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Alec McNeal took a sip of his beer, he was at club Midnight with is pack. Midnight was the new hot club in Edinburgh, Scotland. Alec could still hear and see fine, well more than fine because he’s a…- His brother and pack member Eric McNeal brought his thought back into the club, which smelled like booze, sex, sweat. He looked at the tall , honey blond, pretty-boy at his left.

“ What Eric?” Eric just looked at him like his was from mars. Eric shook is head and said
“ Alec this is a club your meant to have fun not look like your to visit Aunt Claudia at X-mass. So let’s get some shots of vodka down you, then maybe, just maybe brother you might get luck.” He winked at him and call the waitress, who has been flirting with Alec all night, asked for a round of vodka shots. When she left, Luke, his cousin, said “ Look here come, Sapphire Jones, she meant to have a great voice.” The pack turn their head to the stage.

“ We will see, but I hope she is hot” said Eric.
That boy only thinks with is dick but he is a good fighter. Alec turn his head to the stage and saw a small woman, with long violet hair, violet hair for god sake!! People today why anyone wants to hind their true hair colour was beyond him. He heard Luke whisper “ Fucking hot!” Luke was always the weird one of the pack and why on god’s green earth, would anyone find a woman with violet hair, as Luke had put it , fucking hot? Is beyond him.

Alec looked back at the violet hair woman. She had chocolate bedroom eyes, red kiss-me lips, small nose, high sharp cheekbones. Her body had all the right curves in the all the right places.

She was wearing black mini skirt, which gave him a sweet view of her thighs, purple high-heeded and a purple boob tube. She was fucking sexy! But he had one problem, this Sapphire Jones, has violet hair. Alec has always liked is women with her real hair colour.

Sapphire walk to the microphone and the music started playing……

Halinor Fairchild was on stage, of club Midnight, she was one of the singers at the club. When she got to the microphone she looked out onto the crowd, Halinor took a deep calming breath and said “ Hit it boys! “ And the music started, ’Boys and Girls’ was the song she sing.
Then when her set was done she thanked the crowed and then the band. She walked off stage and went to get changed. She walk down the small set of stair, then thanked one off the bouncers, Terry, a big guy, with no hair , who looks like a body builder. 

When she got to her dressing room she slipped out of her outfit and into jeans, black tank top. She grab her bag and jacket, she turned off the lights and locked the door.

Her high-heeded shoe where sound less on the thick carpet out the hallway. She went to the bar to get a drink of water, from her friend, Bella, a tall black woman, with coco brown eyes and a rose tat on left arm. Bella was wearing a black tank and black skinny jeans and flat black shoe.
Bella looked at her and smiled “ Hey girl, you where great!”
“ Thanks Bella, can I get a water pretty please?”
“ Sure ,no worries.” Bella got a bottle of water from the mini fridge and handed it to Halinor.
“ So how are you tonight, girl?” Bella looked at her with concern. Well she shouldn’t , Halinor’s grandmother died only three days ago. Gran died in a house fire, gran had left her bloody candles on and the house….well went up in flames, burning her loving gran as well.Halinor missed her gran but she was doing fine, Bella should stop worrying so much.
“ I’m fine, Bella."she tried to give her friend a smile but she didn’t think it worked when Bella said “ That is bullshit, girl! And you know it, so don’t try and lie to me,honey.”
“ I’m sorry, Bella but Midnight is so not the place I want to talk about my Gran, ok?”
“ Fine but I’ll come over tomorrow and we’ll talk, ok?” She looked like she was in a mission and that mission was her. Halinor sighed and just nodded, Bella had a smug look on her face. Halinor just said bye to the smug woman and tried to walk out the club.

She was pushing her way thought crowed until she felt the energy of wolf shifters in the air, the energy was slip up in two directions, one by the area where the tables and chairs and the other was by the bar.
Halinor had always this gift where she could sense shifters, people who could turn into animals, like lion, bear, fox, wolf etc. When a shifter is close to her the air changes, it kind of get a bit hotter and when she see's a shifter their eyes glow. The glow is because the animal he/she carry inside of them and Halinor could always tell what animal a shifter carried. And now she can sense wolves, at lest seven over by the tables and three by the bar.

She turned her head to the bar and saw Bella mixing drinks for two redheads, in tight, short, black dresses and black boots. Then she saw them, all dressed in black, black top, jeans, jacket even shoes. They looked right at her with their glowing eyes, one had ice blue and the other two had gold eyes. All three were kind of the same height but they where all build the same, strong, muscular and mean looking.
The one with ice blue eyes, kind of looked like someone she knew….back when she was at college. Halinor tried to remember until they made a beeline straight to her.

