh I have a puppy. ^_^ Her name is Lil' Bit...I didn't name her. XD I'd like to have a kitten if I wasn't allergic, though. Hopefully when we get our military insurance I'll be able to take allergy shots and we can have cats around. ^_^

2008-04-20 [shinobi14]: Well, I prefer dogs to cats. >.< The only animal I have ever known to be stuck-up.

That should be nice! As long as the cats and Lil' Bit get along. =D

2008-04-21 [Bookwyrm]: Of course! I'd never have two animals that disagree under the same roof. XD That's no fun at all. I prefer dogs to cats myself. XD Dogs have unwavering loyalty and true love, where cats have independence and only love you when they want to. XD

2008-04-21 [Steph-O-Melon]: lol I like cats though becuase of their independence and becuase they can go pee or poop on their own. lol Boy cats are more loving, as long as their fixed, mine follows me around like a puppy and he jumps up on you like a pup too. lol

2008-04-21 [Bookwyrm]: Aww, that's so sweet. ^__^ Oh yes...tom cats are no fun. XD I've had a tom cat...he was mean. T_T

2008-04-21 [shinobi14]: My cat died when I was 10... her name was Lettuce. ^__^

Go dog lovers!! Woo!!

2008-04-21 [Bookwyrm]: Our cat didn't have a name. Well, not the surviving one anyway. The little black and white one was named Hitler. Because he had a Hitler-stache. ^^' My mom is strange.

Yus! Huzzah dog lovers! Hell, huzzah animal lovers--period!

2008-04-21 [shinobi14]: *cough*

Go LIFE lovers!! <3

2008-04-22 [Bookwyrm]: Yus! ^_^

2008-04-25 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hello everyone, im back! ^_^
I prefer dogs too... I had 2 dogs when i was little :(
I want a little dog cos they are slightly easier to handle... Well much easier!
I love most animals... But some scare me which is a shame :(

How is everyone?

2008-04-26 [gothicangel]: hey

2008-04-27 [Bookwyrm]: -waves- Hey everyone! ^_^

I love little dogs, they are much easier to handle in my opinion. But mostly because I'm scared a big dog will decide it's time to lay on "mommy" and smother me to death. XD It could happen! Of course, I guess that wouldn't be too bad of a way to go--smothered by love. XD

I'm doing good...just been insanely busy. x_X I'm so tiiiiired!

P.S. For everyone who didn't receive responses to their messages today, give me 'til the end of the weekend at least. XD I came back after two days and had a lot to reply to. XD

2008-04-27 [shinobi14]: Yeah, me and Nik are gonna buy a little Scottish Terrier of our own someday. ;) Look it up on google images if you don't know what it looks like. =]

Hello to you all. =D

2008-04-27 [Bookwyrm]: I think those are adorable. I always wanted one. <3

2008-04-28 [shinobi14]: Yeah. As a young child, I used to call it a "Monopoly doggie". XD

2008-05-02 [Bookwyrm]: -giggles- That's priceless. XD

I loved the Monopoly dog...I would fight over that thing too if anyone else tried to use it as their token. XD

2008-05-03 [Bookwyrm]: Yaaaay!

So it is THE month, people...that's right THE month. The month I begin working here again! ^_^ As of right now, I work Monday-Friday every week, but I'm off on the weekends, which means I will at least be able to work here on Saturdays and some on Sundays when I'm not spending time with le hubby. And on some weekdays when I'm not busy doing housework after work. ^_^ This Saturday (today) will not be a very busy day here since I was sick all week and have to make up for lost time with the housework, but tomorrow I'll be free and le hubby is away for the weekend so I'll have plenty of time to get started here. ^_^ Wish me luck! ^_^

2008-05-03 [shinobi14]: Good luck, Witchy. Blessed be!

Oh, and I hope you all had a nice Beltaine. ^____^

2008-05-03 [cpt.jack sparrow24]: i did mothyr?

