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The Supreme Communities


''You will find the greatest communities in this wiki, all created by the Magican [Hedda]''


List Of The Grand Communities:


''Elftown: The place for any fantasy lover. Elftown is a fantasy based community, it is a great place for artists and writers, specially those who like fantasy. Ran by the one and only [Hedda], Elftown currently has over 100,000 members.





''Elfpack: A less strict, and more libral version of Elftown. The rules are much lighter, and it is more free-formed, allowing much flexibility in what people in it do. Known as 'The prison of Elftown" many of Elftown villans roam here.





''WritersCo: A community for those who like to read, like to write, or just want to learn more about writing. Ran by [fresafadfgadgv], Wri is a great place for all types of writers to go. It is invitation only!!



''Musmakers: A community for musicians and songwriters alike. Ran by [Orestez] and [Patricio], Musmakers is a great place to interact with other musicians, upload your own songs, and have fellow musicians give their input. It is invitation only!!


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2005-06-01 [Stephen]: Intresting... and cool! (I'll help here too, if you want)

2005-06-01 [Dwemer]: You could help yes ^_^ I need to add like 1 or two phrases to every community.

2005-06-01 [Stephen]: Sure! ^_^ (Can I add this to my house as well?)

2005-06-01 [Dwemer]: To where [Stephen] ?

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