Oh shit!! Dammit to hell!! No way was she going to be pray to shifters, especial not fucking wolf shifters! Right she needed a plan of action. She could run for the front door and then keep running to her bike, before the wolves catch her? I think not, you so can not out run a wolf shifter. Well she can try and if these are Cole’s men well, they known what I can do.

Let the game begin….

When Alec heard Sapphire he thought he was hearing an angel singing but he was wrong it was just that woman with the violet hair. When she finished her set he lost his breath because the smile she flashed the crowed, her kiss-me lips pulled into a smile that showed her pearly white teeth. Sapphire Jones looks like a violet haired angel,one that he wanted so badly.

He watch her walk out the door , that must go around back, Alec thought, she rolled her hips as she walk to the bar , hips that his would love to get his hands on.
He watch stop at the bar and talk to the very pretty barmaid, with coco coloured skin and she was tall, taller than his violet angel. The black woman handed the violet angel a bottle of water and they talked, Alec so very much wanted to listen in but is fucking idiot cousin, Luke, was nudging him.
Alec turn is head slowly, he came face-to-face with a very tan, brown haired, ice blue eyed and a very pissed off Luke McNeal. Alec was glad he was pissed off because he to was pissed off, he can no longer see his violet angel.
“What the hell do you want Luke?” he snarled
“Well, cuz , you haven’t said a bloody word since Sapphire was doing her set of songs. Then we have call been talking since then and you haven’t said one bloody word. What the hell is wrong with you? Your never like this when we all go out drinking!” Luke’s face….well he looks like he is going to bust a blood vassal!
“ Luke calm down, the reason I wasn’t listen to you all was……well…I….kind of…got…distracted by….um….Sapphire..Jones.” He said trying to sound calming but normal at the same time, but one look on Luke’s face said something different all together.
“ Oh my bloody god!!! You have found your mate!!! Well done man !!! Three cheers to our Alec may he be happy with his mate Sapphire!!!!” Luke said.
Alec thought Luke may have had too many vodka shots and beer.
“ What the fuck, Luke? I do not want Sapphire Jones as my mate!!” he snarled before his pack could cheer him.  

His pack looked at him like he was from Mars, Eric was the one who spoke first and by the look on his face he wanted to hurt Luke for say that Alec had found his mate.
“ Alec has not met his mate….” He just looked at Alec and then to the bar where his violet angel was and then looked back at Luke. “ We don’t even know if he has tried to read her and judging by the look in my brothers face, Sapphire Jones is not Alec’s mate. All Alec has to do is read her.” Eric looked at his brother and said “ Alec McNeal , you have to try and read her to see if she is your mate or not.”

Alec just looked at Eric, his dum-ass brother, with wide eyes, his mouth open. He just couldn’t believe is little brother had said that, Eric was…..well just Eric a guy who loved a good fight and a good fuck with any woman with a zip/post code.
Finally Alec said “ Eric I never knew you could be…well serious, it must be the end of the world as I known it”
Eric rolled his blue eyes and put is right hand to chest, right over is heart, and did a shocked look of being wounded and while still looking like that he said “ Why brother dear you wound me deeply” Then snapped “ I can be serious , once in a while, you know.”
“Yeah , once every blue moon, cousin.” This came from his cousin AnnaStar Walker. She is a she-wolf, she is about the same height as Sapphire, but skinner, AnnaStar has golden eyes, very tanned skin, chin length light brown hair and she has a cloud tat on her left on her left wrist. She was looking at Eric, like she wanted to slap him across the back of the head, which she dose a lot.
“ Oh come now Star, I’m not that old but you my dear , you must what? 150 years old?.” He winked at her and she slapped him, right across the back of the head, he did even make noise but his eyes where shining with humour but so was his face.

As his pack stopped talking about mates, Alec was looking for the violet angel but he couldn’t see her, he looked at the bar. Nope no violet hair woman, he kept looking but stopped when a voice at the back of his mind said Why should we care about this Sapphire Jones, when you dose even known her? Your thinking with you dick not you head, you fucking idiot!

Alec rose for his chair and walked away from is pack and into the crowed club. He had to find Sapphire, their was something about that woman. It was when he heard her voice, Alec knew there was move to her than violet hair, maybe Luke was right, maybe he found his mate.

He searched the seated area which is right by the bar, which was the last place he had seen her. He was moving through the crowd ,of men and women all smelling of booze and sex, he saw her violet hair and then saw her jog out the club. Her face was scared, then he smelled what had scared her, he caught onto the scent of wolves but not just any wolves, these where shifters. The three big shifters where following Sapphire. He had to help her to…..protect. God the lady was fucking with is mind but god he wanted a taste of the violet haired woman and he will right after he found out what three wolf shifters where doing in his city.

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