2008-05-04 [Bookwyrm]: Thank you. ^^

No, I really didn't. But I'd rather not get into it. ^_^ Hope everyone else did, though! ^_^

2008-05-04 [shinobi14]: Okay! Moving swiftly on!! XD XD

Okay, people... Can anyone tell me... without looking in the grimoire... what is the name of the next Sabbat? ;)

(Don't worry, I already know the wheel off by heart. I follow it, remember ^___^)

2008-05-06 [Bookwyrm]: XD -feels it would be unfair to answer...leaves it to the next person-

2008-05-06 [~Get a taste of religion_Lick a witch~]: Is this the page you were telling me about Mothyr? ~Blessed Be~

2008-05-11 [Bookwyrm]: Yes it is. :D Welcome! ^_^

Okay everyone, I know half of you are probably irritated with me for not getting anything done here in the last week. Well I haven't been on Elfpack at all really for the past week. ^^' I had some life-problems that I needed to figure out without being here. When I'm here and able to talk to some of the people I care about most, I begin to whine and complain to them, looking for help, sympathy, etc. I knew I needed to prevent myself from doing that this time, because it was something that needed to be dealt with on my own time, with myself. :) I was able to work through these things and am better for it. ^_^ Now I can be here again with you all and not have to worry about it. -huggle-

Now, I've been awfully vague about the work I intend to do because I hadn't really decided on what to do next and was feeling very overwhelmed--I mean...LOOK at the SIZE of this place! -grins- I'll be away for the weekend celebrating a belated Mother's Day with my granny and mom, so forgive me for not being here next weekend ^-^, but here are my immediate plans for the upcoming week--I will be creating a new Summer layout for's coming up very quickly. After that, I will be going through each and every page on the Wiccaning, making sure that the Grimoire is essentially a complete index or making an index page...not sure which yet. I'll also be writing the exact name of every page into a word document (and probably a notebook as well) so that I have every page on file. I will also be noting which pages need to be updated and which pages are fine as they are. I will also be taking each page separately and putting all the text into a word document and saving those to my computer--or rather, saving them to a flash drive so that my hard drive doesn't explode with all the new files, and so if my desktop does eventually die I'll still have all of our B.O.S. located on a flash drive in case we lose it here for some God-awful reason. :P This is going to take some time as I'll have to do it after work and fit it into my housework schedule, but once I get all that done I'll be able to start updating the old pages and starting new ones as well. :D Sorry it's taken me so long to get this started, but I'm through procrastinating...I promise. :) Blessed be, all! ^_^

2008-05-11 [Bookwyrm]: P.S. Happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful mothers! :D

2008-05-11 [shinobi14]: I'm glad to hear it! I thought you were procrastinating. XD The new summer layout should be awesome. It sounds like you have quite a job on your hands new, Witchy. =] Good luck with it all, let me know if you need any help. <3

Welcome, newcomer! Blessed be!

2008-05-12 [Bookwyrm]: Thanks sweetie. :D Yeah, le hubby rubbed his procrastination genes off on me. Wow that sounded much more dirty than I intended it to...XD I never procrastinated until I met him is essentially what I mean. XD I will let you know if I need some help, definitely. :D

2008-05-13 [shinobi14]: Thankies. =]

And of course you didn't intend for it to be dirty... >_> Suuuure...

2008-05-14 [Bookwyrm]: really don't care for this layout as much as I did the spring one, but it's still pretty. The green around the border is a little off, but what can you do? :P I wanted it to be bright. Now if I can just get le hubby to stay off my desktop (he's addicted to Fable), I might get some actual work done! :P

And I didn't MEAN for it to be just happened. XD

2008-05-14 [shinobi14]: Oh Traci I love it!! =D What a lovely banner. ^____^

'Course not. ;)

2008-05-15 [L V F]: Love the banner mothyr

2008-05-15 [Bookwyrm]: Aww, thanks y'all. ^_^ -hug-

2008-05-19 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hello people, im back... *Hugs for everyone*
I havent been online in ages! How is everyone and i have seen the banner, its lovely?! ^_^

Dan wasnt wrong, you always manage to produce something wonderful Traci! Tehe!

2008-05-21 [Bookwyrm]: ^_^ Aww, thanks Nikki! -hugs- Great to have you back! :D

2008-05-23 [Steph-O-Melon]: OMGEE!!! LOOK! I'M HERE!!!! :O It's been forever since I've been on here, I'm sorry guys I graduate the 30th and I've been so so so busy as well as stuff with my parents too :( but how's everyone doing?

2008-05-23 [Bookwyrm]: Hey! -hugs- Congratulations! Sounds like you've had a very busy time lately. ^_^ I've been doing well enough. :D

2008-05-23 [shinobi14]: Well enough to be updating The Wiccaning? ;)

2008-05-24 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Thank you Witchy *Hugs*
Hiya [Steph-O-Melon] ive never seen you on here before, im still kinda new which may explain things but, im Nikki *Waves*

How is everyone on this lovely day? xx

2008-05-24 [shinobi14]: I'm good. =] I'm sitting right next to you. ;)

2008-05-24 [Bookwyrm]: I told you I'm working on a database. :P And since hubby has been taking over the computer a lot at nights (which is usually when I'm home) to play Everquest, I haven't gotten a lot of it done. But we're trying to move (have I mentioned that yet?) so things are stupidly hectic. I have at least four days off next week, though, and if we're not moving during any of those days I'll get a whole load of stuff done here. :D In fact, I'll probably hop on the desktop here in about an hour when all the house stuff is done and try to get some done today...hubby will be home tomorrow, but he's gone until 8 P.M. today. >:D

2008-05-25 [shinobi14]: No, you have failed to mention that. ^___^ But I do hope that it all goes well. =]

2008-05-25 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: I knew you were planning to move ^^ (Sorry if it seems like im bragging) hehe! Wow you are a busy bee then arent ya huni! You must miss Hubby when he is away... I would if it were Dan <3

And you were not sitting next to me at the time i was just at ya house thats all... *Goes all shy*

xx Kisses for both of you! xx

2008-05-29 [Product of a Primal Urge]: Hello and Blessed be all, I just had a few questions if you don't mind...

2008-05-29 [shinobi14]: Shoot! I'll help where I can. =]

2008-05-30 [Bookwyrm]: Feel free to ask any questions you like here. ^_^ There's nearly always someone around to help. ^_^

P.S. I am moving this weekend (hooray for last minute decisions! :P), so I may not be on again until Monday at least--if it takes longer for us to get internet installed, I'm sorry! Just a heads up. :)

2008-05-30 [shinobi14]: Don't rush it! Take your time. =] It's a big thing, so don't be thinking about us. ^__^

2008-05-31 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: I agree! I remember when i moved here and it was a very stressful thing to do! But i wish ya all the happiness in the world in ya new home Traci *Hugs* =]

Hello [Product of a Primal Urge] im Nikki *Waves* Have you been on here before? If ya havent everyone is very friendly and we all get on so dont worry about saying how you feel, we all do. =]

2008-06-02 [Bookwyrm]: -waves- I'm alive! I survived heavy traffic, psycho road construction, and three flights of stairs (repeatedly) to tell you all I'm alive! XD I'm still unpacking...the boys did all the heavy lifting and moving most of the stuff upstairs, but that means my job is the actual unpacking of everything. :P I'll be on and off for the next week or so (possibly, maybe not that long ^_^) until things get really settled down. ^_^ Love you all! -hugs-

2008-06-03 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Yay, Traci!! Your alive, how i would cry if you werent! Ive been missing you, we all have i can safely say!! *Waves manically and jumps on for a hug*

Message me when ya next on, i could do with one of our chats about loads of things. =] Hows the new home, i know ya said ya unpacking but whats it like... Space wise?

Love you Traci! >.<

How is everyone by the way hahaha?

*Hugs for all!*
*Extra special hug for Dan though <3*

2008-06-03 [shinobi14]: Damn straight. T__T

*shares the love around*

Tarci, thats wonderful. Super pleased for you! It's boring on here without you. =[ Come back soon.

I would ask for messages as well, but you have waaaaay too much to do to be sending me messages as well as Nikki. I'll just read her messages. ;)

Yeah, tell us more. ^__^

2008-06-05 [Bookwyrm]: :D I'll be on again tonight (I promise) so any unanswered mails will be dealt with tonight. It's been an absolutely crazy week, and my body is still trying to catch up on lost sleep. XD I slept 'til 11:30 today.

2008-06-06 [shinobi14]: Wow... sounds hectic. :S Don't fatigue yourself, dear.

2008-06-06 [Bookwyrm]: Be it known that I DID come back last night, I just forgot to come to this wiki. XD I did respond to old mails though. ^_^ It was hectic, but it's slowing down a lot now that most of the unpacking is done (except my blasted car! :P) and le hubby is off working for the weekend...which makes meh very happeh. XD

Ahh, it's good to be back, really. I miss my fast internet connection though. For some reason, the internet cafe's connection is down (they're below us, so it broadcasts up here) so I'm having to use ucky Verizon Wireless...which is slow! I did finally get the desktop set up...unfortunately it looks like I'm going to have to set the laptop next to me while I'm on the desktop and type everything up from scratch rather than copy and pasting into my database. :P No internet connection for the desktop. But at the moment, Scott's orders are messed up (thank you to his old unit -_-), so we don't want to add another bill to our pile of bills we're not sure we'll be able to afford anyway. :P Hopefully they'll get his orders sorted out within the next few weeks, though. Since I'm currently unemployed (fun!), I'm able to spend my time dealing with the housework, leftover unpacking, and some internet time too, so I'll definitely be on more for a while. When I do get a job, I'm going to try to convince le hubby to be okay with my working part-time, because full-time work makes me very irritable. :P Especially since I'd really like to go to school sometime soon. Mind you, I can barely drive myself to the grocery store without panicking, so I don't know how I'm going to find a school. XD Ah well, it'll all work out. :D's everyone doing here? :D

2008-06-08 [shinobi14]: Well... it sounds like a series of unfortunate events, to me. XP But at least things are slowing down for you... that way the stress of things will decrease. =]

Unemployed? What happened, Traci? =/

*love love love*

2008-06-08 [Bookwyrm]: XD Add another event to that series: ants infesting my car. Apparently they like dog food. x_X -shivertwitch-

Well...we moved about 6 hours away from my job. XD So...I need a new one. XD Though I'm not in any particular rush to find one. Le hubby would like me to get one though. XD

-yawns- I meant to be on a good bit today/tonight, but as I had to rush to get as much out of my car because of the ants, I've had to climb up and down three flights of stairs seven times today (and there's STILL stuff in my car)...and I'm utterly exhausted. My legs feel like jelly. T_T

2008-06-09 [shinobi14]: *pets Traci's legs* There there. ^__^

Oh right. See I didn't know you moved that far. O__O Wow, yeah that would stop you from going to work, would it? =]

Ants? *shudder* Horrible things. They get everywhere!! >.<

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hello!!!!!!! *waves*
Ive just had to read everything and you really have had loads to do *hugs* poor you!

I would also pet your legs but Dan seems to have that covered hehe! I have a feeling your gona tell me that you have no time to do this but you NEED TO REST!! I dont want you (well we) to end up ill or really over doing it, its not good!

Ants are horrible, one was in my kitchen and i had to kill it! And dog food...*Looks confused* since when have ants liked dof food?!

2008-06-09 [Bookwyrm]: ^_^ My legs are still tired, but feel more solid today. XD

Yeah...just maybe. Unless of course I owned my own private jet. But then...if I owned my own private jet, I don't think I'd choose to work as a hostess. XD

Ants...are...ebil. -shivers- I sprinkled cinnamon in my car to make them run away (which they the front of my car). x_X I didn't realize they were in the front of my car until I was half way to the grocery store and started feeling itchy. -shivers- I want to explode my car. XD Apparently they like dog food since a few days ago. XD

I will rest! I have rested. ^_^

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Rest some more! >.< Cos Nikki says so!!
I would hate my car if it was infested with ants... What has ya hubby said? And i would more than likely cry... Cry and probably... Cry some more yeah!

Ohhh i need help and you are just the person!

I want the basset hound in the Giffie-Pet Store but one im a little stuck for a name i mean ive come up with 2 but they arent that exciting... I have Rusty and Floppy... =S
What do you think and then how to i ask for it if ya know what i mean? I know it says message you but im just a bit confused...

Please help me?! >.<

2008-06-09 [shinobi14]: How about "Jenaaay"? *says in Forest Gump voice*

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Dont be mean... T_T
Help me, what do ya think?

Im being serious and i did the link thing wrong >.<
What did i do wrong? *sulks*

2008-06-09 [shinobi14]: You did everything wonderfully dear. You even remembered the Hyphon. =D

... apart from you forgot the @wiki after the wiki name. ;) But nobody knows that at the start. *kisses on forehead, and pats shoulder*

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: I did it!! Thank you my sweetheart! <3
*Gives big kiss!*

So thats one thing sorted... But, now i need help with a name and how i get my pet! Please help me?... What can you think of? I dont want him to go... Please, please, please?!?!

2008-06-09 [shinobi14]: Tell you what... I'll put your name down... and you will need to think of a name before I will be doing the deliveries, which will be Wednesday. =]


2008-06-09 [Bookwyrm]: I will, but a little later today. :D
I do hate it. x_X Le hubby just thinks it's all funny and refuses to help. :P I have felt like crying, but I figured that wouldn't be much help 'lest I wanted to drown the ants out...but I'd have to be in the car for :P

Hmmm basset hound, eh? I like the names like Copper, Emmett or Charlie. Or for girls flower names are good like Daisy, and Blossom...or real country names like Lulabelle (hah!). ^_^ Of course, none of these are exciting, but they suit the pet...anything is better than "fluffy." XD I like Rusty of the two you chose. Floppy just sounds...wrong. Mind you, I'm a pervert. XD

2008-06-09 [shinobi14]: *cough* Perv! *cough*

Yeah! Rusty sounds cool! ^__^ Love it! And of course, I love Charlie. <3

2008-06-09 [Bookwyrm]: Charles was my late grandfather's name...I love names that relate to that name. ^_^

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Yeah thats what made me wonder about that name cos well it does sound wrong lol! I think the basset hound looks like a boy... I like Charlie. I think it sounds very cute.

Dan what do you think on the matter and thank you yes thats wonderful thank you! I may even think of a name now but that would be fantastic!!

Fluffy... lol Yeah Fluffy the basset hound, im not sure how that really sounds lol! So no worries there! ^_^

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: I had a crisis then sorry for the long reply... One of my close mates has just split up with her boyfriend =(

2008-06-09 [Bookwyrm]: Fluffy the basset hound...just no. Then again...Fluffy the Fluffy Orange Cat isn't any better. XD and you'd be surprised how many of those we get. :P Good luck choosing a name, anywho. ^_^

Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that. :( Is she all right?

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Thank you huni =]

Yeah she will be fine, i just need to get her to see that what she has done is right cos he wasnt right for her. She couldnt trust him and it just wasnt working between them both... But she still wants to be with him and its all confusing. :S

2008-06-09 [shinobi14]: I thinkies... Rusty. Or "Rasty", as you would say. ;) *kisses*

2008-06-09 [Bookwyrm]: Eh...we women always want whats bad for us at one point or another. Eventually, either through experience or observing others, we see reason. XD

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hehe... Thankies baby! *Kisses back*

Very true... Ive been there. It can work, sometimes but we are silly.

2008-06-09 [Bookwyrm]: Agreed. :D I think I may poof for a little while. I feel like a bit of a lie-down. I'll be back later though. ^_^

2008-06-09 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Ok huni, enjoy your lie down... Make sure ya do come back, we miss you! ^_^ *Hugs and waves*

2008-06-10 [Bookwyrm]: I meant to come back, but le hubby distracted me. :P I'm going to pick up applications for part-time work in about an hour--taking hubby's truck. And tomorrow hubby will be at work, so I will be by myself and will have a fair amount of time to devote to Elfpack. I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm starting to really miss it here. :D

2008-06-11 [shinobi14]: Damn straight you are!! ^__^

Oh aye? ... Distracted you, huh? ;)

2008-06-12 [Bookwyrm]: He distracts me a lot. Sometimes not in the way you'd think. -kicks him for being an asshole last night- :P

2008-06-12 [Bookwyrm]: SWEET! ^_^

I found my FlashDrive last night, so today I'm going to be working on getting all of our pages onto that drive so I can just take that and move it to the need to carry the laptop in there and retype everything by hand! ^_^ I'll be lurking for a while today, but forgive me if I don't respond to mails and such much...I'll be working! -squees-

2008-06-12 [shinobi14]: I'm glad! That will make a lot less work for you. ;P

Gives you some spare time to do other things... like beat up that husband of yours. =D

2008-06-12 [Bookwyrm]: Agh! Although now I have to find out where my Microsoft Word program is. /whine It's on my desktop, but for some reason not on the laptop. I neeeed MS allows me to bullet with numbers, not just...bullets. X_X

2008-06-12 [Bookwyrm]: Oh yes...much more time to beat up that husband o' mine. -efil grin-

2008-06-12 [Bookwyrm]: -grumbles- After an HOUR of searching, I finally found the serial code. -grumbles at DELL-

2008-06-12 [Bookwyrm]: -palmface- I forgot just how many pages this wiki has! Love-Crust almighty! -panting...hand cramping-

EDIT: OKAY! I've gotten the index/database all typed up in WordPerfect...seems like I've got an insane amount of rewriting and layout updating in my future. x_X Woah boy. 301 pages, and most of them have to be redone. XD I'm considering condensing some and making less pages, though, we'll see what happens! I've got to run and do some dishes and things so hubby isn't all grumpy when he gets home. Be back later tonight! ^_^

2008-06-13 [shinobi14]: I know... I'm with DELL too. They are a pain. =S

Looking forward to the re-vamp, but son't rush yourself. It's your wiki, so take your time. No deadlines here, Traci. <3

2008-06-13 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: It sounds like DELL is a pain... I know that you have problems with your laptop Dan, is it still messing about? My laptop is a pain cos i have loads on my desktop so its really slow and i would get rid of things i dont use but i never know if it is needed or not so its a nightmare!

Hello Traci and you baby how are you both in general? <3 *waves*

Im all happy, thank you Dan!! *mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah*

2008-06-13 [Bookwyrm]: Meh...HP messed with me worse, to be honest. I don't think I've ever been satisfied with a computer manufacturer though.

I know, I will take my time, it just irritates me to no end that I set aside time for me to work on the wiki and an hour of that was wasted on looking for a serial number that I probably threw away years ago. :P

I used to have that problem, Nikki. On my old computer, my aunt and I would just buy more memory--and we even learned how to install it. XD But our computer it would suck up the memory without our help...eventually we just got rid of the stupid thing (mostly thanks to LOVELY Hurricane Rita), and I got a Dell desktop and laptop. The only problems I've had with the laptop is that the power cord eventually tears up the inside of the computer where the cord is supposed to plug in. So unless you set it on top of a stable surface (thus making the term "laptop" pointless), you'll end up spending a fortune on fixing your computer. The same thing happened with le hubby's laptop, but we've been able to save it from further harm by setting it on the dining room table for now. The best thing about Dell is the ability to fully customize your computer to you before you have it need to worry about getting everything added in after. When I got my desktop and laptop I didn't have to buy anything else. It came with everything I needed--speakers, subwoofer, extra memory space, best graphics card (at the time), etc. etc. So I didn't have to go out and spend another fortune on accessories. ^_^

Now that I've rambled about computers...I'm doing fine! Just have a problem with my right foot swelling up a lot. x_X Anywho, I'm going to poof for a bit and get some food. I'll be back tonight. ^_^

2008-06-13 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: I dont have the money to get extra memory and ive only had it for 2 years and a bit... My laptop is a TOSHIBA. I wouldnt say its bad its just all the crap on it that gets on my nerves... I need someone that knows what there doing to check what i need and what i dont need so i can clear stuff off. Cos honestly there is loads i dont use i just dont know if i need it. And thats a very good point about the "laptop" bit being pointless cos it is. I can use mine on my bed... In fact thats like one of the only places i do use it. Yeah i can remember Dan saying before he had his shipped over that everything he wanted was already built in so he didnt need anything else, thats something i think is impressive really.

Whats wrong with ya foot, what have ya done huni?!

And you "poof" away hun, enjoy ya food and il speak to ya later! =P

2008-06-13 [Bookwyrm]: Eh, I know that feeling. We barely have money for groceries at this point. XD We better get military reimbursement SOON! I could probably use this one on the bed, but I don't like to move it if I don't have to. The cord we have doesn't charge it (his other one broke, another problem with Dell laptops), so if the cord moves too much, the computer may shut down. XD

I have no idea, to be honest. x_X It just started swelling last night, and keep swelling. x_X

I did enjoy my food. Thank you. ^_^

2008-06-13 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Yeah that sounds like a pain and i dont like moving mine round much cos well the lead gets on my nerves. Whats made ya say that ya better get the military reimbursement soon? I take it, its cos of the army that ya had to move for ya hubby's sake... Or am i wrong? Dans laptop does that but it doesnt even need to be moved so i duno whats going on there really. =S

Where does it keep going swollen?


What did ya have to eat? =P

2008-06-13 [Bookwyrm]: Oh yes. Sorry, didn't know if I'd mentioned that or not. Yeah, Scott and I moved up here so he could get a job with the military. He was already in it, but he wanted a full-time job with them, and Austin was the best place for it. Unfortunately, they told him he had orders to move to Austin when he really didn't, so we ended up paying everything out of pocket...which means...'bye 'bye bank account. :P It'll work out, though, because they've said they'll reimburse us since they made a mistake (strange move for the military, actually XD). So once that comes through we should be all right. :)

All over. XD I think it's starting in the middle toward my arch or it may be my ankle, and then it just spreads. X_X

Popcorn...and Ritz crackers with peanut butter and grape jam. :P We're low on funds.

2008-06-28 [Bookwyrm]: Okay! I've decided to start tackling this wiki in sections. Rather than updating ALL the graphics at once and then going back to do the re-writes, I'm going to tackle each section of the Grimoire on its own and work my way down from the top. I've nearly finished the top section--I've just got to do a re-write for the Circle Etiquette page. Then I'll tackle the Symbols pages, etc. etc. I'll add pages when I get the inspiration (like I added the modern version of the Creed of Chivalry), and work on old pages when I'm not able to write new ones. It's going to be a long process because of how many pages there are, but we'll get there. ^_^

2008-06-30 [shinobi14]: And I have faith in you. =] Full steam ahead!!

You are very proud of your baby, and this will make it better and fill it with more lurve!! <3

2008-06-30 [Bookwyrm]: Yay! ^_^ -luffles her baby-

2008-07-01 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Hello *waves* =]

Who loves their baby... Im confused... I havent been around in a while. *cries*

2008-07-01 [Bookwyrm]: -waves- Hey Nikki! We're just talking about the Wiccaning. She's my brainchild if you will. ^_^

2008-07-01 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: I was kinda confused by what ya meant cos im silly so Dan told me and thats kinda cute! >.<

I dont really have a place to do that cos i dont feel like i should bore people with the things that go through my mind... Well i say that, poor you in our messages. You seem to get it all... And Dan so i lie... Im sorry! =[

2008-07-01 [Bookwyrm]: ^_^ You shouldn't feel like you bore people. You don't bore me, and I'm sure you don't bore Dan either. You're silly.

2008-07-03 [shinobi14]: She is silly. ^-^

Don't quite know why, but I just jumped on the chance to be mean. ;)

2008-07-03 [Bookwyrm]: Because that's just how you are. Mean. Jeez Danny...XD

2008-07-04 [shinobi14]: :O Me? Mean? Never. ;)

2008-07-07 [Bookwyrm]: Sure, sure...:P

2008-07-10 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: BIG MEANY!! >.< *SQUEALS REALLY LOUDLY!!*

I love you Traci, your such a KIND person!!

(I do love you baby! <3)

2008-07-12 [Bookwyrm]: -giggles- Y'all are funny.

2008-07-15 [Steph-O-Melon]: hi everyone sorry im never here!!!! I moved out on my own with my friends jeff and the infamous donny lol its fun really fun but we dont hve power right now so i can like never gt online much I'm sorry!!! I LOVE YOU

2008-07-15 [shinobi14]: Love you too, Petal. >.<

And of course, I am a kind person, too. I assure you. ;)

2008-07-16 [Bookwyrm]: -hugs Petal- We miss you! Hope everything's going well for you sweetheart...come back when you can. ^_^ But don't fret...there's always a spot open for Petal. ^_^

2008-07-29 [x~*His Princess Nikki*~x]: Dan, you love everybody... Your just that kinda person =] And of course Traci your an extremely loving person! <3
And yes you are a nice person baby!

I heard you on COD4... Its ok im not that good, we should play together =] (however wrong that sounds)
How are you huni?

2008-08-04 [shinobi14]: I agree. You should play together. That would be hawt. ^___^

2008-08-04 [Bookwyrm]: XD -kicks Danny-

Yup! I'm addicted. You and I should definitely have a match or two. It'd be fun! I'm finally starting to get better...sort of. XD

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